10 items SAVE Japanese people every day

Just standing makes me look sad so I put them in, pretending I am listening to music. She’s with me, so I’m glad I had Tapioca today. A Japanese business man saved you! – Yes. Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s Cathy Cat. We’re gonna go hit the streets of Tokyo and ask Japanese people what items they must have need or do not leave the house without … with… Don’t leave the house without. On that note let’s Ask Japanese. Earphones. I don’t listen to music but… When I’m alone… – You don’t listen. – I listen sometimes… But I don’t like my phone battery running out, so I pretend to listen to music. I am not listening but pretend, so I don’t look sad. Just standing makes me look sad so I put them in, pretending I am listening to music. That’s what I pretend to. You pretend to do that? – I do. – Why? Hehe – And as bonus, people don’t chat you up on the train? – When I go to clothing stores… I don’t like the staff talking to me. If I put my earphones in… They won’t chat me up and so, even when I am not listening, it works out for me. This one here. It’s a picture of an artist I like. If I have this one, I feel more motivated. When I am going to work, the pic of my favorite artist is with me. That’s why I feel better and start every day positively. So this pic saved you. – It has. I love it. I went to the exhibition of this artist and bought it there. When do you look at it? – regularly. I have it stuck to my mobile phone too. I see it. – By having things I love with me, I can cheer myself up daily. – It’s like your daily motivation. – Yeah It motivates me. Today we both have come here together. Tapioca milk teas are popular right I didn’t feel brave enough to go drink it alone Girls have this with friends and I didn’t wanna come here alone. I am glad my friend came with me. So glad I got to try Tapioca milk tea today. I am glad I have my friend. – I have just moved to Tokyo but I don’t understand the train changes. I always look it up in apps. They save me. At my job… I have to do sales for newspaper. When I go to some locations, I often get told in advance by my scary colleague what I have to be careful about in a lot of detail. I used the apple watch and recorded the points he told me. He shouted at me, even though he had said different things before and after the meeting I let him listen to his own words that I had recorded and realized it was different So he calmed down. I need my glasses. I have become far sighted. Glad I have them. Yeah, – When you suddenly need to read something. – True! I don’t always carry them. I use them for work. But recently I pack them. So I can read the restaurant’s menu. They save me, Have you forgotten them before? – Yes and I couldn’t read my food menu Recently I can’t do anything without my phone. I use it for playing games, Twitter, and maps and such because I often get lost. I have to check. – I was on the train and felt really tired… and felt sick. And then an older business man gave his seat to me. Wow. How did he get it? – He must have seen it in my expression When I felt sick, he let me sit down instead. A Japanese businessman saved your day. I never carried reusable bags but recently I get asked a lot if I have economically friendly bags and now I am glad I carry it every day. Does it have a cute design? It’s just black so it goes with my fashion. I have flashy ones but they are too big or don’t work with my fashion. So I stick with the black one and it helps. – How did your mum save you recently? What? When I am in trouble she always helps me out. Whenever I struggle she is on my side. – She gets into trouble daily. I have to pick her up. – She gets me out of trouble I don’t have to do much, she always knows what to do. Like here you go. – She saves you. What does your daughter help you with? She is like a friend that I can talk about with about everything I can tell her things that I can’t tell others. I am so glad I have a daugther. She is my soulmate. – Thank you. Depending on what person you are, there are different things that you carry around with you every day. Sometimes boys can leave the house with just their wallets or smartphone but especially girls we carry a lot of things with us and it tends to be practical things I assume. How is that for you. If you come to Japan one really important thing, you need to carry with you is cash. Especially if you come from America and are used to using your credit card you will be shocked cause lots of places expect you to pay with a card and you can’t. Some restaurants and famous chains, even though you pay a lot for a steak there, they won’t take card and then you’re stranded like… I had this situation where I got a nice steak and they said no we don’t take card so I had to dash out, find somewhere to withdraw cash and then come back. So embarrassing. You can save yourself the embarrassment that I went though for you guys Don’t make my mistake, carry cash with you when you come to Japan even in the big city of Tokyo many places don’t accept card so be prepared. Give us a big like and if you have not watch our channel before be sure to subscribe cause we bring out lots of videos a week about Japanese culture and Japanese people and lots more. Be sure to sub, catch you soon on Ask Japanese. Bye And I think this is good!


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