10 Horrifying Things Found Inside Human Body

facts verse presents ten horrifying things found living inside a human body number ten plants in longness a Massachusetts resident experienced a persistent nagging cough ronan speedin went to the hospital for treatment of what he thought was a tumor x-rays revealed that sveden had a two inch long peep Lant growing in his lung in 2009 when 28 year old Russian Artyom zdorkin described the severe chest pain he was experiencing doctors feared cancer when they removed a portion of SCID organs lung they found a surprise the surgery revealed a small fir tree two inches long the tree had sprouted from a seed the man inhaled in the woods on army training number nine fish in lungs in India a 12 year old boy complained to a doctor about breathing problems undergoing emergency surgery for his low blood oxygen level the 45-minute operation revealed a three and a half inch long nine centimeter fish in one of annal barela’s lungs the boy admitted that he and other local kids had been playing a popular game called swallow alive fish instead of the fish going down his esophagus it went down the windpipe into his left lung number eight spider in stomach a 21 year old tourist tabali ended his visit on a disturbing note Australian Dylan Thomas awoke on a Saturday to discover a two-inch red trail on his torso rising from his stomach later in the day the trail had traveled two or three more inches of his body when he saw doctors on Sunday they diagnosed the problem as an insect bite and gave him a cream for it on Monday morning it was blistering a dermatologist was concerned that his problem was more serious doctors operated and removed a small spider from his body the Bali International Medical Center medicals have determined the spider only the size of a match head had burrowed into Thomas through a scar from his appendix removal some perth australia scientists now believe it might have been a parasitic mite instead of a spider number seven maggots in the ear one elderly 92 year old woman was treated for 57 maggots living in her ear the medics believed a fly must have crawled in and laid eggs which successfully hatched a man in india was even more unfortunate when he arrived at a hospital complaining of ear pain the doctor found hundreds of maggot larvae feeding on his flesh if left untreated they would have fatally burrowed into his brain England’s Rachelle Harris returned home from a holiday in Peru soon she was hearing scratching sounds in her head pains in her face and excruciating headaches doctors assumed it was a minor ear infection until they discovered many maggots deep inside her ear they were new world army screwworm fly larvae and the doctors had difficulty removing them because as they attempted to reach them the maggots retreated further into her head shooing a hole in her ear canal number 6 brain worm when Roseberry alvarez of arizona experienced blurred vision and numbness both she and her doctor suspected a brain tumor there was no brain tumor but rather than being good news what she really had was bad news during surgery the doctor found that instead of a brain tumor Alvarez had a tapeworm burrowed into her brainstem tapeworms are actually common hitchhikers in humans but their favorite habitat is the intestinal tract the horrifying factor in alvarez’s case was that the only way a tapeworm could get to her brain was through ingesting human fecal matter since the grandmother obviously wasn’t involved in some fetish she had to have eaten something from by someone’s unwashed hands number five bugs in scalp in 2007 Aaron Dallas of Colorado had incredibly itchy scalp which he treated for weeks with ointment SAVs and special shampoos with no relief as more time passed he says he could feel his scalp moving and hear something then he began to experience debilitating pain doctors discovered that botfly larvae had been implanted in his scalp probably by a mosquito on a trip he had taken to Belize that year undergoing surgery doctors cleaned out an open pit on Dallas’s scalp that was full of bugs each of them was approximately half the size of a penny number four giant hairball in Kyrgyzstan doctors were consulted because severely malnourished ayperi Alex Eva couldn’t keep down any food or drink when they operated on the 18 year old they were horrified to discover a giant 10-pound hairball in her stomach my puri was suffering from Treecko fascia a compulsive disorder causing a person to eat their own and other strands of hair eventually the accumulated hairball that forms develops a tail which gets into the intestine known as Rapunzel syndrome number three magnets small children swallow inappropriate things such was the case with eight-year-old Hayley of Indiana who ate something that looked like candy she was admitted to the hospital suffering from mysterious stomach pains x-rays revealed the girl had swallowed over 30 magnets and small chunks of metal the magnets still behaved like magnets locking together regardless of whether they were in the same internal organ or not doctors say Hayley was lucky to have survived number two your twin sanju Bhagat’s of india was ridiculed as a child for his abnormally big abdomen in fact he had looked pregnant his entire life he was taken to the hospital one night for severe pain and shortness of breath as doctors operated to remove what they thought was a tumor they discovered Bhagat’s parasitic twin instead the twin had been there since they were in the uterus together living parasitically off of him only partly formed the twin had developed hands feet genitalia and hair termed fetus in fetu there have been less than 90 cases recorded in medical history number one cutlery when Margaret Dallman of the Netherlands went to a hospital in crippling pain from her stomach her x-rays revealed what looked like a large squid operating on the 52 year-old woman doctors discovered over 78 forks and spoons she had swallowed each of them one at a time while we may be confused about how and why someone does this there is actually a name for the mysterious compulsion to eat items that are not food pica subscribe for more you


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