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♫ Look how they shine for you ♫ Oh, I love it when you touch me (singing) – [Interviewer] What’s one
of your favorite lyrics from a song? – Favorite lyrics from a song. – Um. – Out of any song? Oh my god. – I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world. – Without you I’d be miserable at best. – But, I’m not gonna let ’em
catch the midnight rider. – Loosening my last gray gram of guilt. – You musn’t kick it around. – Gave a brother a ship and never told him the ship was sinking. – I need you so much closer. – Now, you’re just somebody
that I used to know. – Don’t want no Cap’N
Crunch on a Raisin Bran. – Drunk and high at the same time. – Old man take a look at my life. – Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water. – I said be careful. His bow tie is really a camera. – Goodbye, my lover. Goodbye, my friend. – Try not to play yo’ self. ♫ I’ll take you to the candy shop ♫ I’ll let you lick the– – Law, you must be honest. – Love the way you lie. – If you wanna find love. – I’m a born hater. – Didn’t know a princess can be a bad– ♫ Bitch a choosy lover,
never fuck without a rubber – I’m trying to think of
the first, the opening line. It’s like… – Fuck, how does it go? – There’s just no telling how far I’ll go. – There’s a little
chapel on the boulevard. – Unwind me with your mind tonight. – He’s like a jail and you need an escape. ♫ You look the same with no makeup on – You can’t leave me in
the middle of a memory. – God must be sitting on my heart. – Favorite song lyric. You’re gonna make me sing it, I bet. – [Interviewer] Can you sing it? – Should I sing it? – You want me to sing?
– Yeah. – Don’t judge me. ♫ Can you stand the– ♫ California love ♫ Fat-Bottomed girls you
make the rocking world go– ♫ Fuck the police comin’ straight from– ♫ West Side when we ride,
come equipped with game ♫ You claim to be a player,
but I fucked your wife ♫ Now, I’m in the limelight
cause I rhyme tight ♫ Bitch, you thirsty ♫ Please, grab a Sprite ♫ Bitch, better have my money – [Interviewer] Can you
sing it more like her? I don’t know how to be like her. ♫ This that Grey Poupon, that ♫ Evian, that TED Talk ♫ I want to ♫ Be your ♫ Parking lot – There’s gotta be more to life than– ♫ Percocets, ay Molly, Percocets ♫ Loving you is easy ’cause– – I hate every bone in your body. – It’s that one Drake line. It’s like– – You need to stop
running back to your ex. He’s– ♫ Insane ♫ What if I– ♫ Save a horse, ride a– – Reborn maggot. ♫ I believe I can– – Learn to swim. ♫ I don’t know about you but I’m feeling– ♫ Pussy for lunch ♫ Maybe this time, I’ll get– ♫ To the Milkyway – God made me sexy, I don’t– – Give a fuck. ♫ You gotta fight for your right to– ♫ Despacito, du-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu (singing in different language) – Her name is Mia something. Well, she’s an old lady too. ♫ We run things, things don’t run we It just doesn’t make any sense. ♫ Well, don’t you remember ♫ You told me in December that– ♫ She gotta big B-U-T-T ♫ Getting tired of your shit – Last night I waved goodbye. ♫ Bye with words ♫ Once upon a time, not long ago ♫ I was a hoe ♫ Looks like– ♫ Sex with me is so– ♫ Mahna Mahna, do do do do do ♫ Mahna Mahna, do do-do do ♫ Mahna Mahna, Do doo
de-do-do de-do-do de-do-do ♫ De-do-do-do do do do-doo do


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