10 Morning Routine Habits of Successful People

hey guys in this video we’re gonna be
talking about mourning habits of successful people now it’s important to
realize that by implementing these habits into your life you will not
become automatically successful but if we look at successful people when we
model what they do we have a higher chance of ourselves becoming successful
like them so onto the first one the first one is that successful people in
the morning they make a to-do list now to-do lists are really important
because if you don’t have a goal of what you’re going to do that day you’re going
to go through the day pointless and aimlessly and you’re not gonna get done
things that you might actually accomplish if you were to do a to-do
list now the important thing is on a to-do list
they need to be actionable things so you can’t be like I am going to work on a
website see that’s not that’s not a good to-do list you need something like I’m
going to implement a new page and write a thousand words of content or I’m going
to mow the lawn by three o’clock and we’ll talk about this in a little bit
about how to set goals better on habits but tip number two is that when they
wake up they do something to energize themselves so this could be anything
from going for a run to get your heart rate up you could drink coffee if you
want to do it in a less natural inner motivated way or you could also take
something like a cold shower I mean if you get in there you need to turn the
shower on boom it’s gonna hit you you’re gonna take a couple deep breaths
your Bloods going to start flowing to all of your inner organs that is a great
way to wake you up now tip number three is that they schedule their day so it’s
not only good enough to create a to-do list you also want to have a schedule of
when you will complete certain things on the to-do list by so you might have to
cut the lawn you might have to create a video and you might have to cook dinner
now you can have all these three things on
there and it’ll feel great when you check each one of those off but what
else is wonderful that successful people do that they turn into a habit is that
they say I will cut the lawn by 10 in the morning I will create a YouTube by
1:00 in the afternoon and I will fix dinner by 6:00 tonight so that’s tip
number three tip number four is to wake up early now there’s a lot of people who
are really successful who sleep in until one o’clock in the afternoon but what I
have noticed a lot of people who are just not successful but are extremely
successful people like Sam Walton who built a huge business people like
Arnold Schwarzenegger and people like Aaron from Alpha M
one thing they do is they wake up early I mean early like some people wake up at
6:00 and that’s early but if you get up at 5:00 that gives you another hour to
beat them that gives you an extra hour of your day to get more done now it’s
also important to get enough sleep and I’ll talk about that in another video
but right now we’re gonna move on to tip number 5 which is affirmations and
visualization now these are two completely different things when I put
them in the same category because they really have they mesh really well so
affirmations are like telling yourself stuff what you’re gonna do today I will
become successful I will do the dishes I will make $50 today by selling a product
I will finish the last 60 pages of this book
those are affirmations now it’s important on affirmations not to be
negative don’t go I’m not going to swear I’m not going to cut someone off in
traffic I’m not going to quit those are not necessarily affirmations they work
but which you should focus on on things you will do because that’s putting
positive stuff into the universe filling your brain with positivity which is
great and the other part of that was visualization so when you wake up you
want to have a dream you want to have you know you just got done sleeping you
might have had a dream but you want like a dream like something
that you can manifest into this world something that you look forward to
alright I’m going to build an awesome website I’m gonna create this amazing
business it’s okay to stay up really optimistic but you also want to stay a
little bit down to earth as long as you can visualize these things they will
help you set the stones down so that you can walk across and get to your goal tip
number six is gratefulness now gratefulness is amazing because there’s
so many things so many benefits you get when the first thing you wake up is
you’re grateful now it’s kind of hard if you’re like waking up you’re like I’m so
grateful I get to take a cold shower maybe you can be grateful about all
kinds of other things you can be grateful you have ten fingers now you
might not have ten fingers you might have eight you can still be grateful
that you have eight fingers there’s all kinds of things you can be grateful for
the fact is that you just need to put your brain in the gratefulness position
because when that happens there’s other chemicals and stuff in your brain that
when you start filling your brain with positivity it’ll eventually become a
habit and overtime success will just seem to
just mesh with you when people see you they think of positivity and with
positivity people want to work with you and they want to ask you questions and
they might even want to offer you a free product I know that was a little
far-fetched but you get what I’m saying gratefulness is like the foundation of a
great day if you are grateful in the morning you’re going to have a wonderful
day it’s gonna take a lot to turn a bad day from waking up and going man I’m so
glad I get a stand up I’m glad I got toes on my feet and I can see clearly
it’s just amazing even if I can’t see clearly I’m glad someone invented
glasses and context that I could put in my eyes and I can still see clearly
anyways that’s number six gratefulness I’m kind of on a rant number seven is to
bond with someone early on now human affection is a really
important thing and it’s even more important if you’re living with someone
if you’re living with someone one of your first morning habits should be to
show them affection now this could be cuddling there’s a lot of other things
you could do I’m not going to talk about that because I want to keep this little
PG but cuddling someone releases a lot of serotonin and that early in the
morning really just boosts you up it’s like wow I love someone I love this
person I love being around this person I’m so glad this person’s in my life and
when you do that it’s a great morning habit to develop because you strengthen
that relationship you build trust that relationship is just gonna grow over
time and it’s something that you’re gonna have to work on every day tip
number eight is to clean from the night before now if you’re like me you might
have got a lot of work done especially for an entrepreneur there’s a lot of
people in the workplace that they might not necessarily need this tip but if
you’re an entrepreneur and you’re building a business if you stayed up
late last night even if you didn’t stay up late last night your desk might be a
clutter and it’s a lot easier if you clean it up in the morning and the
reason for that is usually when it’s later in the day your decision-making
process is taxed it’s not the best and it’s easier when you wake up in the
morning to go all right now I have the discipline and willpower built up in me
because I got enough sleep that I can clean my desk to where at the end of the
day the night before it would be more difficult tip number nine is some
silence now silence is important especially if you are an introvert
because introverts actually get recharged from silence and for me waking
up at 6 o’clock I wake up at 6 o’clock usually and I drink
coffee and then that hour of peacefulness nobody else is awake and
that coffee is just starting to hit my system it’s it’s this this moment of
bliss and I see clearly and I know what my vision is through the day and that’s
how I get a ton of work done and I think you guys could benefit from that too now
it might not work as well on extroverts but definitely on introverts this
silence in the morning helps a lot helps you clear your thinking help you
understand what you’re going to try to get done through the day the last tip is
kind of out there but I think you guys will enjoy it and I think it will
benefit a lot of people if they implement it into their morning habit
and it is to read about what happened the night before so there might have
been things happening when you were sleeping you know stuff might have
happened overseas something might have happened at work if it’s a 24-hour job
the thing is you kind of want to stay away from things that are irrelevant or
negative now there’s a lot of like oh this suburb there was 24 people killed
that night that stuff is important but you don’t need it to achieve your goals
you don’t need to know that there’s also irrelevant stuff like some guy robbed a
well that’s also negative but I’m trying to think of something that’s not
negative that is also irrelevant like someone might have won a spelling bee
you don’t need to check the news for that you don’t need to read about that
while you were sleeping because someone winning the spelling bee unless that’s
like your child or your best friend it’s not really gonna boost you up in your
success so I’m gonna review these because I’ve been requested before and I
want to see if you guys enjoy this little review and especially if you
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so number one is to make a to-do list in the morning
number two is to take a cold shower or at least something that energizes you
tip number three goes along with number one it’s to schedule your day which is
adding time slots to the to-do list tip number four is wake up early tip number
five is affirmations and visualizations tip number six is gratefulness for
everything tip number seven is to bond with someone early if you don’t live
with someone you can always go out and say hey would you like some coffee with
me or hey would you like to play this video game with me or hey could you just
spend some time with me on a nature walk or something that time is really
important and it will strengthen your relationship definitely over time that
was number seven number eight is to clean everything up from the night
before so you might need to do to number nine is silence and number ten
is read about what happened last night I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you
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