21 Days to Self – Freedom Expounded – History of Mankind – Part 121B

Hi, this is Jack and I’m here to communicate
specifically about the 21 days to self-freedom, ‘cause there have been some/quite a few
questions and a bit of confusion about: ‘how exactly does this work?’. Okay, for the beginning stages, if you want
to call it that, you will count by yourself for yourself. In other words: you know, within
you, you will go: “[Breathes in] One two three four in – hold,
one two three four – [breathes out] out two three four – hold, two three four – [breathes
in] in, two three four – hold, two three four – [breathes out] out, two three four Okay – so, you will count within yourself
to assist and support yourself. Now: It is not to take a vacation for 21 days.
It is not to ask for leave for 21 days. It is not to seclude yourself in your own
room for 21 days. It is not to ask to be taken to a prison-cell
for 21 days so that there’s no escape, so that all you can focus on, is your breathing,
for 21 days. No. You are able to apply this breathing application
anywhere, anytime. Now – this breathing application will support
and assist you with multi-functioning. And you will notice that you will be able to apply
this breathing application AND participate in a conversation at the same time. As a being communicates, you do the counting
within you – you just breathe. You will hear what the being has to say. You’ll realize
that you won’t hear what the being was saying if you’ve gone into your mind. But – the
counting is a different scenario. What I’m saying is: as you’re breathing,
you’re counting within yourself:1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4,1 2 3 4 – you will be able
to hear what the being is saying. If a thought comes up while you are counting
and listening to the being: yes, then you won’t hear what the being has to say. So,
just focus on breathing, counting, breath, become the breath as the breath of life. Now – the counting has got nothing to do
with lung-size, nothing. The four-count breath applies for everyone in this world. Have a
look, I will demonstrate, it’s: (Jack demonstrates the four-count breath application). So, there is an example of the breathing – hold
– breathing out – hold. Thus, human beings, count within yourself.
It will take practise, lots of practise. Oh, yes. Now – what happens when a thought
comes into your mind while you’re breathing? You have to start over again. There may not
enter one thought in your mind, while you are doing these 21 days to self-freedom, not
one thought – if one thought enters your mind: you have to start over again. And then, as that thought comes, you apply
forgiveness of that thought, apply self-forgiveness – and then you start over again with clarity,
you begin again! If another thought comes: stop, apply self-forgiveness, start over again. You’ll reach a moment, human beings, where
you will go “I have to do this, I’m getting through this” – and that absolute self-commitment
and self-dedication is what’ll ‘carry you through’ this specific application and
experience. Even if one though enters your mind. So, where is the best place to go? To be in a place where you’re busy, because
then you can check where your thoughts are coming up as you’re doing the breathing
application. And then you just stop, apply self- forgiveness of the thought and you start
over again. Because, it’s not gonna help you to do it
in the seclusion of your own room and then when you go out, everything will just come
rushing back. You have to exist and live as you ‘normally’ live while you’re doing
this breathing application. Okay, that’s what I have to say. If you have
any other further questions, I’ll be on the forum. And that’s the specificity of the 21 days
of to self-freedom through breathing. Thank you.

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