10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Human Body

10. Pubic hair Humans evolved to lose almost every hair on
their body – except their pubes. This could be to keep our genitals warm, or even act
as a barrier to reduce friction in sex. 9. Autism 1 in 100 people have autism, which causes
social & language problems. It might be linked to abnormally fast brain growth in childhood
& parts of the brain becoming easily overstimulated. 8. Hypnic jerk Science can’t answer why 70% of people experience
sudden twitches before sleep. These muscle contractions could be an ancient reflex to
signal that a sleeping primate is falling out of a tree. 7. Pregnant super smell A woman might realize she’s pregnant simply
by developing a heightened sense of smell. This pregnancy superpower is rumored to stop
women inhaling dangerous fumes that might damage her baby. 6. Biological Dark Matter There is a mysterious genetic life form which
cannot be classified as animal, bacteria, or virus. It comprises 95% of the human genome
& we have no idea what it is.. 5. Large breasts Unlike other mammals, women’s breasts are
permanently enlarged even when they’re not breastfeeding. Some scientists think big boobs
mimic the swollen butts of our fertile monkey ancestors. 4. Handedness Nobody knows why only 10% of the world’s
population is left-handed. Lefties could be survivors of ‘vanishing twin’ syndrome,
outliving their mirror image sibling in the embryonic stage of pregnancy. 3. Sun sneezing 1/3rd of people sneeze when they look at bright
lights & we’re not really sure why. Scientists suspect a neurological mix-up between light
stimuli & the sneezing reflex… they call it ACHOO syndrome. 2. Dreaming 25% of every night’s sleep is spent dreaming
– but we don’t know why. Psychologist Freud thought dreams symbolized sexual desires
& now scientists think they help us solve problems through metaphorical thought. 1. Yawning Yawns have been studied for 2,500 years & they’ve
been linked to everything from primitive communication to sexual arousal. Some antibiotics even cause
people to orgasm when they yawn.

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