16 Photos That Are Freaking People Out

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
or in this case, a thousand screams. 16. A Reddit user named summerskyryan takes a
photograph at the Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island that he hasn’t been able to
get out of his mind. These pale faces lack facial details and appear
as rough outlines against the glass. Some of them have worried expressions which
makes sense considering this building was a hospital during the Revolutionary Period. I count six faces in total but some people
see less. How many do you see? 15. These kids with freakish faces all belonged
to the Mickey Mouse Club. This was the place to be in the 1930s, but
almost a hundred years later, seeing this assembly makes me want to grab the heaviest
nearby object and protect myself. Their faces lose more and more detail as you
move up the rows until they begin to look like a sea of creepy blank stares. Maybe this looked a little less scary in real
life, but if not, then I honestly don’t know how they could even stand to look at
each other. 14. A Reddit user named pandaillusion goes on
a Photoshop subreddit to ask the experts about this still image taken by a family member’s
trail cam. His parents thought it was possibly an angel
but pandaillusion thinks that it looks way too spooky for that, which I agree. Footprints in the snow lead up to a figure
that seems to be missing a head. I guess the whole scenario was freaking him
out so much that he was hoping it was fake. Not only were the experts unable to prove
this picture had been Photoshopped, one of them by the name of jtxx brightened the picture
and turned up the contrast to find out what it was, and it just raised more questions. Nobody can say what this is, but everyone
agrees it looks out of place. I think it looks like a tattered robe practically
floating in midair. There’s no feet underneath and no arms coming
out as far as I can tell. And with nobody able to verify that it’s
fake, the paranormal is as good an explanation as any. 13. This photo, taken at midnight by Katrina Paraiso,
shows a dark object laying behind her on the floor. When the picture is brightened you can make
out the dark hairline of a girl laying on her side. Her face is blurry though which could be from
the lack of light or it could be a sign that it was a spirit. Katrina swears that she was alone and that
no one was nearby. If she really is telling the truth, then I
don’t see how this could be anything other than a spirit sliding across the floor from
behind. I guess she could have Photoshopped the corner
of a rug or a shopping bag on the ground to look like a human head if she really wanted
to, but what do you think about this picture, real or fake? 12. This famous cookie company is always adding
new ingredients, but I’m pretty sure whole spiders is not supposed to be one of them. The smashed bug does not look Photoshopped
because the details only become finer when you enhance the brightness and contrast. With that said, I guess someone could have
pressed a bug into their cookie and then blamed the company. There’s just not enough evidence to confirm
if this is real or fake, and so the rumors continue. Until then, if you are going to eat one of
these, I suggest you chew slowly and pay attention to every bite for a crunchy surprise. 11. This picture of a worker clearing the overgrown
front yard of an abandoned house was allegedly taken by a tourist in Mexico. The entrance to the house on the right looks
worn down like nobody has lived there for years, and yet there is also evidence that
somebody has been staying here the entire time. The transparent outline of a child watches
the worker with a clenched fist, perhaps displeased that his home is being disturbed by the living. Then again, the placement of this ghost at
the very edge of the picture almost seems too perfect, so I think it might have been
photoshopped. 10. A Reddit user named engeldestodes says that
he was staying in a Savannah, Georgia hotel when he felt a strange and disorienting sensation
overtake his room. Instead of leaving the room straight away,
which is what I would have done, he for some reason takes a picture and just so happens
to catch evidence of the paranormal in the form of this ghost hand reaching out for him
in the mirror. I think this picture would be easy enough
to fake if someone else was in the room with him to make a shadow with their hand, but
if he was truly by himself like he claims, then there would be no way to reach out at
that angle while holding the camera. 9. These friends take a picture in Brazil moments
before the bridge they are standing on collapses, dropping them to the depths below. You can see they are well above most of the
trees when this happens with nothing but chunks of concrete, railroad and gravel to break
their fall. Plus, they are only wearing shorts and sandals,
and the last thing you want is bare skin showing in a situation like this. Luckily, all of them survive but what kind
of quality of life they will lead afterwards has sadly yet to be determined. 8. A Reddit user named SlicedUpBeef goes hiking
in Hamilton, Ontario and reaches an overlook called Dundas Peak. He takes a picture of his friend with his
phone and it looks normal. But when she takes a picture of him at the
same spot with her phone, they notice something is not right. Off in the distance they see a figure watching
them. It’s wearing a white shirt and black pants
and standing with its hands at its sides, which would be weird for someone climbing. Even when zoomed all the way in, the pixelated
picture still retains enough clarity to make out its clothes. It’s on a sheer drop that, according to
SlicedUpBeef, nobody should have been able to stand on. 7. A trail cam in North Georgia captures this
odd and eerie bug-like creature who residents claim was emanating a soft glow. My question is whether or not this is simply
a small bug caught up close or some kind of large insectoid creature the size of a person. I want to say this is just the close up of
a small bug, but since a wide portion of the trees seem to glow behind it, I’m not sure
what to believe. 6. This is the only known picture of Arnie Sanders,
a man who spoke of an eternal battle between the heavens and the underworld. He claimed to see angels battling against
evil in the subway and was sent to Rockland Hospital in New York, where he was never released. His eyes are wide and wild as they gaze into
another world, seeing things that are not there or perhaps things we simply cannot perceive. Judging from the dark double circles under
his eyes, whatever it is that torments him must never let him rest. 5. There are supposed to be two people in this
photo. Do you see the second one? If not, that’s too bad because he definitely
sees you. The furrowed brow of an stranger peers from
beneath the corner of her mattress. It’s a creepy scenario, but probably not
real because of how small his face looks in proportion to hers. If this picture was real, then his whole head
is about the size of her hand. And there doesn’t look to be enough space
in that corner for a person to hide. Still, this photograph has been freaking people
out since 2014 and a satisfying explanation has yet to be found. 4. This poor girl grew up in Poland during German
conflict and she has seen a lot, far too much for a child. The innocence in her eyes is gone, replaced
with an expression of permanent surprise after a short lifetime full of suffering. This swirling mass of chaotic lines is what
she created when asked to draw a picture of her home. It’s beyond sad that her sense of safety
is so shattered that she cannot even visualize stability even within her own mind. She looks back at you with a haunting stare
that’s hard to shake. 3. This unfriendly local clown stands outside
of a house in Waukesha, Wisconsin in an orange jumpsuit for long periods of time seemingly
for no other reason than to get a reaction out of whoever comes near. And that creepy gnarled tree behind him only
makes this picture twice as eerie. You can tell by the doorframe that this picture
was taken in the safety of someone’s car. The way he slowly turns with his feet firmly
planted reminds me of Jason or any other slow-moving slasher. His family says that he poses no real threat,
but at the same time they can’t get him to stop doing it, even at the behest of police. If I lived in that neighborhood, I wouldn’t
take my chances and walk past. 2. This loose-fitting wig and rubber mask are
what Edward Paisnel would wear when going after children and adults alike up and down
throughout the 60s and 70s. The mask itself seems to retain a permanent
half-smirk even with no one wearing it, almost as if it’s satisfied after inflicting unspeakable
misery upon countless innocent people. Edward would wear this outfit to ambush his
targets and take them to the same field always, where he would do unspeakable things. Soon he grew tired of this and became bold
enough to enter people’s homes, going after everyone inside. He did this after watching them for weeks,
obsessing over every detail of their routine to figure out when they were the most weak,
vulnerable and unsuspecting. His outfit was made for more than just inspiring
terror. These long nails were sewn into the fabric
facing outward so that he couldn’t easily be grabbed. He also wore these bracelets with nails for
the same reason, and also to avoid ever getting handcuffed if the police arrived. Looking at him without the mask and near his
family, you’d never expect this father was capable of such horror. Then again, his child’s uncertain expression
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posted a picture of a girl with this message. He offers to give the exact coordinates of
her if anybody can correctly guess what their post will be, which is what is used in place
of traditional screen names. After somebody correctly guesses their post
number, he gives these coordinates. On that very same day, CBS puts up a story
saying investigators have discovered a student located 50 miles east of El Dorado. The coordinates and the picture both match
the thread. And in case you were thinking that someone
posted this thread after reading the article, it’s actually the other way around. The thread itself was posted at one in the
afternoon, and the article clearly says that she was discovered about an hour and a half


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