10 Contagious Diseases That Could Wipe Out Humanity

10. Polio
Targets the nervous system to cause spinal & respiratory paralysis.
Spread through fecal remains, it mainly affects young children. 09. Yellow Fever
Spread through infected mosquitos, it can lead to jaundice & organ failure.
There are 200,000 cases each year, 30,000 of which prove fatal. 8. SARS
Originating from China’s Guangdong region in 2002, the virus kills 1 in 10 infected.
An airborne virus, it clogs the lungs leading to respiratory failure. 7. Spanish Flu
Fluid fills victims’ lungs, drowning them in their own mucus.
The airborne virus killed 100m in 1918 – more than had died during WW1. 6.Cholera
Causes diarrhea & vomiting, leading to dehydration which can send the body into shock.
Spread through contaminated water, there are an estimated 120,000 deaths a year. 5. Malaria
Causes seizures, comas, & patients’ brains to swell.
Carried by parasites spread through insect bites, it kills 1 child every minute. 4. Plague
Spread through fleas from infected animals. Kills 70% of victims – some in 24hrs.
Causes excruciating swelling; the Medieval plague killed up to 75m worldwide. 3. Ebola
Spread through contact with bodily fluid, hemorrhaging victims die from blood loss.
One of Earth’s most lethal diseases, there’s no cure & a 90% fatality rate. 2. Tuberculosis
The world’s 2nd biggest killer attacks the lungs, bones & nervous system.
Caught by inhaling airborne saliva, 1/3 of the world’s population has latent TB. 1.HIV
Attacks the immune system, making the victim unable to fight off infection.
35m people are estimated to be currently living with HIV.


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