11 Types of People at a Party

[Captions by Y Translator] Hi everyone. Can I get
your attention, please? Yes. Thank you all for coming
to my party today. Before we get things started, there are just a few things
that I need to establish. Firstly, I got some party hats
with everyone’s names on it. So if you guys, could you know,
kindly put that on, that would be great. Yeah, just pass it on. All right. So bedrooms are
completely locked, so everyone can
forget about that. The drinks are
on the table to the right, but do take note, if you guys puke on the floor,
you have to pay a fee of $20. Boo! Boring. Hey, let’s get
this party started guys. No, no. Hold on. Before that, just
a few more rules. Everyone has to leave
by the morning, because my dad is coming
back from his holiday. He hates these parties, okay? Okay. Okay.
We got it. We got it. Guys, party! Yeah. You guys just go ahead. Yeah. Have fun. Cool. Woo! TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE HOST Hey bro, we’re out of ice. Out of ice? Yeah, you should gets some. Excuse me, do you know
where is the toilet? It’s over there. It’s over there. Yo. Do you have Japanese whiskey? What? Japanese whiskey? I don’t know. All the drinks are
on the counter. Go check. What a weirdo. Hey, great party man. Hey Dan, why are you
dressed like this? I’m here for the ladies. Okay. Well, here’s $50. Can you go down to the mini-mart
and get all the ice? Thanks. Jian Hao, what’s
the Wi-Fi password? Wi-Fi? Seriously? Yeah, I don’t have data, okay? And I really need it. It’s really important. I need to download
the new update for MapleStory M. MapleStory M? There’s a new update? Yeah. Okay, fine. Just give me your phone. (screams from a distance) Oh no! Oh my gosh. It smells like pee. Dude, did you just pee in here? I thought nobody will notice. I always do this
in a swimming pool. Doesn’t it work the same way? God. This is a disaster. Do you have a phone charger? Do you have like extra pants? Mine is wet now. TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE LATECOMER Oh, hey, Melody. Hello Jian Hao. Sorry, I’m late. Oh, I didn’t think
you were gonna come. Of course, I wouldn’t
miss your party. By the way,
I brought a few friends. I hope you don’t mind? Oh, are they single? All of them are single. Yes. Okay. Great.
Call them in. Come on in, guys. Guys? Hey, bro. Can you help me throw
away this cup? TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE SMOOTH GUYS Trust me man,
it’s going to work. Trust me. I’ve done this before. You get the girl in white. Okay, I’ll get white. Okay. Hey, you want to dance? All right. Baby grind on me. Grind on me. Cheers. TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE MISSING FRIEND No. Dude, dude! What the hell? Where is the girl
you are dancing with? I don’t know. She disappeared. Oh-oh. No, no, no, no. Get down the pool table. Get down the pool table. This is out of control. TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE FESTIVAL GUY This reminds me of the time
I went to Tomorrowland guys. Tasha, get up! Tasha, get up! Get up! Party! Okay, you can go down now. You’re too heavy. Okay. Party guys! Yeah! Yo, I’m going to go get a drink. Bloody Mary, guys? For all? Everyone? All right, Bloody Mary for all. Should we tell him? I think we’ll just
leave it there. TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE THIRSTY GUY Pretty pretty Vicky. You look so different today. So beautiful. In fact, I had a crush on you
since we first met. Thanks, I guess? You’re welcome. You want to get out of here,
and go back to my place? No thanks. Yeah, let’s go. Hey, Cheryl! Long time no see. Chill bro, take a sit. Hey Melody! You look like you
drank a bit too much. Let me take you home, okay? Don’t touch me. Melody, come on. How long have you been friends? Touch me one more time,
and you’ll get it. Okay. So we have hats. You should put on a hat. Yo, Julynn. Down that, and let’s
get out of here. Okay. So, you want to get out of here? Yes. Finally, you get it. Just let’s get out of here. Get out. Yeah, get out. TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE BEAST Denise, I think
we need to go now. It’s late. Hey ladies, you want a drink? No thanks. Actually, me and Denise
have a curfew. So we need to go now. Not even one drink? Okay, fine. Since we are already here,
and it’s just one. But do you know that alcohol
will cause problems, like liver damage,
lung failure, and even… Call me mommy. What? Call me mommy. Mommy! Mommy! Let’s burn this house
to the ground! Wait wait wait. No, no. No burning. There will be no burning. I think you need
to take your friend. Yes, Denise. We need to go. We’re late. No, no, no. I don’t wanna go home. Burn it down. Burn it down. Burn it down. Look at what you’ve done! No! No, no, no! Burn it down. I said there’s no burning
the house down. TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE ALWAYS ON THE PHONE Hi Vincent. Do you want to play
pool with me? No, I’ll pass. Why?
What are you so busy with? I’m playing this new
MapleStory M update. There is a new
MapleStory M update? Yeah, there is this new
character called Evan, and he has a dragon
companion named Mir. If Evan levels up, Mir gets larger
and more powerful. And the best part is Evan
can eventually learn how to ride on Mir’s back. Check it out. Can you repeat again? The music is a bit too loud. One more time? How about you go
download yourself, okay? Go. Go. I go download. Yeah, go go go. What’s the Wi-Fi password? Really? TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE PARTY POOPER Guys, guys. Did you know that if you
listen to Thank you, next, it actually sounds
like bacon eggs? Thank you, next. Bacon eggs. Right? No, it doesn’t. It does, it does. Wait. Listen. Listen. Oh my God, you’re right.
It does. Yo, yo. Guys, guys.
Come here. Come here. You know if you listen to Thank you, next
close enough, it sounds like bacon eggs? Thank you, Next. Bacon eggs. Oh my gosh. Yeah. This guys has such
an eye for detail. What a funny guy. Stupid people and
their stupid party. I don’t even like these people. I’m going to spoil your party. Oops. Oh, no, my speaker. Boo! No, wait wait wait! DJ Ren is in the house. Wow, this music is so
much better, right? TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE LOVEBIRDS Ren Yi Xiang. I really like the way you DJ. I really like the way
you hold the cup. Is it my phone? It’s not with me,
it’s inside the bubbles. Must you get it now? Yes. Help me find. TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE COCK BLOCKER Ren Yi Xiang. This is why you
haven’t been picking up. How could you do this to me? No, no, no. I can explain. Ren Yi Xiang, why didn’t you tell me
you have a girlfriend? TYPES OF PEOPLE AT A PARTY:
THE PARTY PLANNER Hey Jian Hao. You look really stressed out. Yeah, after the
slapping incident, the party mood sort
of died down a little. No worries. I know just want to do
to hype up the party again. Just give me the green light,
and I’ll make some calls. You sure? Yeah. Okay. Awesome. Hello? Wow, Lizz. A pole dancer? Yeah. A snake dancer? Wow. And a guy blowing bubbles. Yeah. Wait, I actually
don’t know that guy, but it’s fun! Yeah, this party is lit. Uh, Lizz, there is
a snake crawling up on me. It’s fine. It’s a bit fat,
but I’m sure it’s well-fed. It’s full already. It’s not hungry. Get it off. It’s fine. It’s fine.>>Bye.
>>What? It’s gonna kill me. Hao Hao? Dad… I can explain. How dare you throw
a party in my house… Without inviting me? Let’s get the party started. Hey everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed this video. As you can see, we are all
hooked on MapleStory M. As there’s a new update, with new characters,
new events, and rewards. So don’t forget to download
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in the next video. Bye bye.


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