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– [Announcer] Do you have a lost love? – Yes, and I am hoping
that he’s not gone forever! Fuck, yeah, mhmm. (light music) – [Announcer] Do you have a lost love? Like the one that got away? (sighs) (sighs) (sighs) – Man. – Um. – Mmm. – No not really, I don’t think so. – [Announcer] You’re making it look like you’re thinking of someone. (laughter) – [Announcer] Who’re you thinking of? – Her name is Carla. – Josh. – William. – Ian. – He was a German exchange student. – I think I had a crush on
him until seventh grade. – I just was always really drawn to her. – He was funny. – Beautiful. – Handsome. – I felt like myself around him. – As soon as she walked in
the room, it was electric. – It was the first time that I felt truly understood by somebody. – Yeah, I had never felt that way before. – I was like, “Holy shit.” This is what the movies are like. This is like the fuckin’ rom-com
and I gave him chlamydia. – I was planning on telling
him that I liked him. Before I got the chance to tell him, he had gone to a birthday party and made out with the birthday girl and a guy that was there,
and I was heartbroken. – We actually had a short
fling and then I ruined it. – [Announcer] Why did it end? – I said something in an argument that I feel like couldn’t go back from. – I wasn’t ready. – She just up and took off on me. – She was like, “Hey by the
way, I’m kinda done with you.” – They had to move. – Bad timing, I guess. – Timing never worked. – I was engaged and she came out. – We had planned to be long-distance but then they kinda got cold feet. – I was just like, “All
right, let’s do this.” And he’s like, “You know what? “I don’t know if I’m ready.” – [Announcer] You hope
someday it works out? – Yeah, I do. – [Announcer] Do you have a lost love? Like the one that got away? – No, I don’t. – No. – No. – No. – There’s no lost love. – Not at all. – I’m Asian, we don’t
talk about these things. – I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. – I wish! – I wish. – They kinda all get away. That’s kinda my forte. – I’m probably the love that got away. – I’m the one that got away. – I got away from ’em all! – I’m happy to have seen all the ones, that have gotten away, leave. – All the boys that I thought
were cute when I was little are dusty as hell now. – I would say the only
lost love I really have are these LeBron 8 Pre-Heats that I had. I was going through a hard time in life and I had to sell ’em and I had stayed in line for like 10 hours to get these shoes. As soon as I get ’em again,
they’re staying with me. – [Announcer] Do you have a lost love? – It was sophomore year of high school. – I was in high school. – She was my lab partner. – He was a junior, I was a
freshman obsessed with him. – I was always too shy
to do anything about it. – He was either always
involved with somebody, or if he wasn’t then I was. – I emailed him writing out a novel of how much I fell for him
and how much I like him and if and when he’s ready
to come out, let me know. We can make it work. He’s now married to a guy
in Chicago so I was right. – [Announcer] Tell me about
the one that got away. – That person, who would have
been the one that got away, was also the one that came back. – The person that got away came back. – I trapped the one. – No one has escaped me. (laughter) – This relationship I’m
in now is the real deal. – Kept the one that I
knew I was gonna be with. – I met my husband, we
started to dance together and it never stopped (laughs). – [Announcer] Do you have a lost love? – Oh man, how much time you got? (laughs) I got a lot! – I had an eight year long
long-distance relationship. Finally met in person. Three months after, it’s done. – High school we’re trying to be together. Parents were against us,
school were against us. – [Announcer] Why weren’t
you guys allowed to date? Because in China, before
you go to college, dating just not allowed. – [Announcer] Where’s she at now? – I had to deactivate my Facebook account because I would not do work at work, because I would try to Facebook stalk her so I don’t know the
answer to that question. – But I go on incognito and
then I looked at their LinkedIn. – I think that she’s living in LA now. – He’s a doctor now and
he makes a ton of money. – Because she ’bout be a
doctor, I’m like, “Damn.” – And now he’s famous so… – [Announcer] Who is he? – I’m not telling you, he’s famous! – [Announcer] Do you
stay in contact with him? – Right now, we’re not talking so. – We talk but not as often as we used to. – None of his girlfriends
want him to talk to me. – And then we talked
again and she was a bitch and I was like, “I don’t remember
you being a bitch shawty! “You ain’t that cute!” – Now I’m kinda glad
that that didn’t happen. – I really like my life right now. – I’m glad that he got away. – I’m over it. – You can only take so much
rejection or heartbreak before it’s time to let go. – And he actually just got engaged to a woman. – I will check in on him just to see if he’s
still married (laughs). – Yeah, they’re married now. – [Announcer] Okay, so
that’s not an option anymore? – No not, well who’s to say? – We’ll see. – The door is always open for him. – [Announcer] Anything
you want to say to them? – What if he see this? – ‘Cause I don’t wanna seem crazy! – Taylor Christianson,
if you’re out there, you’re the one who got away. – At the time, you broke my heart Kate. – Hi Louis, I hope you’re doing good. – Hey Jamie, if you see this, hit me up. – Yeah, text me! – I had the hots for you. – I wish I had told you
that I had a crush on you. – Hi Tyler, if we’re both single and when we’re in our
fifties, let’s have a baby. – Hey DJ, if you’re out
there and you’re watching, I wonder how things would be different. I’m on Instagram, smiling_avi. I’d love to meet up,
trade Pokemon cards again and just catch up on all the lost years.


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