174th Knowledge Seekers Workshop June 1, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as an entire content of fields which accumulate
and create matter and it is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational fields. Released fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of nano material, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav fields. These fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. The Keshe Foundation
is extending an Invitation to Medical Doctors of
any practice and specialty, to apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop, this includes Medical Doctors,
Dentists, and Veterinarians. Scientists at the Keshe Foundation developed different types
of Plasma therapies, and cures, that utilize advanced
non-invasive Plasma technology. The Weekly Private
Medical Teaching Workshop educates Doctors to the
Plasma science behind the therapies, along with the functionality and operation
of revolutionary Plasma medical devices. The goal of the Private Teachings
is to add Plasma Health Knowledge to the profound knowledge
of Medical Doctors. The weekly class is broadcast live
over the Internet through a secure Private Channel, every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm
Central European Time. Presently the class
is only offered in English, however you are free to bring
a translator to the class. If you can’t participate
in the live broadcast you can watch them later
at your convenience through a Private Internet portal. Every patient’s case
that is discussed in the Workshop will be kept anonymous and private. This includes catalogued
findings and data, gained from the analysis
of the patient’s health issues. Any Medical Doctor in the world
who wants to participate can do so, by sending an email to : [email protected] In your email, please state your
willingness to participate in the Medical Teaching Workshop. If you’re planning on bringing
a Translator to the Workshop, please state this in your email as well. After we receive your email, we will contact you with the instructions
on How to Apply to the Workshop. As a part of the Application process, applicants who apply, including any Translators
brought into the Workshop, will be required to sign the :
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following web address: http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf All Applicants will be required to
provide proof of their education, and ability to practice medicine, and will also be required to pass
an extensive security background check, before they are granted access
to the Teaching Workshop. Healthful Plasma Technology is here now. The use of which is increasing
exponentially on a day to day basis, on every continent. We encourage you to come and learn
about this revolutionary technology. Apply today! The Keshe Foundation is extending an Invitation to experienced Farmers, Agricultural Specialists, and Researchers, to Apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Agriculture Teaching Workshops. If you fall into 1 of these categories, and are interested in Plasma Technology
integration into Agriculture, you’re invited to apply. Scientists and Agricultural practitioners
at the Keshe Foundation, continually develop and apply
new methods of food and fiber production, soil fertility management, plant and livestock health management, and increased farm productivity,
using the most advanced Plasma Technology that is taught at the Keshe
Foundation Spaceship Institute. In the Teaching Workshop, you’ll learn the science
of Plasma Technology and it’s applications in
the fields of Agriculture, for enhanced and
equitable global food production, while minimizing costs
and external input. Practicing Farmers and
Keshe Foundation Scientists will demonstrate their application
of Plasma Technology in Agriculture, and the ensuing results
of such applications, thus deepening and enriching learning for all participants in
the Private Teachings. Participants are encouraged to demonstrate their farming practices
in the Teaching Workshop. The Private Teachings are broadcast
in English live over the Internet through a secure private channel every Wednesday at 10 am to 1 pm
Central European Time (CET). If necessary, you may bring
a Translator to the Workshop. All Applications are required
to provide proof of their Education and Professional qualifications. Must pass a Security Background Check. And are required to sign the
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following Web address (http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf) Translators that attend
must also pass a Security Check and sign the World Peace Treaty. For details on how to join
the Private Teachings in Agriculture, send an email to: [email protected] stating that you would like to participate. Include in the email your Educational
and Agricultural experience, and reasons for your interest in Plasma Technology. Applicants will be contacted
with further instructions and details on the Application process. (RC) Welcome everyone to the
174th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for June 1st, 2017. And once again we’ll hear from Mr Keshe
with the latest news and teachings, and speaking of news and teachings
of Mr Keshe, I think we have him there in the background.
I’m hearing an echo for some reason. (MK) Yes can you hear me? (RC) Yes! Hi Mr Keshe. (MK) Yes good morning.
(RC) Are you ready to take over there ? (MK) Yes no problem. Let’s see how we
can contribute to the knowledge of Man. Good morning to you,
good day as usual wherever and whenever
you listen to these teachings. As part of our work
in Keshe Foundation we have seen many developments
many changes, and in a strange way we are seeing
new developments and new ways. The beauty of what we see coming together,
especially in past two or three weeks is that the Keshe Foundation has broken
through the barriers of the governments. And, in that way, we have broken through
the, what we call, the ‘elite of society’. In past two, three weeks
and past six weeks, especially since Rome conference,
we see a huge turnover with the people of wealth and power
and governments, have turned towards the Keshe Foundation
to see what we can do, how we can change
the society. In a coming time, very soon,
we’ll announce further developments as a number of, what we call,
‘wealthiest people on this Planet’ have come
together with Keshe Foundation, for development of the…
every aspects of the technology. The wealth as the disposal
of the Keshe Foundation, is the wealth of it’s knowledge seekers
and the way you supported the development. Now we see those who have
the financial wealth have come to be
and be around the Keshe Foundation, and supporting the Foundation
in a every heavy way. Today as many of you are aware
we come to the point that Ghana Spaceship Center
has become the focus of a lot of movement. The publicity which is risen
through the Ghana Atomic Commission’s
collaboration with Keshe Foundation, has given us the opportunity
outside Ghana, for the people who are waiting
for Foundation to make the first move, that they could make their move,
has come to collaboration. I have to say, in so many ways, is thank
to all of us, not the individual of us. the ones who back the teaching
the ones who teach, the ones who are supporting in different structures of
the Keshe Foundation in the background, those of you who produce materials at home
and test it and you just introduced another
person, the neighbour, the mother, the father
or somebody else to the technology. It is a collective move
is not individual any more, non of us can have claim
that this is what I did, this is what we’ve done . I always remember the say
of the ex shah of Iran, he always you say “We have achieved as,
as a King I can not achieve on my own. It’s the work of
the Nation and the King.” In so many ways
it applies to us, we are collectively achieving it,
the little inputs, the little testimonial, the little showing of producing different
kind of GANSes, the little breakthroughs, collectively is adding
to the knowledge of Man. And the beauty of it is
as I said before many time, the biggest problem we have
in Keshe Foundation, is the disease which in a way
I have infected you with, and that is to share knowledge
unconditionally, as fast you can. When we started
sharing Knowledge, and those who are devoted to
serving Humanity have learned, you’re doing the same thing. It’s the speed
how fast we can share the knowledge, the minute we found out that somebody
might be able to have a use of it. And this is a beautiful disease I hope
the whole Humanity gets it. It’s a infectious,
sharing knowledge, and understanding the more we give
and share knowledge the more we receive. And we get enlightened and this is
a beautiful virus, a virus of sharing, and being correct and
does not matter if you make mistakes, because at the end
it serve it’s purpose to be correct. In so many ways, we don’t need to worry
what’s gonna happen to it. we are sure that it’s
something good will come out of it. And this assurity has risen
a lot of support for Soul of the Man. As many of you know, we do not go in one position
and one condition of teaching, we try to cover in many aspects
of the teaching that we share knowledge
equally and in balance. I have received a lot of
what you call ‘questions’, “Can you teach now about the Soul?” Because Man
never understood. There is many questions
to go into the structure of the Soul. whet… what happens to it,
where it is, how it controls itself. It is part of us
and we’ll try to break into it slowly, that many people
in the future can understand. Maybe, when we go to school
from the first class, they teach us first about our Soul,
and the rest will take second position. Because our Soul will see the history,
our Soul will see the biology. Our Soul has a contact
with the whole direction of the, what we call,
‘the Structure of the Creation’. Maybe, we have to go back to the original,
the way we gone through the Plasma, and we have discovered
the effects of the Magnetic Field. We have to realize that
the Soul of the Man itself is created from interaction
of the Fields, it’s nothing else. There is nothing exclusive about it. The reality is, is us who has denied
our own existence, as I say many times. Maybe, we have to start first in the school
of Life when we go to the first class, at age of five or six or seven,
they teach us about the Soul, the operator
behind our Physicality. Then this way, we can make decisions
in a correct way from the onset. Maybe, that way
we can understand more? Because at the younger age,
the Fields of the Soul are much stronger, very strong,
and we don’t need to speak. The people in a class
will understand each other. There’ll be no animosity. There’ll be no problems,
as what we see, bullying and the rest, because they understand
their Soul structure. It is us who has created this
for the Humanity. Hundred years ago,
very few were getting taught. Fifty years ago, many people became
part of the structure of the teaching. But we thought
how to write A, B and C, and how to math one and two together
to get three, was very essential. And, in process of time
we have seen education has become compulsory, more or less,
in every Nation on this Planet. Maybe, it’s time for Man to go back
a year before you go to school, to teach the Man about the Soul of the Man
that when he come to the class one, in pre-schooling understands
the realty and Totality, and children are very receptive,
because they can make that link. In a teaching to the MOZHANs,
last week, I explained to them, the time you understand
you have reached the point, is when you’ve discover about
your own Soul, position of your Soul
and how you understand. But you got to realize
most of the MOZHANs are in their twenties, thirties and
forties, they already gone in a different way of Physicality
to go back to the origin’s bit too hard. Is like literally, like a salmon
trying to fight to go uphill, on the river to get to
the source where he can actually, find the essence
where he was created itself. The life of Man, now to go back to the Soul
it’s the same as the salmon, and of a fish. Trying to get back to the source,
where he started from, and there from then
understanding the rest because he already came
from the rest, through the mother. It’s important for us to start teaching,
the Essence of the Creation. the Soul, which itself is created out of the
interaction of the Fields, but this time without dimension.
This is the True existence of the Creator. As it says,
“I made Man in the image of myself.” I came from Fields
and I radiate through it, and I can make a copy of myself again,
from the same Fields. That’s all it is.
We are made out of the drive, even our Souls is made
out of the rays of the Sun, where it’s the origin of us, as a Planet,
as the Solar System. Where the Sun itself has come from the
radiation from the Fields of the Galaxy and the Galaxy from the Universe and
the Universe from Universes, and then from the Soul of the creator. Maybe this is what we have to teach,
the we don’t need writing in English, in French or any other language, because
we understand the language of the Soul, the line of communication,
of the Soul of the Man. And if you understand this,
as we are teach many time, “in the Universe there are no typewriters,
there are no laptops, and no papers.” Nobody has seen trees growing in the
Fields of the Universe, that we can cut it
to make paper out of it. We have to go back, to learn
about the Essence of Creation then we become more mature to understand
the Totality of the Creation. This is one of the fundamental
teachings of the Foundation has been and over past months I gradually
built into the teachings, because we need to understand why
we are here, how we are created. We looked at the creation, as an
interaction between the egg and the sperm, and we call it the
‘fetus’ and then the ‘life’. But, we got to understand,
the interaction of the two. At the beginning, as a onset, is actually
the first part of creating and amalgamating the
Field forces of the Universe, that it creates the Soul of the Man. In the teachings of the past, many times
we have spoken about the astronauts, which they see lights
in their eyes as a photon. Where the radiation from the Cosmos
enters the body, the brain of the Man, and in change of the energy, becomes
the light in the eye of the Man. If we look a step further in, in the womb
of the mother, is the liquid of the life, and the filter of the strength,
where the right energy can enter and develop the Soul of the Man. So, in process we understand,
further step, that the womb of the mother, is not just to create the Physicality,
it’s the absorption of the essence of the
energies of the Universe, that converts itself
to the Soul of the Man. Do we need to go one step further
in understanding of Totality. That it means, do we need to understand
what we looked at, the womb of the mother, as a source of the
creation of the Physicality. In the womb of the mother,
in the liquid of the life, we become the source of the creation
ourselves, of our own Soul. Physicality, is just a mirage, hiding the
Truth about the creation of the Soul, in the essence
of this created condition. Does this mean Man has to go a step further,
and look deeper in its own creation. That, the egg and the sperm
are just the incubators, of this creation of the Soul of the Man,
in the liquid, the life of the mother, in the womb of the mother. Then if you understand this,
Man has matured, to the next steps of the reality
of the Creation in the World. Which means, what we looked at the life,
it’s just an incubator, the first step for the creation of the
Soul, which becomes non-dimensional, and on its own becomes a strength
in the dimension of the Universe. As it has no Physicality, it can travel the
span of the Universe and it depends on the interaction
of its strength Fields to where it decides to manifest itself,
in what shape and form. Maybe, we got to
add this to our knowledge, that Man in Truth,
in his Physicality, has been nothing but the
incubator for the Soul of itself. That creates the
condition of non-dimensional. This has become part of our lives,
then now, we need to educate ourselves. The way, when you are
born in a Physical dimension, you are taught to speak,
to walk, to learn, to write. Now, we have to go beyond,
that we understand now, that the Soul is the essence
of the whole birth of the Man. Now we have to
learn the language of the Soul. How it interacts,
what it needs to feed itself, how it writes in the Soul of the Man,
with the pen of the Soul, not with the Physicality
of the pen of the Man. This is where the teachings starts, this
is what I said, we go into a new dimension, Because, if you would have talked about
this two years ago, it was beyond understanding
of the Humanity. Now gradually,
we adopt and we develop, and we explain the
True Essence of the Creation. And then, once you
understand this, in the future, we go to the next step
of the development of the Soul. What happens, when the Souls fall in love
and they create their own creation. The purity, out of the purity of the
Totality without dimension. In so many ways, I have shown
you this in a very Physical way in past few weeks,
and nobody understood, But in then… in so many ways
it’s the only way I can teach. That, let you feel it, let you understand it,
then when we open the door, you’ve seen the light before. When you speak about the merge,
or what do you call the ‘Twin Souls’, or what you call, that the Souls to
create a new creation of themselves, that the pure Souls is created,
is very much the way you made GANSes. Body of a Man is a GANS, when you put two
GANSes together, you create a Soul out if it. When you have the GANS of CO2 in one side
in the salt water of the container, and on the other side
you put the GANS of Zinc and you create a new GANS
out of the GANS interaction. Is very much the same,
the GANS of the sperm and the egg, leading of creation of the new dimension,
which itself in essence, due to the liquid condition of the womb of
the mother, or in your box as salt water, you create the new dimension
in Soul of the creation. Interaction, and creation within the
environment of the GANSes. This is what I said in
many teachings recently. Try to use the GANS water as a medium
and not the normal water because, the GANS water, when you put in
with the Zinc GANS and the CO2 GANS, it totally evolves in a direction of the…
what condition, because now everything
is created out of the conditions of interaction of the
Fields in a free dimension. That’s what the Plasma is,
it’s a free dimension Field. So, those of you who have managed to create
GANSes, out of the interaction of the GANSes Using the liquid water of
the GANSes, now you understand. you are entering the
creation of the Soul of the System. Exactly, if you look at it
GANS of Copper for example is the sperm. The GANS of the Zinc is the egg. The interaction of the two,
in the womb of the mother which is a cell, It’s a same con…
in the GANS condition, it’s the GANS water which
you use in your containers. And, the creation of
the GANS out of the GANSes, which is the child,
you’ll create a new dimension which’s the amalgamation
of the two. It is the work of the Foundation
followers to develop these technologies. And then, you come to understand
how you create life. You create, the Soul
without the Physicality. Those who have been with me many years
like Armen and the others. They have seen the box of life I carry
nearly 7, 10 years with me now. I have created that condition
out of the understanding years ago. But, they look for
Physicality of existence, I look for the essence
of the Soul which has created. This is what we have to do,
this is what we got to understand, and go back to the writings of
Bahá’u’lláh, blessed his name, he says, “Pray for your children 20 years
before they are born.” In a way, now that you
understand the process, in setting up your systems,
go back to the original teaching, I always said, to those who’ve been
working around the Keshe Foundation with the dynamic reactors,
“Always pray for the Soul of your system.” Now you understand why. Because, the dynamic system
create a free dimensional Fields which their interaction leads to creation
of the new dimension of the Field. What we call a free Plasma,
and that Plasma, if you look inside it, it’s again hollow,
which means has a Soul. This is what I’ve been teaching and
the teaching goes on with the MOZHANs. To understand
how to connect with that Soul, not the Physicality of
the existence of the Plasma. This is where most of the
misunderstanding has been, because the Man
has been so physical, you are looking for the rotation
of the Matter in your cores. Where in fact, you have to look for
the center of what you have created. In the center that you communicate,
and give and take from. When you add to the Soul of the Man,
you communicate with the Soul of the Man. Giving to his Physicality, for it to convert
into the part of the Soul, it’s very, very, cumbersome,
it takes a lot, because physicality is
hunger to take most of it. But, once you learn to work
with the Soul of the Man it’s very easy. There is no time waste,
there is no energy loss. The only person, who fully understood this,
was Christ, blessed his name. And, this is what, it’s been said,
and I’ve mentioned it many times, that one day
people understand. He gave life to the Soul of the Man,
and he rose the dead, and he did the same thing with himself,
he found the key. He found the way he could access the Soul,
without actually touching the Physicality So, he could raise anyb, anybody which
was dead as a physical body on the ground. He elevated the Soul, he gave
from his Soul, to the Soul. Does not matter if the Soul
has already left the body. He could see the dimension of it,
and he could give enough to it that the Soul returns back to the Physicality
and the dead rises. This is the beauty of understanding,
once you know how to walk, you know how to run, you know how to
jump, and the rest is just a child’s play. Very few people in the World of Creation,
on this Planet, have ever understood this. The Man who got very close to it, but still
he could not completely understand it, it was Buddha, blessed his name. Buddha reached the very level of the Soul and that’s why, in the past teaching
we said we’d finished with the religions. Because they were
all part of mess which Man created for
himself with the physical life. Buddha understood the Soul,
and operated through that direction. Which means,
he was one step ahead of those who call themselves,
‘Leader of the Faith’ In his work, he strived to
explain in a simple language of a destination of the Soul of the Man,
in the body of his followers, but they still could not see. This is why he touches
the Soul in his teachings, not the physicality of praying,
bending and the rest of it. There is no banging of the head to
the wall, of great wall in Jerusalem. The banging should have come
to put it in the right way, that they could find their Soul. You’ll find out,
more and more, now we teach in the
dimension of the Soul of the Man. Those of you, who’ve been
the follower of Buddha, you’ll find a lot
of resonance in your teachings. Because, now you
understand the Totality. But Buddha
could not complete. This is part of
the essence of the Creation, and not Physicality of the Man, in the
dimension which he’s chosen to work with. It is important for us to
understand the next step in development of the technology
with the Keshe Foundation. The development from now on,
will be to develop the Soul of the Man not to make the reactors. Because,
if you know how to work within the Soul, you know how to release energies that,
can make Spaceship, that can make Gold, that can make water, and can make the
condition to feed the Soul of the Man. The biggest problem for the Mankind,
to move into the dimension of the Soul, is how you feed the Soul.
“I have to eat to be able to feed it.” “That my Soul through the energy
I absorb from my family, my friends or the food I eat,
elevates my Soul to a higher level. But, in fact,
if you understood, by what I taught, just about a couple
of weeks ago, or even last week. That how, the operation
of the lung and the heart, creates a condition of pumping of the
energy from the Universal environment to feed the brain of the Man,
and itself feeds the Soul of the Man. So, in fact, our body has created
a pumping system to feed the Soul, and with it to reduce its energy,
that in return, it can be used for
the Physicality of the Man. So, the most important part comes:
How do I feed my Soul? Where is the essence of the Life? That it feeds my Soul, that in reduction,
in interaction with it’s environment, lead to the Physicality of the Man. In so many ways, this is where the
gap in the knowledge of the Man sits. How do you elevate your Soul?
Or how do you feed your Soul? How do we see ourselves, in dimensions which
we have not been very much familiar with? Now, this puts a
lot of fear in a lot of people. Now, I’ve been feeding
the Physicality, how can I use the
Physicality to feed the Soul? If you’ve been waiting and looking for a way,
to elevate your Soul? Is very easy, you should have learned
it last week. I gave you the key. The key was, to create a balance,
between your heart and your breathing. That you create the right environment for the right fields in the pumping
of the heart and the lung, to be absorbed by the brain of the Man,
that it feeds the Soul of the Man. This is what we call a ‘pure heart’. This is we call
‘detachment from physicality’. Because, now it’s you,
who creates the process of the feeding. Many of you who’ve been in the
past teaching with us, some two years ago. and those who were
in Desenzano with us. Do you remember, that an Indian Guru,
who followed in so many ways, in the background the
teaching if Buddha, blessed his name, came to us with his entourage. His elevation and standing
amongst his followers, they say it’s about 100 million or so. Was, that he could starve himself
for 21 days without eating any food. He asked for a private meeting,
without the presence of his entourage. We sat in front of
each other upstairs, in the teaching room of
the Keshe Foundation in Desenzano. I said to him.
“You are a cheat!” As the head of a organization,
he wasn’t expecting to hear from me
that I call him a ‘cheat’. He was taken a step back,
and I said to him, “I know how you stop eating for 21 days, but you have to teach
this to your followers too” I explained to him, that he feeds himself
through the operation of breathing air. By changing different condition
and position in his lung, and by small movement, he changed
different energies which are absorbed, and he feeds himself through
the Universal tap, or what we call, through the air, which
is accessible to him, or he thought. Because, he looked at it that
he was breathing the air which was allowing him to
create energy or stay alive. But in so many ways, I explained to him,
that by breathing different way, you absorb different energy
to your soul and to your brain, and that is where
your food comes from. You feed your body through the energy of
the Soul in the dimension of Physicality. He said to me,
“Mr Keshe, you have found my secret.” I said, “There was no secret. Nobody
could see where you were hiding the coin.” The knowledge, to us has
been apparent for centuries. But now, this way we teach it. Three years ago I teach, I taught,
the same thing as I teach you today. But, you as the knowledge seekers,
were not ready for it. But, a master like him
could hide it as a disguise, and they saw it as his mystic power. And, this is what we’re
trying to stop for the Man in Space. That we don’t find many Gurus
hiding things and they become mystically, what are called, ‘Gurus’. and this is the purpose of the teaching. what I taught, to the master,
you’ve seen his pictures. coming to the Keshe Foundation, in the
laboratories and watching the MaGrav cores
which Armen and the rest built. He found out he had to leave,
and he did something very strange. When he came downstairs
before he says, “Good bye.” He put his hand behind Caroline’s back,
trying to take energy. And, in so many ways, we felt it. And, it was responded back,
we took everything what he took,
before he leaves the premises. But, this is how,
this is why, I teach this way I could have taught
you these, years ago. But, now that you understand,
more and more, you come to understand. If you do no… If you couldn’t
understand how it’s made, that the energy comes to become the Soul,
then no one in Space can put a hand on your back
and drain you from the energy. Or you look at them as Guru’s, and you keep on making profits
in every corner of the World and the Universe will become,
what they call, ‘corner shops’. There is a joke,
but it has a lot of realities In English, in England,
if you lived or been there. They say, “Do you know why
Pakistan never wins a World Cup,” and doesn’t go much up in the
football league, in the World Cup?” And the joke is that, “Because,
every corner they see, they open a shop.” If you’ve been to England,
every corner shop is the Pakistan shop. They serve the Humanity,
and the Nation purely. But with it, they know the habit of the Man,
what they need, which area, and, what it needs to be feed them. So, if we allow you to go out without
understanding how you need be fed. The Man will make a church
and a mosque across the whole Universe. Because, anybody will
come with the new magic. Because you don’t understand
the operation of the Soul, and understanding of the Physicality. Then, the whole Universe become a lot of
mosques, some churches, in different names. But, if you understand, the operation
of the Soul, what you are shown, you can replicate,
you understand you have, and you carry the
same knowledge as them. It’s just for you to understand,
how the flour and the milk, and the butter,
and the water in your hand, which is your Emotion and
the Physicality and the rest, will make a cake, will make you a pancake,
or will give you a bread. Depends, how you mix it.
Then there is no mystery, it’s just for the Man to learn
to what measure it needs what, to give give what you was expecting.
And, this is the purpose of the teaching. If you go back in my teachings,
I always said, “I take Man to be equal to the
Universal Community,” “that it does not
become slave to the,” “or what I call, ‘subordinate’, to
the rest of the Universal Council.” The reason was, and you looked at it,
that you’ll be taught everything, in physical life, is they shape,
energy and the rest. But my target was the teaching
of the Soul of the Man, for you to know and understand
the essence of your own creation. Then you are ready to take
into the spans of the Universe. Because, when a Man rely on his
own resources, he understands: What he has, what he needs to give,
what he can do with it. So, if a lot of you
join us to make a Spaceship, the Spaceship is within your Soul. To my student in Accra, who are
sitting there and thinking, “The guy is disappeared for a week,
in Austria doing this and that,” “or to Italy, and to go to Turkey
and other places.” It was for you to start
understanding, the gap in dimension, the separation between the
Physicality and the Soul of the Man, that you understand,
what the separation is. In my last session with you,
before I leave, I explained. I’ll leave you with a Man of Physicality,
you have two, three Masters with you. Armen is with you, Alexz is with you and
Benjamin with you. These are the Masters of the creation of
the Keshe Foundation. These are the pure hearts
within the structure of the Foundation. And, I left you with a dilemma,
you have to choose. I taught you the Essence of Creation
through the Soul of the Man, and you were looking for it’s
physical position, you never understood. You are the Soul, you are the Creator, and
you’re looking for the Creator within you. Now, you have to battle between the
Masters in the dimension of Physicality or to decide to
understand the position, and the strength of your own Soul,
and move to the new dimension. This is why we teach this way,
because if you are taught A B C you never understand
where B is and what is C for. It’s got to be understood. The Essence of the Creation,
and elevation of the Soul of the Man has taken Centuries,
because Man had to find out about his Physicality, its limitation,
its weaknesses and its strength. In so many ways, this goes back
to the teaching, we done before. If you go from the bottom to the top,
you know the whole structure. You’ve done it yourself, you’re not afraid
how to make from the top the bottom. We start with the teaching
of the Physicality with teaching of
what do you call, ‘Prophets’. That you understand the correct
conduct in Physicality, over centuries. Now, you have been elevated to understand
the operation of how the Soul is created,
out of Physicality. Your dimension and extension comes that now
that you become the Soul without dimension, How you manifest yourself in different
dimensions in the Universe, back to the Physicality? And, the way you have come up the ladder,
you know how to go down the ladder, and you know you can make the whole
ladder, because you’ve been through it. I’ve said that many times
in the business life. We see a father setting up a business, even though the children are around him
when he build the business. And then, when he makes an Empire out of
the business, and he gives it to the child, who actually was from the beginning
with him, in the market stall and in the first shop, and then in the
first company, and then in the first multi-companies and nationalism, then when it’s given to the son,
the company after a few years, or its third generation after a few years,
they’re ruin the company, it goes bankrupt. Because, the father understood
how to set up everything, he went through the problems,
where the children only saw the wallet where the money came out of.
They never had to solve the problem. But, the father could find, and find
a solution in different troubled time. where the son never fought
to find a solution, collapses. This is been the same process,
how we see multi-nationals, family base, go in the hand
of bigger organizations, because, the business was made by the
father, who knew all the ways to the top. The children were,
what we call, ‘wallet suckers’. They only saw what came out,
and maybe if they’d moved their box from one to another,
was very much. So, we’ve done the same with the Soul of
the Man and the Physicality of the Man. You had the Physicality,
now we teach you about the Soul, that you have to go
up the stairs and find it. And, understand its power,
that you head, huge organization. Called the interaction of the
Soul of the Man with the Universal Soul. You were looking to shake hand
with the aliens and see how they look. Where, you never understood, once you
understand the work of your own Soul, the Man you see, or entity
you see in front of you in Space, is the chameleon
of the Soul of the entity. Then you find out, you don’t need to rely
on what he shows himself as but you see the Soul of it. In my teachings to the MOZHANs,
I explained very much, recently. Try to find your Soul and when you unite
and understand, when you come and you say, “I had a dream last night, we were all in a
party and I had a glass of wine.” The other one says,
“Yes, you had a red wine.” And the other one says, “You had a coca-cola.”,
and the other one says, “What?” Because, then they’ll learn
to meet at the level of the Soul, and they decide in Physicality
what they do, but in reality, there has been no physical
interaction, it’s the dream of the Man. So, we have been through the steps of
making GANS from the Matter, this is how we started. And this is, all has been what I call,
‘trick in the magic box’. To teach you the final trick. And the final trick
we have arrived to, which is, showing and understanding that
everything comes from the Soul of the Man, and now how many of you
dare to find the Soul, and then step down in it and see
if you can make the physicality you want. It’s very interesting. And this is the most interesting
thing, which has no one ever wondered
and tried to understand. Christ came in Jerusalem, in Palestine. Black hair, brown eyes, dark brown eyes,
dark eyes, black. Then on the point of crucification,
when he was put on the cross, where he changed the Physicality to
the Soul, and then re manifested himself in a dimension of a new physicality,
not to be connected to the past, where he took a new dimension of
manifestation of presence. If you look at most of the
European shapes of Christ, he became the blue eye,
blonde hair, white skin. Did he go through the transformation,
of the Physicality to the Soul, and manifestation of
what he wanted to be seen in the physicality dimension
of the eye of the Man. Past few days is, what we call,
the ‘Whitsun’ in Christian calendar. Is this our teaching
coincides with that day? Is this the time to co-exist
in both dimensions, Even though you have
already been shown by one Man? Is this the essence
of the teaching of today? He manifest himself to those of
the European, blue eyes and blond hair. And nobody has
ever asked the question: How come, in Jerusalem he was brown,
dark eyes, dark hair, Tone of dark skin which is been the tradition
in the, what you call, ‘Middle East’, and manifest himself in
South of France as blue eyes, and promotes that way,
that does not conflict, as the Man with the black hair
was already on the cross? Is this the secret of creation
which’s been shown 2000 years ago, and Men
has not understood? And now with these teachings we come
a step closer to understand how it was done. Was Christ in fact a magician,
who understood the magic
of the operation of the Soul? I say yes, but it was for men who misread
his missed message, and his work. This brings a lot of reality into
understanding of the work of the Humanity . This is what we said, if those who are the members
of Universal Council and Earth Council, stop working
on the physical dimension, and understand the job is
on the level of their Souls and trust in what they do is their wish,
they become their command. Collectively, as they met last night
for the first time in a joint meeting. Bringing unification between the
Soul of the Planet and Universal Community. Then they understand it’s time to elevate
the Soul of Totality of Human Race. For those of you who are not aware,
for the first time the executive and the directors of the,
what I call the ‘Soul of the Man’, as the Earth and the Universal Community
and Universal Council met yesterday. It was beautiful to listen to them,
how cordially they interacted, how the Universal Council
allowed the Earth Council members who are present
to speak. And there was nothing about
the voting and whatever. It was showing the humbleness
where they came and how they want to serve. It’s recorded, and one day
it’ll be shared with Humanity. But, this is the essence
of what we established. Bringing the two arms
of the executive and legislation, which is actually through
the Soul of the Man accepting to work as one,
without any papers written, has brought the
condition which we said. We have already started
the process of unification of the Soul of the Man
on this Planet according to their language
and the position they take in different conditions and environment
of this Planet. And yesterday
was a fantastic day for Humanity. In so many ways, I said,
was the 31st of May, they closed the book of the past
and by today they start a new day. This is what has been beautiful with it. We listened to the voice
but the Soul of Lisa, in Australia, when she was actually in the first twenty,
what we call 1st of June date. And we listened to Dr Rodrigo,
and another member of the Universal Council, or what I call the Earth Council,
in America. Where he was still going through the 30th,
31st of June, or May timing. We saw the future and we saw the past
and we saw the end and saw the beginning
at the same time. That day will be remembered by many
in the future, and they’ll understand, because of speaking and working as one,
the Soul and elevation of the Soul of Humanity has changed as of yesterday
or today to your time. We see a new breath of freshness in
the Soul of the Man Humanity. And we will see
new dimensions of the move. It’s taken thousands of years to do this,
and it is there for Man to understand. The members of the Earth Council
have issued the first writing. It’s for them to disclose at the time
when they see appropriate. Today, next week,
anytime. For the first time we have established
a line between the Keshe Foundation, and the Universal
Council and the Earth Council. That their physical dimensions,
of the need of the two, shall be met. Nothing is coincidental,
there is a reason for it, because through the teachings
many Souls have been elevated, many Souls have found peace,
and by finding peace, they have elevated their energy
into a new dimension of serving Humanity. And now we see the change. Today is the 1st of June and
the Human Race has taken a new dimension. As, what was planned in Physicality
years and years ago by different prophets, has given birth to the final stage
of it’s Totality. We’ve spoke about the egg,
and the sperm, and the environment
of the womb of the mother. We had the prophet teaching the Physicality
and out of the essence of the Physicality, we have seen the birth
of the Universal Council, and the Earth Earth Council, to work as a
Soul and not in dimension of Physicality. But they know through their Souls they can
reach the physical Man to elevate his Soul. And the process of what we call World Peace
has already started as of today. Don’t forget they’ve been working
in the background as one separate teams or groups or individuals,
but now it works as one. The meeting of last night, if those of you
who were present, was majestic. The humbleness, the fairness of being able
to speak about your own language, where you came from
and be proud of it that it’s taken with heart
and with the Soul of the members to elevate it,
to understand it, that in the language of the Soul
there is no division. One day, the Universal Council
and the Earth Council will decide to release these recordings,
and then you listen to it. Don’t listen to the language,
listen to the essence of what it was released,
collectively as one. It was very much
what I said to myself listening to it, United Nation
has made with the World Bank. And they’ve decided
that we give everybody the same amount of money
that they’re all free. When I saw it, when I listened to it, the World Bank was the Universal Council, and the Earth Council
was the United Nation accepting the gift. And sharing it amongst the Humanity
in the Soul level. One day the Man understands
the meeting of yesterday. It is important that we connect everything
to each other and everything to, every point that we understand the
totality and there is no misunderstanding. Today I’ve taught you a lot about the
dimension of the Soul of the Man, but it’ll take man thousands
of years to understand what was explained in past
half an hour or an hour of teaching. There is so much hidden in it that in every
word you can find millions of solutions. But it’s for Man to find out
which solution’s for him. As I said, we don’t teach the Human Race,
but as we teach at the level of the Soul the Universe is listening and promoting
itself, because in their level it still applies
the same as what is here but in different dimensions,
as they did not know. I give my Soul to Humanity, but I know
my Soul comes from far long time ago, from far distances, and it comes from the
Essence of the Creation of the Universe. So it will not make any difference if you
take a little or you take the whole lot, to elevate your own Soul, it’s freely
available and it’s on the table. It’s for the Man to take to elevate his
Soul according to his own understanding. In so many ways, if we go back from the
Soul level and see what our Soul sees, once it releases its energy. It comes in touch with the
Physicality of the brain of the Man, which in a way created itself from it. Don’t forget, in the
Essence of Creation, there is always a Gravitational
and a Magnetical. The energy absorbed from the
Universe by the physical dimension of the brain which
comes through it. It transfers itself into the
Soul of the Man in a Magnetical way, as the Gravitation of
the Soul absorbs what is given to it. But at the same time, it receives the
spectrum of the total energy because each part of the brain feeds
the Soul of different strengths, according to its structure. And at the same time it receives the Soul,
so much from all dimensions, at the level that it it’s in balance
with the Physicality of the Man, that then the Soul of the Man gives what
is at the level of the Physicality for the brain
to filter out. In a way, if you look at it, brain
works as a Gravitational Field a pull from the universal,
what I call, ‘pool of fields’. It gives all to the Soul and the Soul gives
back to each point of the Physicality in what he wants to be seen at,
to feed the arm, eye, leg, and the rest So, what do we see
and how do we see if you sit in the Soul and look
what the Physicality of the brain, which is the first point of interaction
between the Soul and the Physicality. Then we can understand the
structure of the brain, because it’s the brain which manifests
itself on the feedback of the Soul in so many ways, with the structure of the
Physicality of the brain. Then it can take us to the next
step of teaching, which is: Once the Soul interacts
with the Physicality, what is missing in the Soul
that ended up with the shape and the conditions
of Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS and the rest? Depression or expansion of the knowledge,
through the dimensions of the Physicality. In the past two or three weeks we explained
the interaction of the Physicality with the child, when is changing
from the womb of the mother in the world of the water
or liquid in the the GANS-State, to a thinner GANS-State,
what we call, the ‘air’. Do not forget, even the air
of the Planet itself, still exists in the pool of the
GANS of the Solar System. So, even though we call it a
Matter-State in respect to the energies of the Sun, it’s still within
the GANS of the system. As we explained in switching
from one to another, we see problems in some children,
we call it, ‘lack’ of Oxygen, they call it ‘starvation’ of the Oxygen,
and we see disabilities in Physicality. Now you’ve got to understand, the
same thing can happen in the conversion of the energy from the
Soul, to the brain of the Man. As we saw disabilities created by the
change of the environment. Now we understand, because of the
feedback on the physical life of the Man, the same thing can happen in
the Essence of the Creation of the Man by transfer of the energy from
the Soul to Physicality in, in what I call, the ‘transformer’
between the Soul and the Physicality, which is the brain of the Man, where a
transfers and transforms the energy from the Soul, to the level that
the Physicality can understand, in a dimension of
physical structure of this Planet. In so many teachings I
have explained this, that the brain of the Man
is nothing but a transformer. It transfers to the energy
at different points, be it the arm or sections to do with
the Emotion of the pain or happiness. And all that energy comes
through the Soul of the Man. And at the same time, the same thing,
feeds the Soul itself, in a more mass mixture of the Fields, from different points
of the brain into the center. If you understand this and understand
the job of the transformer as the Soul, due to its strength, receives
more energy from the Universe that it does not even, as it
goes through the brain of the Man, but in fact reaches
the Soul at the strength much higher than
the physicality of the brain. Very much like the light we saw in the eye
of the astronauts, as we explained before. Then these transfer of energies to be
filtered, sometimes part of transformer,- brings the Emotion into operation in
respect to Physicality. In a way, it filters a
little bit more a little bit less, and then in the physical life,
in the dimension of the Emotion from Physicality which is every cell
of the body of the Man carries, with your arm,
with your heart, with your lung. Then the two have to
interface, and find out where what is not needed, and
what needs balancing. And in that process
of the balancing, sometimes in interaction
in a physical dimension, we have seen it in the form of cancers,
as we said, “Cancers are Emotion.” But in fact the seed of the Cancer
in Emotion has created from the interaction of the pure energy which comes
from the Soul, unconditional, untainted, with the Emotion of the physical dimension
of the cells of the body of the Man, which interacts at the point of Emotion,
and we see different cancers accordingly. So, in the same position
we see the cancer in a dimension of the Physicality
of the brain of the Man. Now, we have called these cancers
different names, as itself, due to change
of its parameter we see paralysis, we see
lack of use, we see, in so many ways non-operational,
part of the Physicality. We’ve done many research in diseases like a
MS and ALS and Alzheimer’s. And if you look at it and and you
understood, the, what we call, the children
with the brain damage through the lack of Oxygen
in the birth tunnel, was in reality a physical change, which
has affected their seeps, or arriving of the information from
the Soul of the Man to physical part. The same thing, now we can understand,
can happen to the conditions, which comes from the Emotion of the,
every cell of the body of the Man, in respect to
the Emotion of the brain. And the point of delivery to the physical part of the Man. So, if we understood, by changing
some parameters and some materials which affects the
operation of the brain, that it leads to further
development of the Physicality, and we see the change in the children
by taking some extra minerals in conjunction with creating condition
of the GANS in their body, we walk them out through the operation
of the brain, to see the physical change. Now, if you look at…
back, at the same way, where the Emotion of the cells of the
Physicality in interaction with the Fields, which are coming from the Soul of the Man at
the point of inter phase of the transformer, where there is a physical, dimensional
problem in the Emotion of the cell, we see these as MS, as ALS
and Alzheimer’s. So, in fact of you understood the
operation of the Physicality in the child, where with a Folic acid,
a vitamin B12, which is all radiation source, it gave us
back the essence of creation. And, with minerals which is to do with
Physicality of this life, if we understood that, by
changing the structure of the brain, we have changed the physical manifestation
of the child that he can walk and talk then, for the diseases like MS and ALS,
we need to do the same, there is no difference in
the dimension of creation. It’s for Man to understand
the Creation So, for those of you who are, suffer,
or you have connected to some people who suffer from diseases like MS, ALS
and Alzheimers is the same process,
it’s the same condition. You don’t need a wheelchair
for the Physicality, you need a wheelchair to transfer the
energy to it’s right point of the cell, that by elevating
and repairing the Soul and the seed of the essence
of the creation of the brain, you take the wheelchair out of the
Physicality of the man, and the man walks. I’ve done this many times
and I’ve seen it, but, I’ve seen people
reverting back to it, because the elevation of the Soul
was not there to allow, because the pain
of the living was too much. Maybe, this way with the new methods,
with using GANS and the others, in conjunction
with the Physicality. Not only we elevate the Soul of the cells,
but we elevate the Soul of the Man, that the transformers Soul energy balance
becomes higher, that we see by changing the structure of the Soul
and the Physicality in the brain, the Physicality, movement
of the Man changes. So, for those
of you who suffer, or know people who suffer
from diseases like MS and ALS, the problem is like,
not just what happened with the child that the… in physical condition,
the switch came at the point of the birth from
one environment to another. But this time, you have to cover and
do the whole thing in a right way, but in a way, in the same process,
because it’s the same brain. For those of you who suffer from ALS
or you suffer from MS, or you suffer from Alzheimer’s. Follow the
same procedure, with a big difference. The difference comes that you
have to elevate your own Soul. The difference comes, that you have to
elevate the Emotional parts, so much higher that, the filters of the
transformer of the brain of the Man, open up to a new dimension from the
receipts of the Emotion of the Soul. What this means is, those of you
who suffer from these kind of diseases, when you got given MRI or whatever,
and you look at it and you see the, what I call, ‘depletion’ in the
physical structure of the brain. Go back, to the
teaching of this morning, where you learn’t to go from
the physicality to the Soul, become non-dimensional. And now, you have
to use your Soul to feed the Physicality for it to start allowing
the arm which is paralyzed through MS, or they make, which you… puts you
in a wheelchair because you cannot walk. now you do the reverse.
So, in reality, if you understood
the teaching of today, is how, as we did with
the children last week, to start creating, according to the need
of the Man and balanced level of Emotion, a new physical appearance,
that you can walk again. The man in a wheelchair, will develop
the sense to be able to walk, to talk. And if those of you, who’ve been
working close to people with MS you see two ways of,
especially with ALS, behavior. Those, when you ask
them and they talk they cry. Those, who when
you ask them they laugh. And, you understand the one who laughs,
does and do die faster with the disease. Those who cry when you
ask them questions, they are those, who stay in
the wheelchair for a long time. So, the Emotion, the level of Emotion in
the vein of the Man, received from the Soul. has a direct effect in the speed of the
change in the cell and the physicality. In so many ways,
it has to be said. If you suffer from MS and ALS
and Alzheimers follow the same procedure, as you did
with a child with a lack of Oxygen. How do you do it, and the wind and find,
how you change your own position. But, in this process, you have to elevate
the Soul, in a level of emotion much higher. So, what you need
to do is very simple. You need to take the same as the child,
double amount of potassium. Double amount, daily dosage,
recommended for Calcium The same with the Zinc and sometimes,
a little bit more, three times Magnesium. Because you have to support
the physical part now, to repair itself. And you do it at the point
of both brain interconnection, and physical part
of the body of the Man. That’s why you need
three times more Magnesium, because Magnesium
is connected to the Copper. So, in that process,
you need again to go back, because now you
have become the creator. You need energy on the level of
the Amino Acid of the division. Which comes, in a way, as B12 and the same as a child,
you’re producing new cells more rapid. You need the same, double dosage
or even three times more of Folic acid. But, the difference comes with this,
that this time you take three times
the level of the CO2, and five times the level
of Zinc Oxide Plasma water, which is the,
what we call, ‘liquid plasma’. Because, you have
to change the connection and, you have to speed up the
elevation of both the Soul, the physical Soul of
the physical part, and the connection
between the Emotion part of the Physicality
and the Soul of the Man. So, if you take in so many days,
in so many way three times a day CO2, like 30 or 50,
because a young, what do you call it, heavier mass at a old
age, even to a 100 ml. CO2 in the morning. 100 CO2 lunchtime,
100 ml. of CO2 at night, and then do the same. You need 200 ml.
of Zinc Oxide in the morning. 200 ml. of Zinc Oxide, lunch time, and you
need anything around about 3-500 ml of literally,
Zinc Oxide at night, because your dealing with a
higher mass, it’s not a child anymore. So, in a way,
you need to consume, something like 11/2 liter of the
two GANSes during the day. and you’ll find out, you’ll walk away
from all conditions, gradually. Of what you call, the disabilities of the brain,
which might and has manifest itself, in Physicality dimension of
the disabilities which are used to. What is recommended,
which has been very easy to do. Is to put the liquid GANS of the Plasma
Zinc Oxide and CO2, and wash you hair. Just before
you go to sleep, just wet the head, the hair with it,
you create the condition. Because now, in the sleep time, when the
Physicality has no, not much function that the low level,
it allows the Soul of the Man, in the dimension of itself without
the need of the Physicality, to operate much deeper and faster So, what you need to do take the double
Zinc recommended by the scientists of Zinc, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium,
even Magnesium three times It’ll be okay for a short time like,
10 to 12 days, or maybe up to 30 days. Because you… the body will take what it
needs and where is short it reflects it, because, your muscle tissues
have to start understanding, connecting the Soul part of the physical part, to its
physical part which is a Copper too. That’s why you need more Magnesium,
you know, just connect the physical part of
the brain with a Emotion, you connect the
Emotion of the Physicality with the physical part of
the physical body, but the Man to. So, those of you who suffer from
Alzheimers You don’t need to take so much on the…
what you call the CO2 and Zinc Oxide …as a GANS you can
reduce it to the double on both, but in so many ways,
understand that we measure the base measure is literally
30 ml per… part, or in a way,
morning, afternoon and dinner. You don’t take any medicine, you just
change the condition of your body. Those of you who suffer from what,
you’ve gone through the physical part of the change of the..
like MS and ALS, it’ll be good if you take equal measure
of CO2 and Zinc Oxide and just wet your body 2- 3 times a day
at the point of disability, where it means, the level of the Emotion
of the physical part of the body of the Man
is supported too. So, as you understood and
we taught all the time, you have to understand, with
this technology we work with the Fields. So when you put the the mixture of Zinc
and CO2 on your skin, we just wet the skin,
you create the condition that what you have put in,
now they start communicating. And it fulfills all the needs of all the cells
within the structure of the Physicality. You have to understand what you are doing
and not just blind follow it. The CO2 and Zinc Oxide which you just
wet your hand, equal measure, mix them together
equal measure, and rub it on the skin it creates the, what we call,
if you look at it, the rate. What you drank as a water
which is much stronger. That’s why we do up to 5 times more
it comes from the inside. So in a way,
what goes through this structure, and what you put outside the structure,
in trying to balance the Field between them feed the Soul and the
Physicality of the cells of the part, of the physical part
of the body of the Man. And you’ll find out
now you support both, physical Emotion,
the brain, the structure, and what is absorbed in the brain
of the Man by wetting your hair, and allowing the transfer
of energy through. What is needed in one way is the same,
the Soul feeds more the CO2, Zinc Oxide on the cover of the body of the Man
on the head, and in that process repairs,
stronger going to the weaker, feeds the damaged cell part of the brain.
And you’ll find out, people with this diseases what you call,
this deformation of the energy, in the transformer of the brain of the Man
will walk in no time. As you build the brain cells
and they come into operation you see the change
in Physicality. So, in so Many ways,
we should see no one with MS or ALS, or even those
with a brain damage. If you have been in a car accident
with a brain damage, you can do it if you understand it correctly,
and restructure the brain of the Man. This is what we are doing
now with Naomi. And we see her walking out of where
when she actually had the accident after a month
it was so bad that the doctors put her in the section
in a hospital in Italy, where they just
go to mortuary after. I explained this to Giovanni, I said,
“You have saved the life of your daughter by just using, following the instructions
how to use the GANSes”. When they send people to that section
Giovanni said, “Now I understand
why there’re only two people ever came without the body bag from that section.” I said, “This is the section where
they send, the final stage for the delivery of the Soul of the Man
where the physicality is finished” He shook, Giovanni, that he understood
how with doing what he did he has changed the direction of the
Physicality of the life of his daughter, and now she is back at home. She starts walking,
she’ll do more, she’s at the moment
reacting with her arms. We’ll release, she’ll join us very soon
and she’ll tell us what she’s felt. This is all done with the full understanding
of the structure of the Physicality we are building the brain cells
slowly, slowly to the condition of maturity. This is exactly
what happens to the womb, inside the womb of the mother
with the brain of the child. But this time we have taken over
the condition as she cannot feed herself. It’s the same with all of you, or those
of you who suffer from these brain damages. Even with the stroke. You can follow the same. And then you will see
the Physicality changes as now you build this essence,
the Soul of the Physicality, with the understanding of this position
with the Soul of the brain, and with the Soul of the, Soul of the Man. And that is what is
got to be understood. Those of you who suffer from MS and ALS,
try it, it’s just drinking a water. And when you walk out of it,
remember one thing, We’ve given the Physicality a freedom,
that you understand the position of the Soul. We’ve seen Many people
who come to the point of death, especially reversed from Cancer,
they become Philanthropist, they start giving,
because they’ve been there, they had to assess what they’ve done,
and what they achieved. And what is,
was missing in their process, and when they are given a second chance,
they devote their life to serving Humanity. The teaching now as we see,
merges the two sides. The Soul, as we understand
more about it’s operation, with the physicality part of the Man,
which brings now, you understood, as I said just before,
from Physicality to create a Soul, now you use the Soul
to repair the Physicality. And once the Man understand this,
then Man decides how he Manifest himself in every dimension of the Universe. Maybe the disease of the Man,
in the past, has been the reason for the Man
to find his Soul through the teaching of the present,
that you understands, has no fear to go into Space. That now he understands
he can create any part of the brain he likes, to Manifest itself
in different shape and form. Those of you who come out of this position,
take MRI from your brain, and let the doctors of the present time
to be baffled by what is happened. But explain to them,
how and why and the reason for. And how you did it, and you’ll find out,
the doctors of the pharmaceutical industry, they become the doctors
of the Soul of the Man. As we’ve seen with Dr Rodrigo, and Many others. Those of you who look
in salvation in Physicality, will fail miserably,
because you understand you have not reached to the master,
and that is the problem. I give you this gift Mr Laureyssens,
you still suffer because you didn’t follow
my instructions correctly. With your harm
which I gave you back to you. Use the GANSes
which you never made, and then you will see
your hand will not have the what I call disabilities,
this is a gift from me to your Soul, and I hope you accept it, because I know
how much you love to write rubbish. I give you the power to write more. Those of you who understand this process,
will find a lot of pleasure, because you will change your life, because
you’ll change the life of the others, and then by teaching it
you are the example. As I said, blessed name Christ,
understood the change in Physicality and the Soul,
and he used it. Now those of you
who walk off the wheelchair, you’ll come and understand one thing,
that the understanding of the Man today has reached the prophesy of the past,
and it’s in the writing of Bahá’u’lláh bless his name. Now you understand the teaching. We came to teach the reversal,
that you can Manifest yourself anywhere in the Universe
according to your wish. Where the teaching of the past
was how to find your Soul that you can elevate it. Now we understand both ways,
one took thousands of years, and one took a few years. So, for those of you who suffer,
or have friends or family who does, just get yourself, in the what I call,
the ‘hardware part’ of the supermarket, walk into the section
where they do with cleaning, and you buy yourself a caustic,
to open the toilets. This way at least you clean the toilet
of the life of the Soul of the Man, that it comes
with a clean Physicality. Mix a caustic with a Copper and Zinc,
the way it’s been taught, make yourself GANSes, and then
you find the liquid of life within it. And then you enhance
and elevate the Soul of the Man, through the consumption
of the GANSes, which is in level
and the balance with the Soul. And then you find out,
now you have learned how to change, the Physicality into the Soul,
and then from the Soul back into Physicality. And see every
disabilities to walk away. In the future teachings, I’ll teach you
how to make limbs and arms and heart cells,
that you don’t need the operation. In the medical teaching we have already
taught but many people dare to do it, because they have not gained
that much trust in themselves. If you understand, those of you with a amputation
will have the full arm or leg back, those of you who have a heart condition
that they need to give you a new heart, you’ll be taught how to
produce heart cells and tissues without the operation,
that you walk out and doctors don’t see. I’ve done this many times
and it works so perfectly, but it’s you who have to decide
in which dimension you want to exist. We take the knowledge to the soul
that the physicality will learn from it. In a way we say, “We talk to the door
that the wall can hear.” Any questions? And Azar
is gonne be first? (RC) I’m gonna be first. There is a Anoosh
that asks in the Q&A asking if, “Mr Keshe can share his
Plasmatic perspective on cleansing reactions that may occur
as GANS water or plasma devices purifies and detoxify the body of toxins
that are causing disease in the body?” So, some people may have a reaction
to these toxins coming out, and is there a
Plasmatic perspective on that? (MK) Explain. (RC) Well I think..
(MK) Is he there? Promote him,
let him… See what he says? (RC) Lets see, I’ll try to promote
and see if they can speak. Okay, I’ll unmute you,
Anoosh, can you speak there? Oops they muted
back again so, maybe not. If you wanna type in the chat
then… Okay! He’s typing in the chat. Can you clarify anything about that?
Or maybe I can in terms of… Well people that, that try some of these,
the GANS water or maybe a plasma device, find… they usually have a positive
response and feel good and so on, but some people may, maybe they
pushed it too hard and, or maybe it’s just part of their
Detoxification that they, when the toxins come out it causes dis-ease
not disease but uneasiness let’s say in the body, you might not feel good
while these toxins are coming out. You feel better
after they come out. (MK) Okay! Let’s talk a different way,
maybe the toxin you call it, sits in the interaction of the
Fields of the Soul, and the physicality? Where you still need to be ill,
feel ill in the physical dimension that you receive what you need
from the environment of the others, to feed your Soul. This is what you’ve done all the time,
knowingly or unknowingly. So, the conflict or what you call,
‘detoxification’ of the energy or the Soul, comes from the Truth, in fact, that
now you have to supply yourself with what you’ve been taking from the others
by what I call, ‘attention seeking’
through being sick or attention or getting from the Soul
of the people and their Emotion. In so many ways, it’s the detoxification
of the man’s himself Emotion,
which creates this. Which means he does not want to let go
because he doesn’t know when he’s gonna get, what he was
getting free from the others by attention. When you walk on the street
and you are limping, or when you walk on the street
and you are on a wheelchair even people passing you subconsciously say
“Oh my God, he’s on the wheel chair.” You take, you become a beggar, you become
a king on the chair of the wheelchair, because when you get my attention
it means you’ve taken something from me, but now you have to start living
with not being able to take, because now you can affect your
own physical dimension without taking. And this is, this takes a lot
and this what is the job of the Soul. I’ve seen this many time, and as you
go through the process of detoxification, or what we call the taking of
the GANS of CO2 that you elevate and feed whatever
is short everywhere. A lot of people come to the point,
they put this down the material, they don’t want to use it,
because with it. we’re using it, They have to stop what I call
‘Soul sucking’ from the others. And this is not what they want,
because then they have no dimension. Then they have no existence, because
they took it consciously or unconsciously. We had a case, many of you’ve seen
the video, on the Internet years ago. The gentleman was brought to us with
Parkinson, and Dementia. The daughter being a woman of medicine,
I think she must be listening, she listens to all the teachings,
most of the time. I created those days what it was with the cups
and the surrounding and everything. And, we went walking
with this guy for the first time on the street outside the house of the girl
or the woman I should say. And, as we were walking, it’s recorded,
you hear the daughter says “It’s the first time he’s walking in 15 years,
he hasn’t walked.” And he start talking and doing things. This all came because. In the process of creating the, all the materials which now you use
as I explained earlier on, for the development
of the brain. Or replacement of the cells
which have been destroyed. And, few weeks before that
he was still in a wheel chair, even couple of weeks before that
he was in a wheel chair, he would not walk
and he was paralyzed. The wife has to push him and the daughter
put him in the car and the rest of it. One day the wife leaving him
on a chair, as where he’s been sitting
for past 15 years or whatever. She says, she’s
“going to go to the neighbors,” but she goes, usually through the front door
to the front door of the neighbor, but this time she decides to,
whatever reason, to go through the back door, and as she is passing the back window,
she sees the gentleman getting up and helping himself
with what he wanted in the room. And she knocks on the on the window
and says, “What are you doing?” “I leave you in the room
as a paralyzed, and when I leave the room
I’m not there, you walk.” And, she calls the daughter,
and the daughter calls me and says, “Do you know
what is happened?” I said “Of course he’s become a
sucker he just want to take attention.” And that was it, from that point on we refused
accepting the guy, that he cannot walk. And we saw this
couple of times with him, and then, as now he learned
he can feed himself. We saw him riding a bicycle in Holland
2-3 kilometers at a time. What I explained to the daughter,
and to the wife was the same. “He was used to abuse of the Soul,
and now he’s learned to do it himself.” This is the beauty with the technology. When you give a gift of life,
let them appreciate it that they done it themselves,
not you. Because otherwise you
become another prophet. These people who we see
with these kind of behaviors. I call, ‘detoxification
of the Soul of the Man’. They don’t feel good because
not feeling good means, “Now I have,
I know to do it myself.” “I don’t need to become
a Soul sucker.” And this is the habit of the Man,
we need to extend. Everything that always
in the back of our mind, is the elevation of the Soul, in the
dimension of both Physicality and the brain or what we call the ‘Emotion’,
and then the Soul of the Man. Maybe now you understand
where your toxicity come from, it’s you who would like to carry on
with the habits of the past. And somewhere in-between,
the Emotion needs filtering. In so many way,
you do the work of the, what I call
‘kidney cleaning of the Physicality’, what is not needed, You to have to do the cleaning up
in the Soul of the Man, in the transformer
of the brain of the Man. And that’s very hard, because by habit as men,
we are used to abuse, because we want to take. And when we are given freely
we have to object to it because as we say,
it’s a, what we call, ‘The Persian Girls on the table’,
of dinner table; They push you away
with a hand, I don’t want you, with the legs,
they pull you forward, “Darling.” So, this how the Man plays
with his own Physicality and his Soul. (RC) Mr Keshe, Demetri asks,
“How can we deal with Bipolar?” (MK) Doesn’t exists
(RC) And, is it only Zinc? It doesn’t exist..
(MK) Does not exist. Bipolar in so many ways …
it breaks into two ways; Emotional split,
which means, we cannot handle, we prefer
to compartmentalize each section, or is the other side,
the way we see it, as what we call,
‘The beautiful people’. They are hidden themselves
in the long term, and appear in a older age,
in a further distance in the age gap. And then we call it,
you call it, ‘Schizophrenic”. Bipolar-ness is the physical dimension
of the Man, at a certain point, who likes to split,
that he can handle, “I can do.” If you look at it this way,
women are multi-tasking and men are single task,
most of us. And for us to be able
to handle everything, we have to create
his own compartment. And then, when we do it, they say,
“the guy is Bipolar” or whatever. It’s just that, we do not create
the right balance of energy in the Soul level,
and then in Physical level we have to split it. So something like;
80% Zinc Oxide, 20% CO2 for a long term,
day, morning and night, for 3 to 6 months, should show where you elevate
the Emotion, that in a way you become multitasking
in the level of the Soul. But if some of the, I’ve seen
a lot of, what they call ‘Bipolar’, are actually, what you call,
‘Beautiful people’, but they have managed
to hide themselves. I’ve seen it even in the age
of 50, 60 coming up. Many, many, many people
who are multitasking, especially women, we see the level
of what you call, ‘Schizophrenic’, or what we call,
‘the level of different Souls’, in the… oh in the age,
around about 40 or 50, because it becomes
too cumbersome to handle the three, so they start showing themselves. And then you see the interest of each,
the operation of each. And we see this,
mainly in women. Because women are multitasking ,
we can, they can hide what you call
‘Schizophrenic’ very well, because they can handle it,
when they become aware of it. And sometimes they can do it, till the point that
it’s becoming too, too much, you know their children,
their grandchildren and the rest of it. And each one was responsible
for wanting and then he says, “Oh she’s becoming forgetful”
but “She’s doing the other” but in fact, now, the…
each one is trying to cover it’s own …
What do you call it? ‘Dimension’. You see this a lot. And then if you look at it, it shows
in different dimension of Physicality. (RC) Ah Mr Keshe there is a continuation
of the previous … question and …they are asking about,
“Toxicity caused by vaccination” specifically, and how
that can be dealt with? (GL) [voice speaking Italian] (MK) Ah we have Giovanni,
Hello Giovanni! Bongiorno! [Giovanni chuckles and
continues in Italian] (MK) You got, you’ve got to switch off
your microphone Giovanni. Um… (GL) Hi Mr Keshe
good morning! [chuckles] (MK) Good morning
(GL) Sorry… I need to (MK) Where’s my coffee?
(GL) [laughs heartily], It’s ready! (MK) Topoli has heard you,
he knows you are there. Yeah it’s Giovanni,
you know him (GL) [laughs]
(MK) How are you? (GL) How are you Mr Keshe?
[Topoli barks in background] (MK) Caroline can
you pick him up please? Um…
(GL) Hi (MK) Hi Giovanni… Topoli has got excited
hearing your voice (GL) [Laughs] Thank you.
(MK) Thank you very much. (GL) Thank you to you Sir.
(MK) What is the question? Can I answer this question,
Giovanni, which Rick has asked? Or do you want to ask a question? (MK) Hello?
(SC) He muted. (RC) Apparently … he muted or something.
Oh he’s open again. Hi Giovanni.
(GL) Hi, hi Mr Keshe (MK) Hi, hi Giovanni
How is our little girl doing? (GL) Hi, is very good Mr Keshe,
because I show for the first time, the first magnetical resonance
and the last one, to the physiotherapist and they say that was impossible
what is happened to my daughter … and … they changed all the exercise,
because the brain it’s completely changed. And.. so what they started to do
with their program … was obsolete. And so, [laughs]
they now, has start to see, your teachings Mr Keshe,
the light [laughs] because it’s not possible,
what I’ve done until now, it’s wrong! And so [laughs] they are start
to study, and listen this Technology. I am very happy with this [laughs]
[Topoli barks] (MK) Is that the same physiotherapy
for the Olympic team? (GL) No, this is a new one.
(MK) Uh-huh, okay (GL) Uh-huh is new one. Because the…
Naomi now, sure can do more. But the problem is that,
for all these months, was live in a… department
that was only for dead people. And so they don’t want,
that time, don’t want to lose time, with a person that
they know sure die. And for this, they create a lot of problem
of articulation, joke, foot and so on. And now I work for … set up again
all the structure but sure I… (MK) What is the difference,
what is the change now? (GL) Ah Mr Keshe big change,
because its start to open the joke, if I ask her to open… (MK) You mean the jaw, the mouth?
(GL) The jaw, the mouth, yes. Ah… She can stand up alone and … only I keep her in balance
but she can stand up on its feet, ah is on its foot and so…
and now, everyday is improving. (MK) Can she walk on her own yet? (GL) No not yet, because the problem
is not a brain problem, it’s a problem of the foot, that there is,
was not … make too much physiotherapy that time, so there is a block
to the articulation of the foot. (MK) So we can see her
walking properly soon. (GL) Yes, yes oh yes. I think
one month or two, no more… (MK) I hear she can, she understands
when you talk to her now. (GL) Yeah, yeah sure. She understands
all the answer but with the movement answer. When for example
(MK) With the eyes… (GL) No with ah …
(MK) I hear, I hear she can show her thumb when she is happy now. (GL) Ah yeah, yeah sometimes smile.
[laughs] It is evident that she smile (GL) [Laughs]
(Mk) (Laughs] (MK) It’s beautiful.
It’s nice to see you happy again (GL) Ah yes sure Mr Keshe [Laughs]
Was a, … I say thank you again to you, because all the instruction
that you give to me was really very important for change
all this situation because I have a … feel on my skin … the change that
was possible to do with this technology. It’s… It really was… it was…
It’s born a new… a new brain. Literally a new brain. (MK) You can see in MRI. (GL) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah….
With the… the magnetic resonance show that there is only some scarf,
little scarf, no big scarf and… they… the activity of
the brain… It’s a…. The activity of the brain, it’s…
normal, completely normal. Like a person that is
in good health. (MK) So it just got to fix
the physical part, blockages, and then that’ll be it. (GL) Yeah, yeah… yes, yes.
The situation is this. (MK) Let me… Giovanni Next month,
it’s exactly one year. (GL) Yeah. (MK) Can you get it talk by the next…
next month? (GL) Oh, I hope, Mr Keshe. (MK) Did you get the headphone? (GL) Yeah, yes, I hope that…
between one month, she talks… but… (MK) Yeah, but did you make
the headphone, which I told you to make? (GL) Ah, no, Mr Keshe. Oh… I…
(MK) Oh Mr Giovanni… (GL) Oh, Mr Keshe, but…
I… start to set up all the… the GANs for all.
And… for my daughter, too. (MK) Yeah, I hope so. You’re… You’re the pot maker who drinks
out of broken glass bottle. (GL) Yes, I have all the material.
But… I start to set up in… In these days I start to produce GANS.
(MK) Where, in the factory? (GL) Both! With the house,
factory, everywhere. Maybe in the garden too,
Mr Keshe. (MK) Ah, that’s good news. For those of you who don’t know,
Giovanni runs and heads the Keshe Foundation in Italy
and the factory, which is moved down to
the South because of him. And he’s got a lot on his hand. Thank you very much for everything,
Giovanni. (GL) No, thank you to you, Mr Keshe,
I don’t have words to say, thank you to you, and Caroline,
believe me. Thank you. (MK) We’ll see. Let us see if
we can get her talking by next month. (GL) Ah, yes, I hope. I hope. (MK) I hope so. At least
you are on the right track. Thank you very much.
Thank you indeed. (GL) Thank you, everybody. Thank you, bye bye.
(MK) Bye bye. Rick, would you like to
go back to the question? (RC) Okay. The question was:
“What about the toxicity caused by vaccinations?
What can be done about that?” (MK) The toxicity now we have,
I explained this before, comes mainly through
Mercury in the brain. The addition of the Mercury
in the brain has caused the problem. This needs a knowledgeable doctor
to be able to do it, to reverse it. It is by extraction of the Mercury
from the brain cells. Brain… Mercury is very dangerous
to work with, to be near of, or near to. It needs development,
… somebody’s microphone is open. It needs development,
in a way, to what… like Dr Rodrigo, and our…
doctors in South America did. In a way, because the Mercury
is in such a … minute amount, but very effective in the brain,
is to extract it from the brain cells. Dr Rodrigo and the other doctors
know how to do it. But you have to understand that you
don’t introduce a new material into it. But at the same time, you…
it does not matter how much energy or brain cells you produce in…
due to the level of Mercury in the brain. Removal of Mercury is paramount. Because, with these injections, we actually inject directly
Mercury into the blood cell. And we touch the Emotion
of the Physicality and the brain. There is a procedure. It takes very
little time, but it needs an expert hand. And I see this with Dr Rodrigo
in Washington, to be able to do it, and the doctors
in South America, who understood, how to
remove Iron from the tissue and how to remove, what do you call,
Calcium from the breast. It’s of the same order, but
it has to be understood fully. You don’t need to
touch the Mercury, but you can work with
the materials near to it. The same process, that, in the spectrum,
part of it will touch the Mercury and you deplete it.
Then you see the change. But at the same time you have to
go through the same process of developing the new brain cells
which should have been damage. As I said before, keep away from,
and try to do the single injection. We’ve seen new forces coming to,
especially in Northern Europe, that, they are even trying to
take the parents to prison if they don’t go with
the three injections. But… what’ll be interesting, as I said,
ask the ministers, their grandchildren and their family,
to be injected all, and tell them,
“We watch for three years,” “If nothing happens to them,
then my child have.” The ministers themselves are avoiding
their own children to be injected. Them, people at the highest level. Why should it be for the others? This is the complication we have to handle,
and at the same time, there is a way,
I see it can be done. is that, we take the injections
from the doctors who are giving, and do not touch it,
do not open it, put it through a GANS water, which allows
the Mercury to be extracted from it. And then,
give it to the child. Take it, there is a process it can
be done, where we have no objection, but as I said, I keep on suggesting
different ways to do it. Because it depends on
how it suits the parents. The injections, the three, the MMR
let them seal it, let them sign the cap,
that you don’t touch it. Take it home, put it through the process
of the extraction of the Mercury from it, and then, get back to
the doctors to give the injection. The problem is not the injection,
it’s the level of Mercury in it. The combination of
the materials. You can do it,
it can be done. And… I don’t see how and why
it’s getting pushed so heavily, except that the pharmaceuticals
have got to return the money they’ve invested,
to inject, how to kill. As I said, a few weeks ago,
we received a message. “The World population
cannot be more than five hundred, ” “we have to control it.
Five hundred million is the maximum.” I said, “Okay, if you want to control it, let
it be your life.” “You put your life first. Get rid of your life first,
then we other five…” “One billion will
be perfectly all right,” “because you are not there
to control the five hundred.” He says, “No, we have to be
here to control.” “So it means, why don’t you kill
yourself first, then do with the others.” Anybody who says from, they are from
the organizations who want to control, publish and say,
“Okay, everything has to be by example.” “You kill your own children,
your own family,” “your own daughter, and then yourself,
and then, we’ll follow you.” This is why,
it should be handled. This is what I said to Illuminati’s
very recently. “If you are so much, that you
want to control five hundred, and you have to get rid of the rest,
put your own daughters, your family, your children, your grandchildren,
and your immediate family and friends as part of the five hundred, and then,
we’ll talk about the other seven point, six point five billion
you want to get rid of.” He says, “No,
but we are the controllers.” I said,
“No, you are freaks.” “You’re a bunch of criminals, sitting
in organization of the Government.” So, anybody…
You see, the same position, as I said, in the Iranian Government,
now the President, Iranian Government re-elected, works on a
very, very clear understanding, mandate. Where, they say that, what we call,
the ‘power of the military’ says, “Those who served,
and gave their families for going to the war and fighting
against Iraq, have a say. Those who haven’t, they haven’t
defended their country, they have no say.” So, anybody says to you that
the population has to be five hundred million because
there’s not enough food, we say, “Okay, we start with your family.
Can you bring them all in?” And we’ll give you whatever,
whichever shape of form you want to get rid of Humanity, do it with yourself,
with your family, and then we follow.” “When you are done your brothers,
your sisters, your uncle, your children, your grandchildren, and the rest, then
we stand next to them, the next one.” And let them see if they can
stand the loss of their own blood. And then we…
we found the answer. Till it doesn’t hit home,
they don’t understand. If you are there to control
the population five hundred million, you want to get rid of 6.5, which
is one out of every, what do you call it, you leave, divided by,
let’s say, twelve, first of all, put to your, twelve of
your dearest in the front line, you’ll be number twelve. I become number twelve if you can
kill your own sister, your own daughter, your own mother, your own blood,
by execution, by injection, whatever method you’re choosing
for the rest of Humanity, I’m prepared to be a bag,
or you bury them, every single one you kill you bury,
and then we go to the next one. And then we see if you cover
this procedure of, ‘has to be control’. We hear this a lot, coming from Bill Gates
size people, that they have to control. Please put your own family
on the first twelve line, for every twelve you kill,
we give one person from the other Man, member of family,
and see how it works. This is a very fundamental point,
and it is just the excess of power. If it’s good to kill 6.5 billion,
has to be part of it, yours too. And then if you can bury them,
by the way you choose the method, we give it total freedom,
hanging, shooting, whatever to do, which you decide to do
with the rest of Humanity, do with your family first,
then I’ll be number twelve, I stand myself at number twelve,
see if you can bury them. The mental disorder,
and the grief in you, will not talk. You know exactly what I mean,
as I said before, in the interviews, “the Senate oppose the Iranian Peace talk
5 plus 1, that they could not veto it.” I said to them in a meeting,
in a presentation with Mike Harris, “You show me a single member of Senate
who can oppose 10 million, 5 million, jobs,
in such a depression United State.” The following Monday
head of the opposition group in Senate, resigned and is finished,
we got the signature. Now we do the same,
anyone who tells you, “We have to control the Humanity
to 500 million”, say please, “that is reducing 12 people in every group,
so, the first 12 is your family.” “And we leave it, to do it, because we don’t
want to get our hand dirty with any of it.” “You line up your family,
your children, your wife, or your mother, and then when you done the
eleven execution, I’ll become number 12.” “But, you have to bury one at the time.” You’ll find out, it’s buried,
talk is cheap, because it pays for the pharmaceuticals
to do what they wanted. Mercury, we have to,
we go back to our medical teachers, we’re to go back to the doctors. We can show it in the Keshe Foundation
research group in water decontamination. As you know we have developed a technology
which is now proven scientifically. Data will be coming from
the Governmental laboratories, that, as you know there is
a big problem with the farmers, with the Nitrogen which they release,
and Nitrogen contamination is very big. We have shown that we can reduce in the
first step about, between 59 and 63% within few minutes
with the new development we have done, and we’re going to the second phase of it
to increase it to about 95%. So, a lot of money which was getting
spent in the … for the farmers for Nitrogen contamination and the rest of it,
now we have found the solution for it, and actually becomes a very good fertilizer
the way it’s coming up, it shows. I received a report yesterday
from Italian laboratories. So it is for us, maybe,
maybe we take it back into Ghana, and we work within
the Atomic Energy Commission, and we find very rapidly the,
once we build up the center, the decontamination of the Mercury
from the three injections. This is the only way we can do it,
but meanwhile, it’s become part of the structure
of the brain, and it’s in Atomic molecular. In a way it’s very easy to decontaminate it
but it’s very hard to remove it, because if it’s in one position
we can extract it. Dr Rodrigos and the others have done it
with the metals and Calcium. But Mercury is very tricky game. So it has to be done before, or
don’t put in it at all, from the beginning, but why they put Mercury to
link up the three injections together, is it’s beyond my understanding,
I haven’t understood yet. Maybe we don’t have a criminal mind,
that’s why we don’t see it. (RC) Can I ask a question
from Trevor in the Livestream? (MK) Yeah? (RC) He says, “As far as the Emotions go,
what roll does sexuality play?” “How come some people are gay,
and others straight?” (MK) Caroline is laughing. I’m gonna answer this very carefully. Because, pleasures of life,
touches the Soul of the Man. And what we see
in the dimension of Physicality, is what our Soul have decided to have. I’ve never seen anything wrong
with which way the Humanity decides to express itself in respect to
his Emotion, in respect to his sexuality. It’s the way our Soul decides,
and our physical body follows. But, in so many ways,
our Soul not all the time sees the needs of the Physicality
in the environment of existence, or, in the process of
the development of the physical part, the Physicality takes
different shape than the Emotion. And this is where the conflict comes,
so in fact there is nothing wrong because it’s us who decides from the beginning
to be a male or a female outlook. The way we decide to walk or be paralyzed
a way in the future in Space we decide to manifest ourselves
in different shape or forms. Maybe when we are on Earth,
we like the Physicality of the women, to be in the body of the man,
but behavior of the woman, and then in another Planet
we become the Vice Versa. Because it’s feeds what we need,
in our level of Emotion. You find very strange things.
If you look at the true what I call, you call it, ‘homosexuals’. But strange thing is,
they, they understand the female, or the female understand the male,
and they behave the same way. You see, we say men are single-task
and women are multi-task. Those people are truly
what I call take pleasure in the body of a woman,
or Emotion of the woman, but in the body of the man, they are
multi-tasker’s, exactly like women are. There is nothing wrong in how we express
our Emotion in dimension of Physicality, it’s what the Soul is at Peace counts,
not what other presume. There is nothing wrong being
whatever you call it, ‘homosexual’,
‘lesbian’ or ‘straight’, or a straight and a gay,
and whatever you want to do it. As long as the Soul of the being
is at Peace with itself, and he can give
more than he receives. This is the, the what we see,
is the Physicality have taken a a form of what the Emotion did
not want to be, in the level of the Soul. So, we see Emotion different,
but the Physicality manifestation. It’s something gone, slightly need adjusting, in the level of the ‘transformer’,
what I call, the brain of the Man. Either behavior or preferences does not
change the Emotion, the level of Emotion. Understanding of the Emotion,
and life in a physical dimension. It’s very much as we said with
what I call, ‘beautiful people’. But in this essence, it’s the same thing,
but it’s inside one body. One want’s to be a physically different,
where the Emotion, or the Soul, it’s received the Emotion,
received from the Soul, manifest itself
in a different level strength, and we see their complex behavior. It’s natural, it’s normal,
not everybody is A and B, we have a A, A and a half,
and then B. And there is nothing wrong to be there. There is nothing wrong with what you call
‘homosexuality’. Either way, if the Soul is pleased,
but if it’s used in a different way, as we see for promotion of several target,
because we get more out of it nowadays, then, that is not the way it should be. We’ve seen a lot with the musical world,
we see huge number of people pretend or become
of the behavior, or for one other, because they have huge supporters,
and they become very famous very quickly. We see that in the music industry,
heavily now. The, the promotion of the sexuality,
or one way or another, has become a racing team on the media,
and nobody is aware of it, but if you look at it really,
you see the most famous actresses, it all went way-wards famous actress, are known
to the community to be, and they elevate them, because then
they are… they have a connection somebody is there
which is like us, so we elevate them. Or like to behave like this,
we’ve seen it, that with Freddy Mercury. We saw that with couple
of famous actors and actresses. And we’ve seen that even in the
White House very recently. Promotion of lesbianity,
in the White House was very prominent. But it was well kept behind. And then we saw misconduct, as they said,
“a misconduct by the President”, where in fact there was no misconduct,
because the President was alone on his own. The disclosure was very hard
for the White House to disclose. As a lot of you are aware the White House
has a what they call, “the lesbian suite”. It was created because of
the disability of the one of the presidents
in the past time. And as the President was disabled
in the wheelchair, the wife showed preferences
to be loyal to the President, and they built a separate section
in the White House. It’s known as “the lesbian suite”
for the wife of the President will have physical pleasures, and that
apartment was used in the past 20 years. It was those who are close to the
White House. They know who and what. The good thing is
if you are open about it and don’t hide it
behind the other allegations. This was one
of the biggest secrets in the … not the last
Presidential household, but the one before it,
and the one before, and before it. As they say,
“the presidential lesbian suite” “has been used frequently
in the past 20 years.” This is, being open about it
is one of the problems of the society. Because it’s us who cannot accept it,
but within them it’s fair acceptable. And in a way
it feeds the soul to be happy in the condition
which the physicality has found itself. Read. Go back and read inside, how these
things are handled at the highest level. Outside we shake hand we say,
“Hello, we are husband and wife.” but inside their behavior is different,
we’ve seen that with the King of Belgium. This has to be opened up. Is, he has the position of being a King,
but at the same time he’s.. he has a preference
for a male and a female, and we’ve seen a number of children
being, coming out of the marriage. Read the book. It’s on the Internet,
I don’t accuse or make accusation. Four children are made
by insemination because he likes to have the pleasures
of having his own children, but he does not like the Physicality
of interaction with a women. So he’s the King,
also he’s a Queen. We see that with the Middle Eastern
president, what you call it, King. He’s chosen to live a celibates life, but he
lives a homosexual life in the background. But he keeps his Nation.. in front of a
lot of things, and he’s serving his Nation. Just look into it
you’ll see it. It’s us who has made this a taboo,
and if we take this taboo away, like the way we speak
with the ‘schizophrenic’, you call it, and I call them ‘beautiful people’,
now we know what it is. It’s a, it’s a pleasure to have,
that we understand the Totality of the transformation of the Man
in the physical dimension. Hiding it causes a problem, because
you have to do a lot of things to hide it. Being open about it
is nothing wrong with it. I learned something beautiful
from Elton John. Years ago when he was very young,
and we know he’s, of the homosexual part. He… it was very hard for him
30 years ago, 40 years ago, to let it be known
in public. And when a question put to him,
in so many…. by Michael Parkinson on the live television,
he answered it very direct. And he, he put the school of thought
on the listener and not on himself. That, ” Okay I am,
I am of the preference of being having a love affair
with another man, but I want to be
in the physical Emotion of a woman, and it’s acceptable to me and my Soul.
And that’s all it matters”. And that put British public
into a lot of thinking. How could this man be so … and it start, brought a,
brought a lot of thinking in the society, in British community about 30 years ago,
when he opened the door. It’s not making it a taboo,
but accepting it and understanding it, takes a lot of pressure and lot of pressure
out of the families of these people. It’s become known,
but we have to understand is the physical dimension which taken
different direction than the Emotional which is within
brain of the Man. Can you give them more
GANS to become? Maybe then, you will find out they transform
to a physical body of a woman. Then they…
that is possible. It has been done before,
and it can be done. But is has for them to understand
how to change the physicality in the level of
the Emotion. Or they prefer it this way because,
they receive what they need as a energy to support the strength of the Soul
at that level of existence. These things should not be tabooed. (RC) Hello, Mr Keshe?
I think we might have … temporarily lost Mr Keshe here. (SC) I see that he dropped from
the list of panelists here. (RC) Okay, so bear with us
for a minute while we transition back. (SC) He’s back.
(MK) Can you hear me? Yeah sorry my laptop
ran out of battery. Can you hear me?
(SC) Yes. (MK) Okay. So, this is the problem
which is with us as a Humanity. And it’s for us to understand it,
and that is, there is existence between
the Emotional and physical. Sometime we find a man
which are very, very macho, and we find a woman
which are very, very feminine. So, the more you are the more Physicality
and Emotion are in line. And this is the…
this is the level of understanding. We,
we have to understand. It’s not that there is something
with the world of creation. Creation shows
another beauty of itself. Be it a woman in the body of a woman,
emotion of a woman, a man or one of the two. Now we understand the operation in totality
is us who have to accept the reality, that it was us, who didn’t
understand the Totality. I don’t support gays.
I don’t support lesbians. I don’t support single sex
or double sex or whatever. It’s we understand the essence
of the creation and the reason for it. Then it’s for one
according to his own upbringing, according to his own phobias or whatever
to accept which are we. I wonder where we’ll make
the tablet for the Soul, instead of giving a tablet
for a headache? Which we actually do it
with the zinc water. That’s your tablet One of the best ways
to support the elevation of the Soul in the dimension
of Physicality of the brain is to use
Potassium GANS with Zinc Oxide. The, the development will be very rapid.
People like with MS and ALS, this is what they need
more than anything else. Where you mix
on a rates of like 50 – 60 % Zinc Oxide 20 % (Thank you very much.) Potassium. and 20 % CO2 and you will see a fantastic result,
very rapidly People of the Alzheimer
will walk away, People with the … MS and ALS
will just walk off, within months. Don’t forget we just heard Giovanni,
we fixed the brain, but now we
have to fix the Physicality. And Physicality’s been in
a wheelchair for 10 years, how we gonna fix it,
it takes a lot. And it takes time, but when
you wash it with the same. On the physical structure you
see the difference very rapidly. We have to find and understand, there is
a new way, the natural way, without any medicine,
that you can change a lot of things. But now we have to
understand that most of the problems can
be fixed through the brain, and… but it has shown
itself in Physicality. Do we want to change a Man who has a
pleasure of Emotion of the woman but physicality of the man. Don’t we create more
mayhem inside him. I’ve been in to this enforced
physical change, by outside. When I was a young boy
in the first year of the school. Me writing with left hand was a big cry,
“Oh”, I remember my mother and my teachers. “He is left handed”, I was a first
left handed boy in the family. They came to an agreement, they did
a coup d’état, a revolution against me, between the teachers,
the school and my mother. I do half of the homework of
the rest of class in the evening, but I had to do it
with my right hand. And they forced me for months
to write with the right hand. Now I have the capability, I write
both with the right and the left. But naturally
I’m left handed. But I remember they enforced,
what I call it, ‘coup d’état’ to my mom, “This is not fair. I am
left handed, I enjoy being left handed. And she said, “No you have write, there is something wrong in your brain,
you write right handed, left handed.” And I went through this commotion of,
force to write with right hand. And I can write at the moment
sometimes, if I out my mind to it. with both hand, the
same thing at the same time. It’s given me an insight
into injustices of Man, to just, to look right
in physical dimension. And I carry that pain
with me for a long, long time, because it was too much. I am left handed, and I enjoyed being
left handed, but I was forced to … to use
the right hand, with any trick possible. I remember once
they start paying me, “If you do the right
hand good,” you get this and that. We have to leave the Soul to be in the
dimension of Physicality he has chosen. and appreciate its beauty. Next question. (ZL) Mr Keshe this is Zane Lott I wanna thank you
for everything. A while a back you’d ask
you’d us to remind you about something, do
you remember that? Do we have time for it? (MK) Explain? (ZL) … It was just in a teaching
of just a month back. You’d asked us to remind you,
you tell us something. (MK) I can’t remember
you have to tell me what it is…
(RC) Can you be specific because, he’s reminded us to tell him
about a few things in the past say. (ZL) Well I should have went back
in my notes, I’m sorry. (MK) Who’s speaking ? (ZL) Zane Lott. (MK) Nope (RC) Okay! Well maybe it’s a, maybe
something, we get a jog there. … We have a…
We do have an ongoing question with… Kerry Kerrister would
like to ask about the … Creation of GANSes in
the particular method and so on maybe …
maybe we could get that in? Would that be Okay? (MK) Yes, explain. (RC) Okay! Kerry if you ready I’ll,
go ahead there, and see if we can frame your question.
I know it is, has to do with the creation of the … of GANSes with
the carbon stick method. Could you explain about that
and ask your question, and see if get the conversation
going on that. (KE) Can you hear me Rick,
I just unmuted? Would like me to ask? Okay.
(RC) Yes! Yeah go ahead. (CC) Okay. Hi Mr Keshe it’s Kerry Ellis. And I have, so appreciated
your teachings, and I have traveled some
and taught some workshops. I really appreciated it last week, when you talked about
the washing of the caustics off. I know I’ve always been
really careful to teach that, and… I know in one point when the Carbon
stick GANS method was brought forward, I know right now you are really affirming
that primary way to make GANS is with Nano-coated Copper. And I appreciate, that I honored,
that I always taught that. I also know that, when the Carbon stick
method came out, and Arvis brought
that forward and .. I … I will say about that method
and I have really loved it, I love the GANS that I’ve made, and it
has seemed to do really good things. I know that for wanting to make sure that
everything is made in a very particular way and we get the proper results. And, so I just wanna to know if you
would be… talk about that a little bit …I know there’s been…
many, many people had asked and… I think it is a question
that is kind of up, right now and one of the … I know there may be a question
about, if there is… I understand that the
carbon stick method is maybe, not necessarily,
approved right at the moment. So I… I’m asking about… Yes.
(MK) Lest me, let me , let me … Nothing is approved,
nothing is disapproved (CC) Okay. (MK) It just we understand the difference,
we got to understand the difference. Carbon is 12 and copper is 60. So, is the force of the 5:1. So, this is where it comes from.
With the Zinc and Nano-coated Copper, we create the Magnetic Fields
from nucleus point of view. This is the difference. Where with the Carbon you create
that atomic structure withdrawal. Where in that position,
the process is so rapid that you produce Carbon, which you
have to support it with the Oxygen. And, if you produce CO2 from
the physical element of the Carbon. You are connected to physical dimension,
of the … the material. Is very much like Iron,
which is in the metal condition, in a physical Matter condition. Coming in touch with the GANS of
the Amino Acid produces the blood. But if you put the GANS of iron in a different shape or form into
the Amino Acid, you produce a pure blood. Hemoglobin the real hemoglobin. You still produce the same, but is not
the same strength, of the same order. They are two different things. The iron you take as a tablet, is very much
different then the iron you digest from eating … let’s say,
read meat. The one you take
as a tablet is a… is in a Matter condition,
and you absorb all it. In the one you take with a meat,
body only takes what it needs. This is the problem
with a lot of the food. This is one of the reasons I always explain,
even in the teaching earlier today. That when you take your, like
Magnesium, Zinc and Copper. You take it with CO2 and ZnO
because you create the condition of in trapping it or delivering it in a
environments of the body of the Man, and body only
takes what it needs. When you take a Magnesium
tablet all of it goes in to because it’s stronger,
so it enforces itself. When take your tablets, even like for
Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and the rest. You take it in the environment condition
of the Zinc and Copper and … CO2. It’s the totally different process. Now you convert, you de-strip it
as a atomic molecular GANS level, where are the others is different. The same thing
is with the CO2 sticks. You have a huge, massive force
sitting at the Copper, 5 times more. And you literally strip it out, it’s
just you taking clothes of yourself or you’re standing
in a huge wind tunnel, and you getting everything
stripped off you very fast. That’s all it is. But the essence
of the Carbon you create, in the Zinc plate, Magnesium…
Copper plate, is a GANS-State Magnetic Field,
it’s totally different structure Plasma. Where, with a Copper stick
still you create CO2, it’s very fast, but it’s not recommended
as such, for the use as a, for drinking, what you call it, the Plasma water of it,
unless your body needs it. It’s a big difference.
(KE) May I… (MK) A Mini and a Rolls Royce
are still both cars, depends which way
you want to drive it. (KE) May I ask… one of the discussions
that has come up, is the thought that
the Carbon is a Nano-material, and … I’d like to know
what your thought on that is. And some, you know…
(MK) Can you explain? I missed a word,
you just got disconnected. (KE) Yes, the question that,
some discussion has come up, is that the Carbon is
a Nano-material, because it’s burned. It’s, say if it was a piece of some bamboo
makes a nice Carbon stick. And I know that the purity of
the Carbon stick, would make a difference. But the idea I think
that started it, was that it was a hexagonal structure,
molecular structure, as I believe the Nano-coated Copper is,
and I’m understanding the difference in the molecular weight
difference in all of that… (MK) Yes, you see, there is a very big…
with the difference in understanding. There is nothing wrong
with both of them, but what do you expect to,
for them to operate under. You understand?
That’s the difference. You’ll find out when you work
with a GANS Plasma, which is CO2, you have the natural effect. With a CO2 which you
create from the stick, you have a … you have a different
dimension strength of the Plasma. You think your body creates
that kind of condition? I don’t think so! (KE) Okay, very good.
(MK) As we say in English, “Horses for courses!”.
Just because is a horse, doesn’t mean we can put
on the race track or put on the flat race. (KE) How about making Nano-coated
Copper GANS with a coil? If the… … I don’t know a lot of countries where
only simple things are available. For instance right now,
I’m in very small villages in the Yucatan of Mexico,
where I may teach a couple of classes, and getting materials is more,
a little more complicated. So a Copper wire, I have a wire
that could be made into a coil, versus a plate, and I…
(MK) You know, in a Third World, in a, in a, in a condition like you are,
in a condition you are. You have,
already have access to … pure Carbon,
which has been converted, if you want to look at it
that way. The ashes, the ashes from wood, yeah?
(KE) Yeah. (MK) That’s your best solution.
(KE) Okay (MK) If you…
(KE) And that’s… (MK) Let me, let me explain,
let me explain, please. (KE) Okay please. (MK) If you make
GANSes of the ashes of wood, yeah, because the wood has already gone,
through the transformation, in the, in the what you call it,
in the process, as the same as do
the Carbon stick, they make. (KE) Yes, yes.
(MK) But you’ll find out, it’s how you played
in what you needed. In South America,
for centuries people have used, I was explaining this to Dr Klaus,
very recently I think, that the, the, the South Americans,
centuries back, used to burn wood for heating.
And then, when they threw the ashes out, they found out, they getting
very good results in growing food, in the places that food never grew,
they start growing beautiful vegetation. What they needed to eat. And then
they actually start burning the woods, to create areas where they could put
the ashes that they could cultivate. If you go to South America, in places
you see lands which are totally black. Because for centuries they put,
they literally burned wood, to create ashes, to create Nano-material,
to absorb energy, that the vegetation could grow on it.
(KE) Yes. (MK) You see thus, this is done by the
Israelis very clearly after 1960s war. When they took over the Sinai Desert, the
Israelis came up with a fantastic system. They tarmac the desert, and they brought
the new soil, top soil on the tarmac. And the oranges you see coming
from Israel, comes from desert. Big oranges, which is done because
Israel doesn’t have that mass land to do. They understood the potential
of using the land, isolating it, or putting a top soil,
with a lot of things on it. We see this now with coming part
of the norm in Africa, we trying to, to change desert to a food center this way,
by literally by GANS material. This is what I suggested
to the Chinese government, as you know the Central China Desert
is moving towards Beijing very heavily, and they’ve tried everything.
And the simplest thing for Beijing to do, is to literally water the GANS
and put seeds on it, and it grows to solidifies the move of
the desert and it cost nothing. What you’re talking about,
is the same thing. creating a GANS or creating
environment of the GANS. (KE) Yes. (MK) When I was in China last time,
years ago. This was a discussion what we gonna do
with the moment the desert into Beijing. Will run Beijing over in next fifty years,
hundred years most probably. But by changing the environment,
use, let the sand be there, you create a condition
when the trees can root, and plants can root and it stops
the movement of the desert. There is no other solution, and it cost
literally nothing for the Chinese government. And you do the same.
When you put in South America, you say in a remote region whatever,
the ashes are your best GANSes. Because they are already converted
to Nanomaterial, you have to find a way
to convert it. Put it in the soil
ratio it different, connect the electric connection
between them, with a discharge, and you will see GANSes,
will produced in the middle. This is what I say, if you understand,
you don’t need to do anything. If you comprehend the technology
in its true essence, you can always adapt it
to what you need. If you remember,
you forget and it’s not there. And a lot of our people just remember,
this is what is done, I have to copy. But if you comprehend it,
you can change it. In the, in many times, mainly
the central bar of the, what you call it, the batteries, are fantastic, what is needed.
I always said the biggest gift, Europeans gave to the African,
was a pure 99% nearly 100% Copper sheets, in the batteries
they couldn’t dispose of in Europe, they thought they give it
they dump it in Africa. So it’s the best resources
now for Africa. To open a batteries,
take the pure Copper sheets out, which is spent a lot of money,
taken out of Africa to be processed now, back to Africa in the back door,
to feed the Nation. We have to find a solution,
it was on the table. I use these but I’m … Caroline and I,
we used to go around Kortrijk in Belgium, We used to buy the batteries,
the guy says, … what idiots, what they buying these batteries for
one Euro each? But they didn’t know I can make
a thousand Euro system out of it. It’s what we see, we used to wash
and then clean them, and even Armen can tell you,
we done this in Desenzano. The beauty of it is, they do, what you
don’t know, you don’t how to use it. But in these kind of conditions
you have everything. (KE) Yes, and there’s also a battery that has
a Zinc plate and a Carbon stick in it. So I know, some things we’re making…
(MK) All the batteries, all the mangled… All the batteries you buy,
what you call it, disposable battery, the casing just open, go around and
collect batteries, and empty the inside, and the casing is the biggest resource
for Humanity for power. (KE) Yeah.
(MK) Use the stick in the middle, the Carbon and the Zinc Oxide,
now you produce food. It’s lost its energy
in the physical dimension, but if you understand the power
of the GANS, and what it can do, the center pin,
the pure graphite in the center, you wash it, you take it out, you have
the Zinc casing, you wash it, you clean it, and then Nano coat the Zinc and put this,
you got your food. The best energy resource,
the best thing for man is this, and because is supported by Zinc,
but not by Copper, it feeds the Emotion much easier. (KE) Yes, beautiful. I know many
who have been utilizing that, and I think there are many of us
who will continue to listen, Mr Keshe for… you know,
you’re ongoing comments on this, and we’re all learning all the time,
and we’re, many people are, you know outside
of the First World Countries, trying to find ways to do this, I mean the
simplest way, we want to be doing it right. So, thank you so much,
for talking about it, and… I tell you something you can do
if you understand it, if it can be explained
in a different way. When you open these batteries
you have a center graphite in the middle, you,
you create a CO2 or whatever. Use one plate, one battery cover
as Nano-coated, one as non Nano-coated and then create a GANS of Zinc Oxide
which you can use it for feeding. You can feed the physical
body of the Man through the Soul and
the Emotion of the Man then the man does not
need any physical food. This is a secret of those who moved
to the level of not eating and those who tried it and say:
“sometimes I can eat, I can not eat” If you use the Zinc Oxide
at the level of the Soul which means, take the GANS out
make the GANS of Zinc Oxide, make another GANS of Zinc Oxide
and the ratio difference produce the Zinc Oxide in the middle
from the two GANSes. You can use that Oxide,
is liquid Plasma in to feed the Emotion and
the Soul of the Man that the Physicality does
not need no food. Those are people who been
drinking food, CO2 cocktails and GANSes, Plasma water.
they are trying to feed the physicality to feed the Emotion
that it does not need to feed the Soul. But in a way, if you feed the Emotion
directly at the level of the Soul than your Physicality is fed,
you don’t need food. You feed the headquarters
the rest are already fed. That’s the simplicity of it, and this is
what a lot of people don’t understand. In the Third World Nations,
the, what I call the ‘development
of the technology’ in the West, has led to a lot of batteries to be
dumped in the Third World Nation. And it’s actually a food supply,
it’s a energy supply. Only thing is how to use it.
You know they say: “Where there is a muck, there is money”
in English language the muck is what they through
out at us, with these batteries. If you understand how to use it,
you have a massive energy resources. Take the Zinc out,
Nano-coat either side. Create a GANS of Zinc
in the middle. Take the Copper or the Carbon
which you had it from originally because is already
Nano-coated itself, Nano-coat one layer of it
and then use the GANS which you produced in the Zinc
between the two plates. Put it round the tissue,
even a leaf of a tree does, wrap it with a GANS inside it and put
the Zinc, Nano-coated on the top of it. You got yourself a
natural battery, it lasts years. (KE) Beautiful! May I ask you also to talk
a little bit about the electricity that if you… I know in all different
ranges with GANS making. I know the plain
Nano-coated Copper GANS we make originally with no electricity
and some run a wire in… (MK) I’m losing….
(KE) just to use the natural condensed water… and then…
( MK) Can you repeat… (RC) You’re having trouble with
the transmission there, is braking up sometimes.
(KE) Okay. (KE) Let me talk a little…
Let me talk a little slower to… So, a question about the use of
electricity with the GANS process and knowing with our original
Nano-coated Copper process we don’t use electricity
and then some have come up with a method of just running
a wire in between the metals in the GANS process to
flow the natural electricity in the salt water
in between the metals. And then the third method
would be to add a little tiny trickle charge and some
may be connecting a battery, some connecting a phone charger
and then what we’ve dealt with is reducing that, because usually the
amount coming through is too much and we’re trying to keep it below one Amp.
or one Volt, but I do… (MK) Is that, is that for producing,
is that for producing GANS material? (KE) I’d say, when the
carbon stick method is used that seems to
really help the process, I mean I’ve had people who’ve had
a little regulator thing that could cut it down
to about point five, six (MK) You see…
Can I explain something? The… (KE) Please. (MK) The… the process, because
once you enter the GANS level the current you put through
the Matter-State, is the creation of the flow
at the Matter level. That’s why you, you dict…
you put all the energies at that strength in through the material.
That’s why you get a faster result. Now you with connecting a wire
you have specified this is the energy I need.
You put a filter on it. The wire connection is a filter
limit, is a limitation you dictate, Then because you dictate all
energy at that level comes to the system and
that’s why it works faster. Where in the other ways
randomly what is available at that level is created
and used. So, in a way that’s why
you see a massive re… In a way when you connect,
even we do connect through a power supply
or sorry, through a fan or a LED we are dictating that
this is the range we want to stay in anything above we take out. But when you put a wire directly between
the two, you dictate exactly what you want And you don’t dissipate it.
So, it get’s used in Nano coating or release of the atomic structure
from one or the other. You live in a village, but you have a lot
of noise of cars, must be very good village (KE) I’m muted, so I don’t know where
that’s coming from. (MK) So this the…
this is the problem and this is the it’s not a problem,
is the understanding more and in a way, the way the speed we have
bulldozed through knowledge in three years is now like questions you ask,
it is good to be asked that it opens up,
clarifies a lot of things. As I said we can teach about the Soul
of the Man and elevation of the Soul at the same time we can
teach about the Physicality and dimensions of the Matter
in GANSes and Nano-coated. because we have new people
and we have people who are elevated to
that level of understanding (KE) So thank you
and one more question … In a remote area,
say what would be, I mean, I know we’re taught to use an LED light
to get CO2 GANS versus Zinc GANS and that, basically
the same making process. Any additional thoughts on
how to get CO2 instead of Zinc, if say you don’t
have an LED available? … What are the… (MK) You mean
to produce GANSes? (SE) Yeah.
(MK) Okay! Just… Just connect it to a different piece
of metal, than the two. If you have a wire, Copper,
coming from the Copper plate, and you have a Copper wire coming
from the Zinc plate, one is Nano-coated and the other one,
just get a peace of Aluminium and connect it to the Aluminium,
the two wires from the two plates. You need to create a balancing,
that anything over is used, then you get a constant. When you produce CO2
with a LED for example, you produce a
specific type of GANS. You have dictated a condition. The same as when you connect
it to a motor, now .. the GANS, even you still produce CO2
but is tuned to the level of the motor. When you do it with LED’s, down to the
level of the LED power consumption anything above is dissipated,
because below it, it doesn’t move. So anything, so you put a filter
these connections you add. If you connect one to another directly
you don’t do anything because you are actually using
the plates, a Matter-State for it and you have no control in such a way,
of you doing the filtering. Just use a third element,
that in between the two …can dissipate the energy and you create
specific energies, CO2’s. (SE) Hm, beautiful, so that little piece of…
(MK) I tell you something you can do. Get yourself a piece of wood,
take the skin off and connect it to that. You produce totally different GANS. (KE) Wow…
(MK) You produce GANS of CO2 That is what you
have in nature. That’s, then you produce a GANS
at the level of the vegetation which is absorb….
it’s best for the vegetarians. (KE) Beautiful. We’ve also…
(MK) This is what you can do .. you can. But, the thing is, once it
goes dry you have to change it. (KE) Okay, interesting, So, another thing that we can do…
(MK) That’s the fact, you should have done it by now (SE) That’s exciting … (MK) If… If you…
If you take the stem out, you clean the.. you see the skin is a nano layer,
you don’t want, there is no contact you need a dynamic one,
so you need the … live connection. Put the stick in a glass of water
and connect it into higher part. You still get the same.
You keep it moist. You have to keep
the transfer of energy across. (KE) So beautiful. In a way…
(MK) Let me, let me, let me touch on something somewhere that
you understand. (KE) OK. Go ahead please. (MK) In a battery operation you use acid,
which means the giving of energy. that what’s, because
of high level of Hydrogen available. In a connection with the salt, you
create Life, energy at the level of Life. That’s where you produce GANSes. This is the difference,
that’s why we use salt. When you create salt, the energy
absorbed from the environment, dictates the… what kind
of GANS is produced. Where, with the alkaline …
in a alkaline base, so it dictates, you want to
absorb energy, to create Life. Where with acidic you give so much,
that the life cannot be sustained. That’s the difference, why we use salt
or we use acid condition, And the faster we understand this, the easier it becomes, in the elevation
of understanding of the Totality. So, when you are dealing in that side,
you want to produce GANSes, which is connected to alkalineness,
use exactly from where it comes from, a plant, a branch … what you
call it, a dynamic life, it’s the same. So you can use it.
The level, if you like, let’s say… GANS of, let’s say cauliflower,
you get the stem of cauliflower, take the skin off, and the green
part of the leaf is your… so… The GANS you use, is at the
strength of the cauliflower. Very simple. (KE) Wow, this is awesome! (MK) Actually, I thought you
should have understood that by now. (KE) That is amazing,
it’s very cool! (MK) Yeah, but this is what I given…
(KE) So, this is a very… (MK) Pardon? (KE) I’d love to throw a…
when I was teaching in South Africa, some wonderful people brought
Shungite which is a carbon based rock. with a hexagonal structure,
and we made CO2 Gans, with it, Zinc GANS, and … it really made…
in place of the carbon stick. And it made a beautiful GANS, so I’m
curious if you’d have a comment on that. Also, if you can speak a little more,
to how much electricity is proper, to run through in a carbon stick method,
if we were using a trickle charge, into their, either from a battery,
or a reduced phone charger or not? That seems to make
the GANS work really. (MK) Yeah, but the thing is,
we do the same thing in the factories. We put big plates, we put bigger,
50 liter containers, and we connect them. Then we choose the power supply. We put
two or three volts, one amp, two amp, and we see massive production. because in that level,
we are not concerned about anything, because we just need the detachment
or attachment of the material, to the, to the coils. The, the rate of the current,
dictates the rate of the flow, and the color of the material they will get,
as different energy have different colors. This is the beauty with a lot of teachings,
which a lot of people don’t understand. You put a Copper plate and the Zinc plate,
normal current, you gets CO2. You put a Nano-coated Copper,
with non Nano-coated Copper, you get a very green production
of Copper Oxide. You increase the voltage, what
you get, it becomes orange-ish color. Because now you separating
most of it in the atomic level, because there is not enough Oxygen
in water to be oxidized. When you increase the voltage, very high,
the separation is so fast, that it doesn’t even go through
the separation in a GANS-State, it goes directly into a Nano-material, and
you collect Nano-material from the bottom. The rate of the flow
dictates the speed of the separation, of the molecular into atomic,
and then to a GANS. That’s all it is. (KE) Wonderful! GANS is such a wonderful material,
and I know those of us who make a lot of it,
love it, it’s such a… I…
(MK) It know… Hey? The GANS is the most pleasurable material
in the World, if you know what to do with it. (KE) Uh-hm, it is. (MK) I tell you why. A body of a man,
a body of a woman, is made of GANS.
We take… We haven’t extended our knowledge,
because of the taboos we carry in our head, but what do we touch when we hold our partner,
a big Plasma of GANS. Why do you take a pleasure when you’re…
(KE) I got you! Beautiful! (MK) You understand?
I bet if I connect you to a, let’s say, a leaf of a tree
and your partner, you produce a beautiful GANS
if you sit in the bathroom, in the pot. We, we have created limitations
to our own understanding, but reality is no different. Why do we feel good
when we hold our partner? Why do we feel good
when we hold our children? Why do we take pleasure
in holding our grandchildren? Because we are more mature,
they are less. And in giving we take what
they don’t need, and we mature them. That’s why, we, we, we kiss, or we…
Why, why kissing is so common in Man? Because, it’s the act of Emotion, and transfer
of the Physicality at the same time. (MK) Then we have ….with the quick way.
(KE) Beautiful. (KE) Beautiful, beautiful.
And I see Arvis who’s, the person who really, I think
brought forth the carbon stick method. Originally he says, he used a solar cell,
and I don’t use a, a solar cell usually. (MK) Doesn’t matter what he use,
it just depends on the speed of separation, you put through the material. (KE) Okay. (MK) If I was you or anybody else,
do not waste the carbon stick. Use it the way I said,
you have a huge energy sources, if you understood the lecture. (KE) Beautiful. Thank you
so much for talking about this. Yes. (MK) Thank you very much. Any other question?
(JG) Mr Keshe? (MK) This is Baghdad, it’s from Iraq.
I know the voice. (LB) No, no, from Germany,
it’s Leon. (MK) Who is it? (LB) Leon. (MK) From? (LB) Germany.
(MK) Ah, okay. (LB) Hello.
(MK) You sounded like the… our friend from Iraq.
He’s usually come. (JG) I, I am there, I am there. (MK) Hi, how are you. Good. (LB) So, my question… (MK) OK, can I ask a question… Where is Azar?
We miss her today! (JG) I waited for her to ask but I was… (RC) I don’t… I don’t see her on
the list today for a change, so… (MK) She must be in the Iran.
Carry on please. (LB) So, my question is: Is the Planet Earth
constant element balance, in respect to the Sun?
Means that you got … for example a … of Gold maybe, 50 tons…
50 tons Gold on this Planet, and it can’t be more, and it can’t be less,
because of the… in respect to the Sun,
MaGrav fields. So if I took for example
Gold from this Planet, and fly to another Planet,
this Gold should be … the Gold I took should be just
disappear after a time. So I think it’s not possible
to take elements, from this Planet
to another Planet somehow. And our Planet would reproduce these Gold,
which was taken, or whatever water, which was taken again. And this also…
(MK) The… let me, let me answer you. Your assumption is 100% wrong,
not even 99%. (LB) Yes.
(MK) The Planet absorbs and converts energy, from the environment
of his Solar System. And, it has no limitation
in what he absorbs. He absorbs according to strength of his
central Field, Gravitational Magnetic Field. So, if we are in environment, where there
is such a GANS, Magnetic Fields available, it will convert it with… to Gold. You can take as much as you like, but
if we are in a position in the environment, where given, a specific Magnetic Field
is available that converts into Gold it will convert itself back to Gold. It’s the same as you say, that the energy,
Oxygen on this… in this… on this Planet
is constant, it’s not. Because, the interaction between
the Fields of the Earth and the Sun continuously produce Hydrogen
and Oxygen, and everything else. Where do they go? In the breathing system in the process
of life of the fields of this Planet we convert it to
another Field-strength which is needed by other Planets
or other structures in the Universe. If you think of it, the amount of energy
produced to Hydrogen, Nitrogen, by the interaction of the Fields
of the Earth and the Sun, we should be continuously blowing up
with a new size atmosphere, we don’t do. Because, there is a limitation in what we
convert, what we don’t use or what we use. We release into the atmosphere, back
into the Planet and Solar System, that the others can use. So, if we pass in the position that
the Fields of it are available, then at that point,
we convert all the materials. It’ll be raining instead of water,
it will be raining gold, which it does In reality if you collect, if you
could measure the Nano-structure at a given strength of the Field of the Planet
where its equal to the Gold, you’ll find out that,
you’ll be collecting Gold. This is the reason why
the oceans are holding more Gold than the Planet,
the solid part. Because its dynamic, they create
continuously diverse Field-strength that some of it
is at the level of Gold. So they attract it from the environment
of the Plasma of the Solar System. We even, when the Man
understands in the future, we even create Gold, which comes from the
structure of the Fields of the Galaxies. We are not educated well enough
to understand, what to be detected . but with the knowledge we are gaining,
in the future Man will tell you, “This Gold is from the conversion
of the Planet internally itself.” “This Gold has come in from Space
of the Plasma of the Solar System,” “and this Gold is from the Plasma of
the Galaxy or from the Solar System.” Because when you transfer
the time is non-existence. (LB) … Yes, yes, yes I understand. My, my
worry was just about when, when we use technologies like that
and start maybe producing water then we will have too
much on this Planet. (MK) No it’s a balance
whether we don’t need we release. (LB) I could cut a straw or something or
take, taking, taking energy from somewhere, We, which is not belong to us. I think the Planet has somehow. Maybe, has a mechanism to have this, all
this imbalance but when we start to to think and thinking to do something
good or something better. Could dispel and something so I thought
there must be an answer in Plasma Technology Because Plasma Technology is just how
nature works this is why I ask. Also. Also. There is a question
please one, once more. When, when I,
when I take some, when I take for example,
again a metal out of the Earth, I didn’t ask, I just take it, it was
also not given to me, I just, I just take it. And it’s taken un-freely.
It’s given un-freely. Somehow I think, that the position,
this MaGrav. Special MaGrav deep in the materia,
material, is still connected to this place. So that, if this MaGrav would
become the opportunity, or the possibility to go back,
to just disappear. At I don’t know where and goes
back to the place where it from, because, it was
taken and not given. (MK) The thing is when you… when you
live within a structure like the Planet. In a way you’ve been given the. Freedom of the rights as the others use you. If you look at it …
you think you consume everything but you have to understand
the body of the Man is a converter. So you convert the energy to
existence of the others to feed. But you only look what
you put in your mouth. But in that process of conversion,
it’s not just that you create heat You create huge amount
of energy, which other elements, maybe visible or non-visible to Man
need for their existence. We are all conversion
system at different strength and you always find,
that the other things exist because of the
conversion we do with our body. It’s not all one way traffic. If you take so much energy and it’s
all stayed in, you will become a balloon. By time your 50, you’ll be the size of a Nation. but we don’t,
because we give energy back. We are all part of a conversion process
in one shape or another. Be the brick, be the body of the Man,
be the body of a bird it’s all the same And there’s always a taker who
worries not what is given freely. If you look, you have
all the birds in the garden, but each one eats certain seed
or certain part of the plant because there is
enough for the others. So, at the same time,
it’s the same. The body of the Man,
is the body of the Earth, the Planet. So you cannot diminish it
because it takes energy and it gives. And when it gives, is what is given, the
freedom of the right, of the path to use. It depends how much
we need and we take And in a certain,
that point is the same. When you see a tree growing,
it’s not that you watered it, is the energy which is
freely given by the Earth or the entity, that it allows it to take
what it needs at that point. Is the receiver who decides
what it wants to receive, not the giver. I always say to Caroline, “I give everything,
I give my life, I give my love.” Depends who wants to take what from it
and then they elevate to that level (LB) Thank you (MK) Thank you very…
Any other questions? Are we within the time? (JG) Mr Keshe I will make it very quick. (RC) We have about 3 hours and 15,
3 hours and 15 minutes at this point. (MK) Okay, no problem.
(JG) I will take from you 2 minutes only … Good day Mr Keshe it’s Jalal.
(MK) Yes. I have 2 questions for you,
and quick question. And I have good news
for you and Caroline. And I have a question for Rick, because I asked Rick to promote me. I raised my hand
and took little bit longer and then I was concentrating, I said,
“Rick open, promote me.” and just in this second,
and after one second I promoted So I for Caroline, this is feedback. Not next week the day after
so this is good news for me also. (MK) So you are learning the
trick to get it straight away (JG) Yes, stop wishing,
just order it. (MK) You learn the
language of the Soul. (JG) Yes I hope so Sir. The first question. Today we are… learnt
to make high level of GANS and if we are doing
that high level of GANSes are we making also
high level of Amino Acid, also? (MK) Yes (JG) Okay, and are we using salt with it
with the CO2 water? (MK) Depends what kind
of Emotion you want to create, and what kind of Physicality. Because, each GANS
carries a different Emotion level, (JG) Okay, next question and quick. Is there any, any, any
talks with the Arabic nations for this technology
or something in the back or? (MK) You don’t know what happened last week?
I wrote Muhammad off. You think what they are
doing in the background. (JG) Yeah, use, use,
… smoking a lot. (MK) As you know, as you know I said this in a very, very,
strange way, but it’s, a lot of reality to it. If you are those who understand. You know the growth Moses, and the,
the, at the time any male child was killed and somehow, Moses ended up in the
basket, and was brought up by the King. To bring the end of himself,
and when he became the King I’ve been brought up and
nurtured by the Belgium’s to end up the Belgium monarchy, and the
end of kingship, but they don’t see it The same has happened, I’ve been brought up
in the culture of understanding Islam, and Christianity, and what do you call it,
‘Judaism’. Because this way by knowing,
you understand about the weakness, but you understand the point of mistakes,
if you can call it that. So, for you, what we do with the
Islamic World is very simple. As the term has finished,
Ayatollah Khomeini he said once that, “We do not know
what to do with this guy.” And I think now they know,
they could have done a lot but they didn’t do,
because there’s a time and a term. … We don’t look at it as Islamic country,
we don’t look at it as a Jewish state, we don’t look at it as a Christian state,
we look at it as One Nation. So, as we see every child has different
behavior, is for us to understand it, and give it enough that itself,
comes back home to the father. And that’s the whole structure. They can kick, they can shout,
but they cannot change the course. (RC) And, Mr Keshe I got
an email yesterday from… It says, “Dear Mr Tavakoli,
we have one group, … NGO, non governmental organization
in Iran, with 2000 members, and they are
research about free energy. We are interest in collaboration with your
group, and make your Plasma reactor in Iran. Tell them to walk to the
Sharif Teheran University, ask for, or go to the,
to the Presidents office. Ask for the research center
in Presidents office, they have everything there. They can speak with
a senior professor or senior doctor with… called Dr Jalali
and they, they put you right. Iran has been using the technology
in different way, we already developed it. As I said, “I hope… I hope the people
who are organizing in the background.” “will be able to organize it, that would
be in Iran in the next few weeks.” as part of the teaching. And I know there is a havoc
in Iran if I go to Iran, “What’s gonne do with him this time?” But, we go with
the message of Peace and we teach everything
to the Iranians as the same. But it’s a pleasure, I understand
the language and the culture, I hope I do understand part of it. The last time I was in Iran, I said,
“I’m a foreigner in my own country.” because, the culture
has changed so much. But, the culture of knowledge is the same,
doesn’t matter wherever you go. In Iran we have a huge support base with
the Iranian community across the World, we know that.
And so, it’s part of the nature. (RC) Okay, thank you Mr Keshe …
there’s one thing that I’d like to show… A Picture from Foa here, had a decision
on that, I guess? And… He had a question about it.
So perhaps we can have a look at that? …Let me see,
let me get it set up here. Okay…
I think you can see that? I’m not sure if it’s coming through
actually. Let me see. Okay, can you see that image? (SC) Yes we can see it. (RC) Okay, good. And… Okay! So,
“These are three reactors” and “Three Reactors double-core
reactors, and Edd is…” Edd do you want to actually,
speak about this, perhaps? … or Foa, as you’re known as. I’ll unmute you and see if you can speak
there? I’m not sure if you can? Hello? (ED) Hello Rick,
Hello Mr Keshe. (RC) Hi! Can you ask your question? or clarify what…
(ED) It’s in… My question is, can we…?
(MK) Who’s speaking from where, please? (ED) Let’s say it’s Foa,
from the Netherlands. … It’s a part of body.
In the 95th workshop you said, “If you have the bottom of a Star-formation,
you can use yourself as the 4th reactor.” And, I thought
if most part of the body, that is controlling the
physical side of the body. If we can support that
and create a… a tubular formation, so that the mid-point,
becomes like the solar plexus to support the
cells of the body. … By that, creating also support of the
… the part of the brain like it’s the 7th reactor,
or the 9th, just what you call it. On the level of…
strength of a higher Plasmas. So that… strength of the Copper of the Physicality
can raise to strength of the Zinc, of the Soul.
and there in that way, balances the body and
the Soul at the same time. Do you understand? (MK) There’s nothing wrong in what you’re
explaining, actually makes a lot of sense. But depends on how much
you want to elevate it and how fast. But, is the body in a good dimension
of the Emotion of the brain? Ready to accept such a change? (ED) Yes! That’s always the question, but I wanted to know.
(MK) No, but you never know, till you don’t try. We see, and this is what I promote
very much with… the Keshe Foundation,
the health manufacture in Austria. That, the faster we move into dynamic
systems, GANS dynamic systems. The better and faster results
we’ll see, but… We have to understand;
How these mixtures are done? How the are put together.
And, how they can be applied. You will see a lot of new dynamic systems
coming from Austria very soon. Because… It’s the essence of
understanding is closest to the reality. But if we just put GANSes of…
materials we produce, or we put GANSes of the GANSes, then put
inside, we’ll see totally different results. (ED) Well, I was planning to
use Zinc Oxide GANS in the inner-core, that is… acidic and mixed…
(MK) If I was you I’d never do that. (ED) It’s too high to..?
(MK) No, no, no. What.. You have to understand the process.
You are trying to feed the Soul. You’re not trying to
extract from the Soul. So, when you want to promote a feed,
you put it on a Magnetical, Not in a Gravitational in the center.
You understand? The… the way to do it is very much…
(ED) Is very much… (MK) Understanding, yeah, understand
what you want to do, first of all. If you are trying to extract it, yes.
But it’s the same… You have to understand what you
are doing, what is the purpose. The… The reality is:
When you put the CH3 inside, as is going out, is radiate out. It gives more to the Zinc, that
the Zinc can give more to the body. (ED) No, I was not
planning on using CH3. I was…
(MK) But you have to. How? You’re trying to drain your Soul? (ED) No! It’s a mixture… of the
mixed water GANS, that it is… Slightly acidic … (MK) Yeah what it does?
You’re trying to give it energy, you want to radiate energy out. (ED) Yes and… this…
(MK) So..? (ED) … and the outer-core is alkaline,
so it’s Gravitational and… in that way,
the Fields have to connect. (MK) Try it, let me know how you feel. (ED) Well, I’m busy on it.
It just takes time. (MK) Let me..
now you’re from Netherland? Let me explain to you, something
which has become important, and we have to discuss it, as part of
the Keshe Foundation work. You Dutch have created a huge problem for
yourselves and for a lot of other, people. But it’s not a problem, it’s what is fact,
what we said, months ago, years ago. I’m gonna be very diplomatic,
very correct, very direct. (ED) Yeah, you can be blunt with me. (MK) Not you, I’m talking to
all of Keshe Foundation, and the rest of the World,
that’s my problem.. there are …
you are not my problem. My problem is bigger than you.
Or is, your problem is bigger than you? You Dutch, have a habit of freedom of
expression and everything else. And that’s given you a totally different
insight to the World of Creation. I enjoy being around you, for years I
enjoyed Dutch mentality, from my childhood. But, in the recent past,
many Keshe Foundation supporters, especially in Holland, and some
of North European countries have start making GANSes of
these funny mushrooms. If you know
what I’m talking about? And, in a way, before you used to smoke
these mushrooms and used to feel internally
the impression of freedom of the mind
from the Soul and the body. But, some of you, the way as you walk
down the streets of Amsterdam, you know exactly
what I’m talking about, as you walk you go high
in Emotion and the feeling, where there is a huge consumption of,
what I call, ‘narcotics’. Even the Police officers working in that area
are very high themselves, because they
consume so much, the air. I’ve seen more Police officers
in center of Amsterdam high, than actually, the drug traffickers
and the smokers. But, it’s a joke between us and them. But, what the reality
has happened. Many Dutch and some of
the Northern European people, have started making
the GANS of these mushrooms and, they are putting them in
the dynamic cores, they are putting them
on the coating of the coils, and they are creating
huge emotional interaction. At the point that even,
some of the people are high 24 hrs a day, plus the neighbors
and plus half of the district. Because, before it was
you who smoked it, but now it’s the Field of it,
which goes across Kilometers. And, the more and more,
people are producing these, we see a reaction coming up in…
in Holland and in the Dutch mentality, or environment, where the
freedom of the use of the mushrooms, has created a new dimension
to pleasure of Man. The whole… The whole neighborhood,
at the moment is high in some cases. Because the Field transfer is very high. We had cases that
we had to deal with, and it’s come to the point,
that we have to bring it to the front. Please, do not make GANSes of mushrooms,
or Cocaine or others which you have done. I know is on-off buy and you’re high for
a whole day and night, for a long time. But, you’re making a lot of your neighbors,
who don’t want to be in that status. I know some Keshe Foundation followers
have used in dynamic system, and they report also something to us But please, refrain from using these,
just because you have the knowledge. Or speak to all the neighbors, decide
everybody wants to be high, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
365 days a week. Because, these systems go beyond
the dimension of the house. But, on the other hand,
as I said months ago, years ago If you understood this,
it’s then the end to drug trafficking. Because now, one shot can give you
everything you need for years and you don’t need to buy. So, it makes the
drug traffickers bankrupt, and we get rid of
the biggest menace on Mankind. But now, that we see that
some people have moved because I had to deal with a couple of cases
recently, personally, direct. Is that, please refrain from producing,
understand what you are doing, it’s not anymore, what do you call it,
‘smoke a joint’ Now is the whole neighborhood joints,
which is getting fed by it. In so many ways, you are making…
This was fantastic when they told me this, I looked at it says, “Now what I’ve
been telling them, they don’t understand, Now they understand, but now
he has a physical manifestation of it. If the GANS of the mushroom
can cover neighborhoods, now you understand when we told you,
put Zinc Oxide in your cores and rotate. and put it in the waters,
we’ll reach the whole Humanity. We needed the proof of the pudding,
and in eating it a lot of people, are reporting these kind of things. So, we know the Fields go beyond
the system and effects everybody. In one way, those of you who were
using Zinc Oxide and CO2, not only elevate your own Soul,
but whatever is needed by your neighbors, and the rest. You’ll find a whole change
in the neighborhood. But, at the same time
those of you in Holland who found the freedom
and you tried with mushrooms now you are making the whole
neighborhood very happy but you got to ask them
if they want to be happy Maybe you live in a very good neighborhood
from now on? Even the guy who comes to steal,
he finds so much pleasure in giving that he leave something
behind instead of stealing. I made myself very clear in this,
because we see this now, in the past few months,
couple of times. And please, if you even do it,
put it in the remote part of the house, or remove, not the house,
the garden or whatever. That, somewhere
is not near other neighbors, and you don’t make everybody,
and you don’t make the chickens flying in the end of the garden of the neighbors.
If you understand what I’m talking about? (ED) Well, one thing is sure.
There are no drugs or mushrooms in it. I’m…
(MK) I know but the… some, some, some, innovative adventurous
Keshe Foundation in Holland have tried it and in other countries, and we
have seen it, it’s a continuation. This is what we said before the… the…
We do not talk about it till it comes. Let those who want
to say whatever, let them do it, because
they’ll find fault in everything. We… we see it as it is, it’s culture,
in part of the culture of the Nations. In a way, you can walk down the road
and give everybody GANS of something they’ll all be very happy people. … You get the same elevation with the…
with the GANS water of the same thing as you get with CO2. And, it’s very, very interesting,
because he has proven the technology, to be 100% correct.
How energy is transferred from materials. But, our dearest friend in … especially
in Holland with the freedom you have. You have proven a very big point, that the
GANS materials work, they touch the Emotion. And, please understand
what you are doing. (ED) Well in a way, I know from… (MK) I know somebody you
know very well. I know som… I know somebody
you know very well. That he’s using it quite, very nicely,
for the whole neighborhood. You know what I’m talking about. (ED) I think so (MK) I think so, yeah.
Me too. Thank you very much.
Thanks for the point. (ED) Thank you very much. (MK) I want to explain
to you something very interesting Going, expanding onto the same thing Many drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, are so
expensive that people can not afford, and people, many
children die because of it. Prohibited, cost. If you have used, understood the
operation of the GANS, you can use the GANS water of
the same at no cost. As I said,
“We bankrupt the pharmaceuticals”, but we still need them,
to use it if we need to. So, for example if you have
paracetamol and you want to… you don’t want to keep
your paracetamol at home, you can keep the GANS of Paracetamol,
as a GANS water, does the same thing. But you’ve got to know
how to do it, how to make it. At what concentration you need to take. The… there are some prescription drugs
which people can not afford, and we see it, especially in United State,
the cost of medicine is prohibited, lots of people can’t afford paying it. So, in one dose,
you can create enough, that you don’t need to commit yourself
to bankruptcy with it. These are the things that the
technology has got on offer. But, it’s for us to understand it,
and you have to follow the so dosage, and the acceptance of it. It’s not anymore the GANS of a CO2,
it’s understanding the GANS of… What do you call?
The, what people suffer from, but they can’t afford the medicine for it,
because of prohibitive prices. This way, you can produce the GANSes
of it, and use the GANS water of it, in a very, very
measurable amount. Because don’t forget, when you
have convert to the GANS, body takes what it needs from it,
you cannot take a overdose. So, but about 30 ml of water
is usually recommended for any consumption. And if you are on a heavy,
what you call it, drug prescriptions, which breaking, in a way,
taking food away from you, just to be able to afford
to stay from the pain, you can produce the GANS water of it,
very simply as you know. And you can consume it,
without breaking the bank. At least put food on the table,
instead just worrying about the next injection. This is a solution in a way,
with the drug addiction. If you add to the same Zinc Oxide,
you satisfy the Emotion, and people walk away
from drug addiction. I’ve taught that many months ago,
but people overlooked it. So, if you have, if you have somebody
who’s cocaine addict, or heroin addict, you take 90% or 80%
Zinc Oxide Plasma water, you take 20% of CO2,
and a drop of the GANS of cocaine. And then you connect it to the Emotion,
and people just walk away from it. The addiction
is resolved within days. But, because you satisfy the Emotion,
you have connected to cocaine, then it releases itself,
that is got to satisfy the point, where the cocaine was satisfying.
And then that’s it. It’s the easiest way
to get rid of addiction. (ED) Can a bubbler
with Zinc Oxide GANS do the same thing? (MK) A what?
(ED) Satisfy the emotion? (MK) Yes, but this way
you connect it exactly, to where the cocaine or heroine
was linking to. (ED) No, no, no, not with cocaine.
Just Zinc Oxide and, and… (MK) No, no, no, I’m talking
about a different thing. I’m talking about people
who have addiction. You can use Zinc Oxide and CO2 for the
elevation of the Emotion and the Soul. But for addiction, you have to give it
exactly what you’re are satisfied, because when you get addicted,
it means you satisfying a certain need. You have to pinpoint it,
and just, even one drop, of the GANS of cocaine
or heroin in body, by the men of science,
into 80% ZnO and 20% CO2, would stop the people immediate,
within days they don’t, when even they see cocaine, they see
cigarettes, they stop smoking or whatever. But I give a piece of advice
for those who want to give up smoking, you have to realize, those who have been
a heavy smoker for a long time, for 20, 30, 40 years, understand,
just because you satisfy the need, you have to change the Physicality, because
giving up smoking at some many years, creates new dimension of problems
in the Physicality. But, in so many ways
you can get rid of the addiction, in a matter of seconds, and I don’t think
there’ll be anymore drug barons. because you can stop the whole addiction,
in every direction. Even if you are addicted
to pharmaceutical tablets or medicine. Valium is one of them, you can get
come of it very, very rapidly. Or we call it ‘Valium’. So, if you have people in,
in your family, in your friends, without them knowing
but giving them a glass of water, which they think is just a water,
you can walk them away from addiction. Any other question? (RA) Hello Mr Keshe,
I’m Ram from France. A very short question,
because is late. As I told you two weeks ago, at touch it loses its strength, vibration
strength, after about five hours. So what I did, what I tried to do,
instead of using… do you hear me? (MK) Yes, yes.
(RA) Instead of using GANS water, I used a suspension of GANS water.
It is the mixture that we obtain, when we pour water over GANS. This
suspension contains tiny particle of GANS, and then the patches we obtain,
we don’t see any GANS on it, but this tiny particles are enough, to
maintain the touch vibrating permanently, according to my measure on 10 days, in
10 days the vibration does not decrease. So I should, I really appreciate
your comments and advice about this. (MK) You mean you just the GANS
let’s say in a glass of water, or a glass tube
and you pass water over it? (RA) Instead of taking pure GANS water,
I took this… what, what I call ‘suspension’ in GANS…
(MK) So you pour water over a GANS water? (RA) I pour water over GANS. (MK) Yes, but you don’t let it mix,
but is in the container. (RA) I don’t let it mix, but…
but the GANS is mixed slightly,
slightly mixed with water. And this is…
(MK) No, no, I don’t understand. You put some GANS
in a glass with the water, and then you pour water
over the container? (RA) Exactly!
(MK) And you ??? but in fact, the GANS never comes directly in touch
with the… what you call it, with the water, because it’s contained in
a certain container. We already did this… (RC) I think, I think he’s saying,
that he pours it directly into the GANS and GANS water, and then
it mixes and then he uses that mixture. (RA) Exactly. (MK) Aah, but that’s still a GANS,
but you need one molecule, one, one single grain of GANS
in the water, and it will do the same. One, one CO2 GANS,
carries the whole information. (RA) Exactly, OK, OK.
(MK) There is no problem. We know that for long time.
This is important. Let me explain to you something,
which is… I explained this before. Is a test within the Ghana Atomic,
3-4 months ago. We took a GANS water, and we reduced it
by a given ratio to the next amount, from the last one
to the next one, with that we have seen
the diminution of the… what you call, ‘the power’ in… when
we use it as a cleaning, or disinfecting. What we did, we took a GANS of CO2,
mixed it in the water, we took 100 ml GANS water from it,
we again took 50 ml of the 100, we put in the other one,
we mix it with the water, and then we measured the strength
in cleaning contaminated water. And we’ve seen the change,
they reduces by dilution of the GANS level. But when we carry some GANSes in the
dilution, the strength stays the same. (RA) It is very important to use
a container, a glass container, instead of plastic container,
for water GANS. (MK) Yes, I just bought
three last weeks. This is what you get
with the Keshe Foundation, the units you buy
with alkaline jars. Any other question
or shall we call it the day? (RA) Thank you Mr. Keshe.
(MK) Thank you very much. (RC) One more question from Keyvan Davani.
Only because it is a long question, and he’s took the time to write it out
and so on, he wants me to ask it. (MK) Oh he’s a still there?
Hi Keyvan! (RC) Now Keyvan, maybe you can ask
your question, if you’re able to there. Would you like to do that? (KD) Yeah, thanks Rick.
Hi Mr Keshe this is Keyvan … (MK) Hi, how are you?
(KD) Well, I’m not sure how much time… I have Mr Keshe? Can you hear me?
(MK) Yes? (KD) Okay. Can we go back to the soul,
because you know, you’ve been also, is a little bit mixed question
and I’m trying to be, as precise and accurate as possible,
so you’ll understand my question. You talked recently, in the private
kid’s teaching workshop about, you know, how to teach children,
through our Soul. And you’ve been you know,
talking about the emotional center, the core of our brain, as I call it,
or I call it also, ‘the representative of our Soul’, and it is as small as a pea-size thing,
is like a gel, right? And it’s a… how can we
literally train and practice, starting with the children and
the parents, but also us as adults, to go deeper… I mean
the condition is always for me, to be in the essence,
of ethos of Peace. And you oftentimes said,
“the Plasma seeks balance.” Now, once we are in that balance
and in that, in that ethos of Peace, how can we go deeper into the
stronger and stronger Field-strength, of our emotional center,
from which we can radiate out, and manifest, realize
the collective Wish of all of us? whether it be
the Earth Council, Universal Council
and all of us. How can we go
deeper and practice it? Because I remember you,
telling us from a childhood, how you did some practices
to find, at least, you know, localize
your Emotional Center. … Can you, do you
understand my question? Where I’m going with this? (MK) No. You are going everywhere
but I don’t see where. (KD) Well you talk about the Soul and I, we’re..in this
… I see this, in this so called
‘evolutionary process’ But how can we
tap into the stronger fields of our Soul, of our
Emotional Center which is … (MK) The things is you are still,
this is what I was talking about earlier in the teachings. Is that if you go,
trying to go through the Physical part is very difficult,
but you still achieve it. Because the food, the plants,
the food we eat, does that. Or, if you understood
the Teaching today especially today, the earlier,
the early part of the Teaching. Through the operation
of the heart and lung, you decide or you dictate, what can be received,
at what level, by the Soul of the Man. Or through the Emotion, that it feeds through
the Physicality part of the brain. So, you can go
the old way and try to find it, or understand,
the further understanding of the knowledge of
the feeding of the Soul. And, absorb directly
from the environment of the whole body of the Man,
the energy which is needed, and then feed it back
through to Soul, to the dimension of the Physicality. Then, you done your job. Then you understand
you do the whole thing The whole process,
from now on, is to… How to feed
the Soul of the Man, now that we know it’s within
a structure of the brain of the Man, that it feeds at the level
which is the satisfaction of the existence
in the Physical dimension. So we feed the Soul that through the Soul
we feed the Physicality. And those who come to understand this,
don’t need to eat anything. And those who go that path,
understand that the Physicality has a connection with the operation of
the circulation of the energy with the dimension of existence,
which is the blood of the Man, with the operation of
the system which circulates it, plus the condition of the
conformation of the environment which you exist,
which is the air. In bringing the two to balance,
you find Peace with the Soul of the Man, and then becomes
detachment from the Physicality. What I’ve said, in past 10 seconds, is
the key to the existence in the Universe. And not many people understand,
it’s the maturity of the Soul. And this is the key to be able to exist,
in any dimension in the Universe. Because as you feed the Soul, according to
the environment, which you breathe it, in conjunction with what the Physicality
of the Environment has given you, gives you the extension of
what the Soul needs to absorb that it can release
to confirm existence. As I always said,
“Blessed those who understand.” Because that’s
the Secret of the Creation. In how you manifest
yourself in Physical dimension, but from now on,
instead of using the Physicality that thy said,
“Thy shall not steal” which means, kill a plant,
kill an animal to feed itself. Man taps in the Universal Energy through
his Soul, that through the Soul, the way it gives the Emotion,
that it decides the feature of the Man. Now, the same Soul crea…
releases energy at the level that feeds
the Physicality of the Man too. This is how you survive
in Space for millions of years. Now you
try to feed the Soul. Find it, feed it and nourish it,
and you’ll feed the Man and the rest. Then, you can expand this,
the … what I call, ‘the strength of the Soul’,
beyond yourself, to the others. And then, in that way,
your Emotion becomes theirs and that’s why I said, “It’s the Captains of the Spaceships
of the future, have that understanding.” And it’s a gift
if you receive it. Or we understand it first, to receive it. As I said we got to start
schools teaching about the Soul then the
Physicality will follow. At the moment we are too physical, because
learn a, b and c, left hand or right hand. Thank you very much.
I hope I answered you. But it’s nice to hear from
you Keyvan, after a long time. (KD) Wow. Thank you so much
for your wisdom Mr Keshe. I’ll let it sink, sink in but
I’ll come back to this question. (MK) You could have been with us in Austria
today, but we’ll see you next time. (KD) Oh yeah definitely. [laughs]
(MK) [laughs] Thank you very much Thank you indeed. Please do not forget that
the Foundation needs huge amount of support
as we’re growing. The donation of time, and knowledge,
expertise, is what we are looking for, and in so many ways, you received
so much knowledge freely, it’s time to put back
into the Foundation freely, that the others can
elevate to your level. Thank you very much for today Is there any announcement
you want to make? (RC) I’m not sure if anybody has
any special announcements. I can’t think of anything …
(MK) There’s one, before I forget,
there is one announcement; The Earth Council has
released their first, what I call, not the request,
‘their understanding’ of what it needs to be done with the pla…
with Mankind and Planet Earth. Maybe next week, we give
them the, the Teaching time if they decide as a Earth Council
to be present that they can explain why and release a press,
what I call, ‘communication’. Thank you very much.
See you next week, And if anything important, we usually
jump in, and we let you know. (RC) Very good! Thank you Mr Keshe,
thank you so much. (MK) Thank you bye bye. (RC) And that’ll be the end of the
174th Knowledge Seekers Workshop of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute
for Thursday June 1st, 2017. And as always,
thank you everybody for attending. Okay, we’ll end the Livestream now. And we’ll give a minute or two
for the zoom meeting to end. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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