11 Million+ Views | A Lesson To Humanity By Shyam Sadhu – English Captions Added

(Setting up the camera) Is it recording? Yes, its recording Come everyone Come come come This is from Mr.Saini This is khicdi I have got wheat grains There is wheat grains, Guava It makes me very happy when people contribute Mr. Saini from Jaipur There comes the mischievous one who will disturb the rest of the monkeys If he comes, he won’t let others eat Look at the little guy sitting with his mother Point the camera to the other side as well Seems like nobody liked Khichdi People send whatever they like to eat for the monkeys even if the monkeys don’t eat it Hey guys don’t spill and waste it Hey you go from here Hey! Here you go, have it! This is real worship of Lord Hanuman Today is 6th right?
– Right Today is 6th Feb 2017 This is just a small demo I come here and feed them everyday One guy from the boys hostel nearby is recording the video The bigger monkeys are letting the small ones eat just because I am here See how small this guy is Hey you move from here This is the greatest worship of Lord Hanuman This whole area was covered in Tress, It was a jungle here before and these all were living in those jungles comfortably That guy is the leader There is a small puppy too here, Look at them play with him I would like to say Hey! behave! I ask people to come and serve in Reality and not in Formality this whole food would have taken so much effort and money to prepare but it will be waste now Please see this video and understand what Monkeys like to eat and contribute that There is one donkey who is being treated at my home right now I will give this Khichdi to him and he will eat it Nothing should go in waste Look how much they like to eat raw Wheat grains I try to do the best I can and they are so much hungry too Everybody loves to eat the raw wheat grains You can come a little closer to record See this, dry raw wheat grains Don’t rotate the camera Keep it steady See this, dry raw wheat grains Look how much they are enjoying to eat this Have it Hey!! Have it Keep things simple for everyone! Raw wheat is easy for me to carry to here and is also easy for them to eat People prepare special sweet breads which they feed monkeys once in an year What difference does it make? Why you guys act like you serve instead of serving for real They are hungry, just give them raw wheat to eat Some people give home made roti / bread, fruits They seem to like wheat more I am very greatful to Mr. Sanjay Kumar Saini I want that he in Rajasthan promote this message throught Pamplets, Youtube that this is real worship of Lord Hanuman and this is real meaning of “Humanity” There are so many religions so many gods people are trying to please What is this whole drama of this world? Read whatever holy book you may like But follow the religion of “Humanity” and following Humanity will eradicate all the problems this world has becaus of differences in the religion and their views Here comes another big guy In between all this I am getting phone calls too Look how beautiful this is! These little ones are so happy Hello! I am feeding the monkeys right now I am surrounded by the monkeys right now I will not be able to talk right now – Yes yes yes I’ll talk to you in half an hour Ok Ok Ok Some monkey here gave a warning cry of some danger and everyone ran away again they will come back See they have spilled so much wheat on the ground I will have to pick it up again and keep it on the edge of the walls and pillars here they pickup and eat every little grain left on the ground look at the little guy behind you Here you go! Have some more! Look at them they are scared of the rest of the crowd and that is why they are sitting there The big ones come and scare them away I will try to go and feed the little ones who are scared away Hey Leader!!! I want to say this to the whole world If your emotions are dead, If you don’t have a heart for them Then remember this for your whole life, irrespective of your religion… Have you seen a needle? you havn’t contributed any value to society even worth of a needle! Whatever is going on in my country right now on the basis of casts and creed We are fighting over Temples and Mosques
We fight over Allah and God First talk about Humanity! Once you learn the true meaning of Humanity… You will see all Gods as one You just have to do your best to become a “Human” and do some Humane Work! that shows that you are a “Human” you will just dress up like saints and worship the god but ask yourself! By doing this What value you have contributed to the society? People are just killing each other There is no Human left in today’s world and why do we keep criticizing each other? “he is great” “he is bad”
Just leave all this and become a Human first and I would like to request something Who is this? Who is scaring them away? What is the matter?
– I don’t know Point that side See this guy is the leader and is sitting here comfortably and eating That is the guy who is scaring them away! I will have to fix him myself So I was requesting to the whole world to please become a Human first! There is no greater religion than this and If there is come and tell me If chanting prayers make any difference to anyone let me know Show that little guy Look at all these cute little ones He doesn’t want to be touched Since the leader is sitting here nobody is daring to come and eat now This is all I wanted to say for now My request to Mr. Saini would be to promote the true meaning of religion as much as possible and I want this messag to be spread through all the possible mediums even Youtube! whatever you can do to promote! I have people who are ready to support financially if you can promote If he spreads this message in Rajasthan it would be a hot topic to talk about in Rajasthan People would see all this and will be impressed I don’t want anything from anybody because I am at the last stage of my life After few years, few months After few weeks and few days and after few minutes no matter how powerful the Human being is he will have to leave this world one day upon his death so after knowing this fact Life is just a story.. But people are still cheating their way out.. Amazes me Jai Shri Ram You can stop the recording now

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