20,000 Scientists Sign “Warning To Humanity” Letter About Environmental Destruction

With Rex Tillerson out as Secretary of State
and Donald Trump nominating former CIA Director Mike Pompeo to take his place, let’s take
a look for a minute at who Mike Pompeo actually is. According to an article on Think Progress
this week, Mike Pompeo happens to be the number one all time recipient of Koch brothers campaign
money. In just four election cycles that Pompeo was
involved in running in the House of Representatives, Pompeo received more than $900,000 from the
Koch brothers from their companies, their employees and their front groups like Americans
for Prosperity. $900,000 on one congressman in one small district
over the course of four elections. So Pompeo number one Koch guy of all time
could now be running the State Department as Think Progress points out. What Think Progress failed to mention in their
article however is that that’s not the extent of the ties to the Koch brother that Mike
Pompeo has. Mike Pompeo during his career in the private
sector started two separate businesses one after the other and in order to keep those
businesses afloat to get the capital needed to run them, do you know where that money
came from? It came from the Koch brothers who came in
with both of his businesses made lofty investments to make those businesses successful. So Pompeo before he even ran for Congress
was already in the pockets of the Koch brothers and completely dependent upon their money
to sustain his lifestyle. So it’s no surprise that he received all that
money from them when he decided to run for Congress and I wish Think Progress would have
gone back a little further and covered that aspect of his life because to me that’s an
even bigger part of the story. Pompeo has been in the pockets of the Koch
brothers for decades now. He has been dependent upon them in his private
life, in his professional life and you can’t tell me that he is not going to reward them
when he becomes the new Secretary of State. What’s even worse is that you’ve got a Democratic
leader Chuck Schumer who announced that he is not going to tell his Democratic members
to just block Pompeo and CIA director replacement Gina Haspel. He’s not going to tell them to just outright
block them. Instead he just, he wants to hear from the
other Democrats. Let’s see what they have to say before we
make any rash decisions. No, that’s the problem with the Democrats
today. You don’t need to sit and wait it out and
see what your members have to say. We know who Pompeo is. We know who Haspel is. She is the woman who was in charge of CIA
black site torture in Thailand during the war on terror under George W. Bush. There is no reason to even consider having
either of these people in charge of the CIA or the State Department. So Chuck Schumer needs to get his ducks in
a row here and say, “I don’t care what you have to say about it, these are horrible human
beings with horrible connections who’ve done horrible things including war crimes in their
past. We’re voting them down no matter what.” Mike Pompeo will use the State Department
to repay the Koch brothers because they have funded his entire life. Don’t think that for a second that he won’t. He is going to use it to approve pipelines. He is going to use it to go out there on behalf
of the Koch brothers and work out deals with other countries for them. He is going to put more money in their pockets
because they’ve spent decades putting more money in his pockets.


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