10 Most Protected People on Earth

As soon as you have an inch of power or
money people want to take it and therefore you become a big target so
that’s why some of you’ve written most powerful people in the world invest a
crazy amount into their protection from world leaders to billionaires to people
you wouldn’t expect to be on this list I’m Charlie and today let’s check out
the most protected people on earth but before I get taken out by bodyguards for
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up first on the list we have queen elizabeth ii almost everyone in the
world knows who queen elizabeth is or as i like to call her Liz you see every
Britt knows the Queen really well but in all seriousness many say that the Queen
is the richest person on earth and I can believe it because every year 27 million
pounds is spent on her protection that’s nearly thirty five million
dollars every year and this is paid by the taxpayers of the UK for that amount
she gets a hundred and eighty five SAS officers at all times that’s right
around the clock almost 200 of the most elite and trained soldiers in Britain
protect this lady and for the entire British royal family it’s around 100
million pounds a year to protect them the Queen is also transported in
helicopters and Land Rover cars which are armored heavily the Queen even has
her own special Police known as protection command this is a specialist
team part of London’s Met Police and you can actually spot these in London they
drive around in red police cars unlike most British police these cops
are armed and of course she also has what’s known as the Queen’s guard
outside Buckingham Palace next up is kim jeong-hoon North Korea is not exactly
the most rich country in the world but that doesn’t stop Kim jong-un from being
one of the most protected people on the planet it’s said that every year 20
million dollars is spent on his protection this is mainly because he’s
so paranoid and thinks everyone wants to take him out he drives around in an
armored limousine and running alongside that is a security detail seeing as
there are little movies about him being assassinated
maybe it’s a good thing he has these guys but Kim jong-un doesn’t just have a
personal secret service he’s also got his very own 100,000 man army that’s
right is one of the 1 million personnel in the North Korean army he has an
additional hundred thousand all to himself and this unit is known as the
supreme guard command next up is Donald Trump
everyone knows the president of the USA and everyone’s got an opinion on him
whether it’s at home or abroad because of this a lot of money does need to be
spent protecting the president at any given time protecting Trump costs around
150 million dollars every year within the first 10 weeks of him being in
office the cost had already exceeded 30 million dollars and this money also
protects his son Barron and his wife Melania Trump often travels between the
White House and his estates around the USA that’s why his protection cost is
slightly higher than previous presidents he travels inside Air Force One which is
a gigantic plane that is then followed by a backup doomsday plane you can
actually survive on the backup plane for up to two weeks Trump also travels
around in the Beast this is a fully armored car inside the car there are
tear gas grenades and it’s all bulletproof even the tires are
bulletproof as they’re made of Kevlar the doors are also the same doors used
in a Boeing 757 jet the car is also blast-proof meaning it could withstand
an explosion and the chauffeur is trained by the US Secret Service and is
the best driver in the country and in the tribus glove compartment is a
machine gun next up is Bill Gates Bill Gates founded Microsoft and therefore
has a net worth of a hundred and ten billion dollars him and Jeff Bezos the
founder of Amazon constantly compete as to who is the number one richest man in
the world but Bill Gates is security is absolutely insane in 1999 someone threw
a pie in his face this caused him to reassess his personal safety and now he
rolls around with many bodyguards around his house he also has an electronic grid
this basically disables any drones people fly over it he also pays around
one dollars a year to get 20 bodyguards at
all times the doors of his office are also made out of steel so while he may
look nerdy you won’t get anywhere near him unless you can tackle his 20
bodyguards next up is Barack Obama you may think that when someone is no longer
president they retire to a life of relaxation and luxury but there’s still
the threat that someone would want to harm an ex-president
after all every politician has to make decisions and some people do not like
every year 16 million dollars is spent protecting brock obama and his family
his daughters are not allowed to go to their day jobs or dates without a
bodyguard it said that Barack and Michelle Obama have made over a hundred
million dollars since leaving office this is mainly from their books and
speaking engagements with large corporations and this has allowed them
to confer their house into a fortress they have a large gate around their
house as well as reinforced doors and cameras everywhere
and despite Obama being an ex-president he still has a security convoy
everywhere he drives next up is Mark Zuckerberg recently Mark Zuckerberg has
been getting a lot of criticism in the media so that’s probably why this year
he increased his security budget from 7.3 million to 20 million dollars he’s
got his own personal bodyguards which travel with him everywhere whenever he
goes in a jog the security guards follow he’s also got
bodyguards for his home and where he travels and apparently these are called
that these Zuckerberg secret police right now there are 16 full-time guards
working in shifts at all times Sheryl Sandberg the chief operating officer
also has 2.3 million dollars spent on her own personal security the company is
constantly under fire for data breaches so it’s no surprise Mark Zuckerberg
needs the security next up on the list is jay-z and Beyonce if you think jay-z
and Beyonce is simply pop stars then you’d be wrong in fact many say they’re
incredibly powerful and maybe in the Illuminati but jay-z and beyonce have a
combined net worth of a billion dollars so people may be out to get them one
time in Brazil a fan got on stage and injured Beyonce this caused the power
couple to ramp up their security for millions of dollars jay-z has fire
personal security guards who are all former intelligence officers and Beyonce
also has an additional five bodyguards they travel around in to blast-proof
latvia suvs this was the same military grade vehicle used by Barack Obama when
he was president and they’ve also spent a million dollars on security on their
88 million dollar la mansion this includes cameras and reinforced doors
all over the place coming up next is Pope Francis Pope Francis head of the
Catholic Church already lives in the most secure country in the world
the independent Vatican City has one of the lowest crime rates on the planet but
everywhere he travelled he’s accompanied by guards holding Spears
there’s also ex Swiss soldiers which make up a high-end military these guys
have a gigantic collection of firearms hidden away and of course the Pope also
has the Pope from abeer this is a car made of put it proof glass so you can
travel around and still be seen and finally on the list we have Tom Cruise
much like jay-z and Beyonce this one’s kind of strange Tom Cruise has barely
ever seen in public and he’s also not a politician or a billionaire but that
about Scientologist is known to be very paranoid with security he apparently has
frequent calls to the FBI and underneath his house is a covert bunker to escape
to he also lives behind the walls of the Church of Scientology and in 2019 a
celeb paparazzi even had a gun thrown on him by Tom Cruise’s security guard but
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