26 Questions Asians Have For White People

– Why do you think every
Asian person is Chinese? That’s like me saying to a white person, “hey you’re English.” Fuck. – Why do you think a film
or TV show is diverse just because there are one
or two black people in it? – We’re here too. – Why are the awkward nerd characters the only roles available
for Asians in film? – We do a lot of other stuff too. – Why are all of you
talking about our penises? – Why do you think Asians
can’t be the stars of movies? There aren’t going to be Asian
celebrities out there to cast if we haven’t been given a chance yet. – Why do you think that
watching Korean dramas and K-Pop makes you an expert on Korean culture? – Like, does me watching Girls make me an expert in white culture? It does. – Why do you cast white
people to play roles that are meant for Asian people? I’m not gonna forget, Emma Stone. – Why do you think saying namaste is an appropriate way to greet me? – Why do you think saying ni hao is a good thing to say to us? If you’re not actually going
to converse with me in Chinese, I don’t need to hear it. – Why do you think I eat dogs? I have two dogs! – Why do you think that Hindi
and Hindu are the same thing? – Why are you so surprised
that I can speak English well? – I was born in America. – Why do you always ask me,
“where are you really from?” because obviously I’m
from my mom’s vagina. – Why do you guys think
it’s okay to call me an immigrant or a foreigner? I was born in America. – Why do you think Indians aren’t Asians? India is literally in Asia. – Why do you say it’s
basically the same thing when I tell you i’m from
Sri Lanka and not India? They’re different countries. – Why does a person of color automatically mean “black” to you? I’m a person of color too. – Why do you think all
brown people are Indian? – Why do you think you deserve a high five for pronouncing my name correctly? – Why do you think including
diversity in the workplace reduces the quality of work? I thought you thought we were all nerds. – Why do you think it’s
okay to call me “exotic”? – I mean technically
we’re the largest part of the world population, so shouldn’t white people be exotic? – Why do you think I can’t see properly? Do you really think my
eyes are that small? – Why is it weird when
all Asian people hang out, but it’s fine when all
white people hang out. – So tell me, what does
a sunburn feel like? – Why do you keep trying
to justify yellow fever? – I don’t know why they use
fever for all these things, it’s not a disease. It’s just fucking. – Why are we being stereotyped
as being cheap or stingy? Maybe I’m just cost efficient. – Why do you think all
Asian people are smart? I mean, when I was in high school there was a Korean valedict… No actually there was an
Indian valedictorian– No, damnit. – I guess you guys are right! Asians are smart! Have you tried that new
white people restaurant? There’s like, a mayonnaise
dish that is so mayonnaisy.


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