10 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

10 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith
In Humanity 10) The Internet Attends A Lonely 10 Year
Old’s Birthday Camden Eubank’s motor speech disorder apraxia,
meant that he struggled to make friends and had to be homeschooled. Turning 10 years old and with no friends to
attend his birthday party, Camden’s parents turned to Facebook to find some guests. The story made it to Reddit and over 300 strangers
turned up to Camden’s birthday party armed with balloons and cake, with one guest even
driving for 4 hours just to attend the celebration, whilst hundreds of other strangers from across
the world sent him birthday gifts. 9) Paralyzed Man Gives Treatment Money To
A Child In 2009 Dan Black was left paralyzed and in
a wheelchair after a cycling accident. Dan spent 4 years raising $30,000 for himself,
so that he could afford the pioneering surgery that would allow him to walk again. In the same village 5 year old Brecon, suffering
from spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, himself needed $91,000 so that he could also have
surgery so that he could one day walk. But after reading about Brecon, Dan gave up
his own dream of walking and donated his money to Brecon, to help someone even less fortunate. 8) Uncle Wiggly Wings aka The Candy Bomber Just after World War II, a Berlin in ruins
had its supplies cut off by the Soviet Union. 1st lieutenant Gail Halvorsen was a pilot
who was part of the Berlin Airlift – in which US and British soldiers delivered food and
supplies by plane. Halvorsen was moved by the sight of children peering into the airport
through a fence begging for candy and food. He told them to look out for a plane the next
day with wiggling wings. They did and saw Halvorsen’s plane dropping chocolate bars
and candy using handkerchieves as mini parachutes. Crowds soon gathered waiting for Halvorsen’s
plane, giving him the name “Uncle Wiggly Wings”. Even though it broke Air Force regulations
his whole squadron got in on the act soon enough, with the American Confectioners Association
donating tons of candy to the cause. 250,000 mini-parachutes were dropped, giving sugar-highs
and hope to the children of Berlin. 7) Man Takes His Mugger Out For Dinner A 31 year old social worker, Julio Diaz, was
walking home in New York when he was robbed of his wallet at knife point. As the thief
ran away, Diaz called back “you may need a coat on this cold night too!”. The thief was puzzled but then was even more
confused when Diaz invited him to dinner. At the meal the mugger gave the wallet back
straight away. Diaz gave him $20 dollars in exchange for his knife and explained to him
that kindness can get you a long way. 6) Chinese Businessman Renovates Entire Village
For Free Xiong Shuihua [shi-ih-aw-ng shoo-wuh] made
millions in the steel industry in China, but he initially had a poor background in a tiny
village in Southern China. Remembering how supportive his neighbors and
community were whilst he was growing up, Shuihua [shoo-wuh] returned to the village as a man
determined to give back. He bulldozed and demolished the wooden homes
and buildings that populated the village and replaced them with state of the art luxury
homes that he gave to 72 families for free. 18 other families who were particularly good
to his family got their own villas worth about $6m in total. He also promised to give the
older members of the community and low income earners three meals a day so they could get
by. 5) Athlete Sacrifices Career To Save Man’s
Life Cameron Lyle was a promising track and field
star at University of New Hampshire who gave it all up to save the life of a stranger. At 21 Lyle had his bone marrow data put on
a registry and so, in 2013, he was contacted after it was found he would be a 100% match
for a 28 year old man who had 6 months left to live. Lyle agreed to donate 2 liters of bone marrow
to the anonymous man, knowing that he’d have to miss the rest of his competitions
for the year. Lyle claimed that it was a very easy choice to give somebody a few more years
to live. 4) In 1980s Orange County, USA, Dr Michael
Shannon delivered a young baby who was very premature. He had a 50/50 chance of surviving
as the baby was 3.2 pounds, but Dr Shannon worked tirelessly around the clock to save
his life and made him healthy. About 30 years later, Dr Shannon was in a
car accident that trapped him in his truck as it caught fire. He was prised out of the
burning vehicle by a Fire Department Paramedic who saved his life. As it turned out, that
paramedic was the baby that Dr Shannon had saved himself. Seemingly fate let him return
the favor. 3) Christians and Muslims Protect Each Other
In Violent Riots At the height of religious and political tension
and riots in Egypt in 2011, protesting Muslims knelt and began praying in the streets of
Cairo. In the middle of the riot, they were vulnerable to harm so a group of Christians
formed a circle around them allowing them to pray without fear. On the following Sunday, Muslims returned
the favor by surrounding Christians who were having Mass. They held a cross and a Koran
and sang “In the name of Jesus and Muhammed we unify”, coming together in a time of
real tension between the two religions. 2) The Angel of the Gap For the fifty years that he lived in his beachside
Sydney home, Don Ritchie would watch out of the window at his cliffside view. Ritchie lived right by Sydney’s most notorious
suicide spot and he would spot many people approaching the cliff edge ready to jump off
and end it all. He would calmly walk towards them, smile and gently ask “can I help you
in some way?”. He would then take them into his house for a cup of tea and a chat to calm
them down. Ritchie’s caring efforts officially saved
160 people from death, although his family state it was probably nearer to 500. Many
people would stop by his house years later and thank him for saving their lives. Ritchie
died in 2012. 1) Nicholas Winton
While visiting Nazi-occupied Prague in 1939 British man Nicholas Winton witnessed the
terrible conditions Jewish refugees were in and decided to do something about it. He lobbied the British Home Office to accept
refugee children from Czechoslovakia, the British government agreed but said Winton
had to find the families himself. After finding families to house the children,
Winton arranged for eight trains to travel across four countries to get to London, even
persuading customs officials to let children in without documentation, saving 669 Jewish
children from almost certain death. Winton’s heroic actions remained unknown
for 40 years later when Winton’s wife came across a scrapbook with the details of the
refugee children he’d saved. A few months later TV show That’s Life surprised Winton,
when they reunited him with the now men and women that owed their lives to him.


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