10 Apocalypses That We Survived

ten apocalypse is that we survived
number 10 the Black Death the Black Death is probably the most famous plague
ever to hit humanity but most people don’t realize it’s taken a huge chunk
out of the world’s population on more than one occasion you’re sending a
pestis the bacterium responsible for the bubonic plague had its first breakout
appearance in 541 seee known as the plague of Justinian the
disease swept through the Byzantine Empire killing five thousand people a
day for over a year eventually around 50 million people died 25 percent of the
world’s population at the time then in 1346 the plague re-emerged as the Black
Death giant swellings appeared on victims bodies as they fell into fevers
and started throwing up blood oh and they died anywhere from 75 million to
200 million people were killed by the Black Death but I guess no one was
massively worried about keeping exact records when all their friends were busy
vomiting up blood roughly 60% of Europe’s population disappeared and the
world population didn’t reach pre plague levels until 250 years later there was
even a third plague outbreak in China in 1855 taking another ten million people
out yet humanity survived all of it or at least we have so far technically the
plague still exists number nine the Ice Age nowadays it only has to dip below
room temperature to send most of us reaching for a Snuggie so it’s pretty
incredible that humans managed to survive through the Ice Age yet that’s
exactly what scientists now know happened at least according to research
from a journal so scientifically sciency they called it science the paper dates
recently discovered human fossils at 37,000 years old meaning mankind managed
to tough its way through the Ice Age which is pretty impressive considering
that the ice age was basically thirty thousand years of Mother Nature trying
to freeze us off the earth with temperatures dipping around the
world and plants dying life suddenly became much harder every subspecies of
human except Homo sapiens that’s us and the and earth alls a dumber version of
us died out some scientists think that we only made it through the freezing era
because a few hundred of us happen to find a small warm region 200 odd miles
east of modern-day Cape Town those lucky few are thought to be the only humans
who survived the Ice Age yet ice literally whittled our entire species
down to a few hundred people fortunately our ancestors just about
managed to survive sitting through the Ice Age although to this day there is no
proof that any human has ever survived sitting all the way through Ice Age 2 to
5 number 8 2012 solar flare in 1859 the earth was struck with a massive solar
storm while everyone was messing about doing Victoria new things like trying on
corsets and growing amazing mustaches a bizarre white light appeared over
Australia although to astronomers Richard Carrington and rich and Hodgson
spotted the event there was no effect to society as a whole but that wouldn’t
have been the case had it happened today you see the solar flare that struck the
earth would have interfered with our modern power grid crippling it and
forcing us to live without power that means no artificial light no
internet for information no communication more advancement shouting
and worst of all no more selfies the scary thing is this almost happened in
2012 in that year there was a massive solar storm that just missed the earth
and I mean just if the storm had started six minutes earlier our planet would
have been hit and according to NASA we’d still be picking up the pieces number
seven Tunguska event when not trying to kill
us with solar flares space has a simpler if less elegant solution chucking giant
rocks at us we all know a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs but the event
that turned the t-rex from king lizard to Smithsonian exhibit was far from a
one-off in 1908 a meteorite rocketed into our atmosphere and started
plummeting to the ground it landed at Tunguska in the middle of Siberia which
is just another way of saying the middle of nowhere it’s lucky the meteorite
landed where it did the impact was one thousand times more powerful
than an a-bomb and 80 million trees were uprooted by the blast people hundreds of
kilometers away claimed to have heard the explosion and there a report of
windows breaking in nearby towns considering the damage one a bomb did to
her Oshima or Nagasaki something with 1000 times the power would have wiped
out even the largest city had the meteorites path differed slightly the
comet could have hit Moscow turning the city to dust and dramatically changing
the course of history number 6 population collapse a million years ago
humanity came to the brink of extinction and the scariest thing we don’t even
know how it happened scientists researching Neolithic man have found
that our population suddenly a mysteriously bottleneck in other words
the number of humans plummeted something to as low as 18,000 that’s low enough to
make human beings and endangered species there are a number of theories as to how
this happened but the two most prominent theories are these either a we suffered
from some mass extinction event like a giant earthquake or a volcanic eruption
or B we became overpopulated in one region and killed off a food supply
there whatever happened it was enough to have a long-term impact on the
population fossil evidence suggests that the number of humans stayed around
18,000 for tens of thousands of years with a head count solo humans were
extremely vulnerable and another cataclysmic event could easily put an
end to our species permanently number 5 shanssey earthquake if you woke up to
find 60% of China had died it probably feels something like an apocalypse
especially if all those people had just been wiped out by a single event well
that happened once in 1556 Shanxi Province in northern China was hit with
an earthquake so powerful it reached seven point nine on the Richter scale
for the non earthquake experts among you that’s ten times as powerful as the
earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 the impact of this China shaking event
was massive eight hundred and thirty thousand people died that may not sound
like a lot compared with the black death or the ice age but actually it was a
whopping 60 percent of population of central China that’s the
equivalent of an earthquake killing 780 million people nowadays the cost of the
damage is impossible to measure but it almost caused the Chinese government and
economy to collapse a similar collapse today would bring the world economy to
its knees sparking chaos and destruction around the world number 4
permian-triassic extinction by now you’ve probably got the idea that
mankind has survived some pretty intense things we’ve been hit with diseases
natural disasters and giant rocks from space
yet we’ve clung on and outlived it all but humans almost didn’t get the chance
to be plucky little survivors in fact we were almost wiped out long before we
even existed way back in 250 million BCE when we were still handsome little rap
things there was a mass extinction event that almost ended life on Earth though
there’s disagreement as to what exactly happened many experts agree that the
formation of the massive continent Pangaea blocked the oceans around it
from flowing properly this led to the water becoming stagnated and deadly bad
news if you’re a little rap thing the stagnant water poisoned almost
everything in it killing 96% of all marine life but it didn’t stop there
not having a reliable source of clean water also proved fatal to 70% of
land-based species the Permian Triassic extinction was so devastating to the
earth that NASA refers to it as the great dying fortunately our ancestors
managed to struggle through and now you get to sit here watching youtube videos
number three Spanish flu we’ve already seen what the
bubonic plague could do when let loose on medieval Europe but in those days the
most advanced medical science God was saying just throw some leeches at it and
try not to upset any witches for a plague to be as deadly in the 20th
century when we had a decent grounding and disease prevention seems almost
impossible yet that’s exactly what Spanish flu achieved in 1918 Spanish flu
spread rapidly around the world infecting 250 million people the disease
turned having a strong immune system into a deadly weakness causing bodies to
overreact to the pathogen by sending countless t-cells to the infected area
these cells were often sent in such high concentrations that they
to the Airways to the lungs causing people to drown in their own fluids
basically the disease tricked your body into doing the equivalent of trying to
remove facial acne with a shotgun the disease disappeared by the end of the
year probably mutating into a less deadly strain of flu but in the short
time it had killed 50 million people re-emergence of the Spanish flu remains
Bill Gates biggest fear for the future in fact he rates the odds of it
happening within his lifetime as 50/50 number to world war ii you don’t need us
to tell you that world war ii was a pretty big deal over 25 million soldiers
perished in the conflict and 50 million civilians were murdered add in the
victims of the holocaust and that brings the total to a staggering 85 million
deaths but the war was almost even more deadly than that we now know that Hitler
had his Nazi scientists working around the clock to develop a nuclear weapon
from 1939 onwards the German nuclear program grew even closer to successfully
splitting the atom some even claimed that they were on the verge of
completing an atomic bomb and that he already had plans drawn up to nuke
London and New York in a gratifying display of Karma the fact that Nazis
were never quite able to reign nuclear hell down on us was in large part due to
their own bigotry all the prominent Jewish physicists in the country had
been killed off or fired leaving the Nazis without many of the leading
experts they could have relied on number one Toba supervolcano when you hear the
term supervolcano you know things are about to get real and the Toba
supervolcano is no exception as devastating as all the other events on
this list have been this was the closest mankind ever came to extinction in
70,000 BCE while humans were still learning which end of the spear to use
the Toba supervolcano suddenly exploded and we mean exploded experts of the real
and epically named volcanic explosivity index describe the eruption as mega
colossal yet this thing was so big it caused scientists to make up a word just
to convey its awesomeness the heat and power of the eruption vaporized 2,800
kilometers of surrounding rock sending it all into the atmosphere for
comparison the mountain Helens eruption in 1980 only managed
to destroy one kilometer of rock as you might imagine 2,800 kilometers of rock
dust being blasted into the sky isn’t great for the environment the dust
blackened out most of the sun’s light for six years with little plant life and
increasingly sparse prey most people starved the global population dropped to
around 3,000 and the number of breeding adults left may have fallen as low as 80
yes if 80 people hadn’t screwed we wouldn’t be here today that’s pretty
scary but there is good news the fact that only the smartest and most
resourceful humans managed to survive probably made us a better species in the
long run so those were ten apocalypses that we survived which mere catastrophic
crisis was your favorite did we leave any humanity threatening moments off the
list and if you want to see some apocalypses we might not be able to make
it through check out top 10 global apocalypses that
could happen today playing on screen now


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