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Thank you so much for subscribing now roll the clip. I think he is crying. Ever since my first experiment with
dry-aging which was a bone-in ribeye man I’ve been addicted to it. After that I
jumped right into dry-aging of brisket for 60 days and boy was that amazing. All
I have to tell you it was a waterfall of juice. Then I stepped up a notch and went to
butter dry-aging which was good he actually gave me
confidence to start with Wagyu dry-aging. And my first one was a beautiful dry
aged picanha that was almost like an out-of-body experience. After that my
confidence went up and I dry-aged an Australian Wagyu marbling score seven
and let’s just say that was the icing on the cake. But everything I have learned
with dry aging has led me to today. This is dry aging Japanese Wagyu a5 the most
expensive meat in the world. So let’s do it! This is the holy grail of beef the
real deal and I can prove it and even before opening the package you can see
this is something special. When you buy real Japanese Wagyu a5 it comes with a
certificate this is a hundred percent authentic.
Do not be fooled my friends that is why I have my own meat dealer. These are all
the information about the cow; how much it weighed, the day it was harvested, it’s
aged , and the opposite side is the information in Japanese. Believe me when
I tell you this is not easy to get and without my meat dealer this would have never
been impossible. # thank you Emilio, you are a true friend. Even opening this
is an experience on its own it’s like the Super Bowl of all beef. And I know
exactly what you’re thinking if I get this I’ll be nervous opening it. Trust me,
I was! After opening everything here’s what it looks like. To really find out if it’s worth
dry-aging it, I want to split it in half. By doing so we’re gonna have one half
dry age and the other one is not this will be a true comparison to see if it’s
worth dry aging and a priceless meat like this. And once I cut it open here’s
what we got This half will be our control. And in
order to preserve its freshness the best way to do it is to freeze it so I
started by cutting some beautiful steaks. All those beautiful white spots
throughout the meat is intramuscular fat. For that reason the outer fat is just
not necessary, and it can be used for so many other things you’ve seen on my
channel. So I like to do what’s called a super trim which means to extract all of
the external fat. Once that’s done I’m left with the most incredible steaks in
the world. To ensure its freshness and compare with
a dry-aged I’m gonna be freezing them for a total of 35 days, then I’ll be
thawing them out to compare. I want you to remember that there is no waste I
save all the Wagyu fat for different experiments that you’ve seen on the
channel. Including that $1 wagyu that I did a few videos ago. To dry-aged it
I’m gonna be using the method I trust the most and it is called UMAI dry. This
is not a regular bag it is a special membrane which looks like a bag. It
basically allows moistures to escape without allowing anything bad to go back
in. Allowing you to dry aged at home without any special equipment. You saw it
when I opened the bag it was completely dry. In order for the UMAI dry
membrane to work. It needs to have moisture. Since there was no juice in the
bag, we can substitute that with water, so I lightly coated every single surface.
Now all there’s left to do is bag it up and vacuum seal it. Using a special
fabric that comes with the kit it allows me to use my regular vacuum sealer. To
ensure my seal is tight I like to seal three times. Once I was done you can see
that the membrane is in full contact with the meat and that is what you’re
looking for. When putting on your regular refrigerator it is important that you
have airflow throughout the whole thing so for that I like to use a cooling rack
underneath it. Now there’s nothing else to do but let it dry-age on my regular
refrigerator for a total of 35 days. Once the 35 days were up, I removed it
from my refrigerator and opened it up and once I did, this is what it looks
like. I’ve done a lot of dry aging and nothing looks like this. The fat melts by
the touch of my hand. Even after dry aged this still happens. Also the color is quite
unique I’ve never seen anything like it. But now it’s time to open it up. it seems
like that red color is completely gone. Normally when I cut a dry-aged that red
is so nice, but here there’s almost nothing just a little bit towards the
left. Like every dry aged steak you must remove the pellicles. That’s the outer
layer skin formed with the dry aging process. Since every piece of meat I’m
trimming out costs a big chunk of money I am being extremely careful. Then like
the previous steak I’ve also decided to do a super trim so I can save the fat.
Once all of them were trimmed I also defrosted the fresh one and put
them right next to each other and this is what they look like. The dry aged on
the right and the other one on the left But now the most exciting part for me is
to find out what they’ll taste like. To make sure we’re tasting the steak and
nothing else I decided to season them with salt and freshly ground black
pepper. But now that you’ve seen the whole process, I say it is enough talking
and it is time to grill the most expensive steak in the world. So let’s do
it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks right here what do you think Angel? They’re beautiful! I know I agree
with you they look fantastic when we’re searing they look awesome but I know
what they’re thinking. Because they’re thinking this steak right here is
totally overcooked because there’s zero zero redness on it on this part right
here. Oh on this part but over here red. Over here is red. I don’t know why it’s just how it is I
guess. I know why I think I know why and I have a theory why. Because of the dry
aging? Because of the dry aging Angel knows what this experiment is he was
here all along with me he could have missed it this is kind of like a Super
Bowl of all steaks. Isn’t it Angel? Yeah pretty much. it is the Super Bowl. So when you cut up
the dry-aged everybody it’s not as red. It was taken out at a hundred and
twenty degrees Fahrenheit so it’s definitely not not overcooked. Both of
them are the exact same temperature. But I think it’s enough talking we have to
try them huh Angel? which one you want to go for first.
Well let’s go for this one here first no? Let’s go for this one here so that we
can really you know try to remember. Its been a long time since we don’t eat no wagyu. You agree? Yeah its been a while. Look at it, cuts like butter it’s just butter everybody. A5! It is so amazing it is an experience it
is hard to describe. Describe Angel. It’s A5 baby! It is the ultimate steak bro.
It is the ultimate steak. Now I know you can’t wait anymore let’s go for it Angel.
We got to compare them bro let’s see what we came for. Let’s see what it taste like I almost got two.
Alright buddy Cheers. hmm-hmm oh my God Wow. I just made A5 better! Wow
very beefy everything that this steak has times two is on this steak right here.
There is a very mild umami flavor to it from the dry age. It is not overpowering,
it is incredible. I see you’re going for the second one to test it again to see
the difference? Go for it Angel’ now I’m I took the part that had a little bit of
the red on it I’m gonna take the other part right here which we saw that lost
all the red color. You guys see us going back and forth back and forth because we
really want to give you guys a good review. It’s annoying
like that this is so much better than that one. Because then we’re gonna treat this
on like it’s nothing. I know right. And this is not nothing its like the best. This is the best
steak in the world, this just elevated the best steak in the world a little bit
more everybody. The Japanese Wagyu A5 is an
experience in on itself. You know Angel we are very lucky because not a lot of
people will ever be able to experience something like this. They don’t sell this
kind of thing. I don’t even know how much this would cost. If this is the most
expensive meat in the world imagine this one. Well I don’t take it for granted I
will eat it, I will eat it.. I don’t have any idea how much this would even cost everybody.
This is how you know the next level it is. Is it the best thing I ever ate in
my life? Yes it is. Will I ever do it again? Yes I
probably do it again. I thought you were going somewhere else with that. No I know
you’re gonna be like no. I mean I’ll do it again I just have to you know sell my
house and sell my car and everything. But it is incredible it is an experience on
itself. Just like expected, a dry aged steak is better than a regular steak, and
when you take the best steak in the world and you dry-aged it it just
becomes better. And you can really see the marbling in there the slice of marbling. Oh yeah
you could see where happening right there. Anyway guys these are the results.
I know you guys wanted to see it and here it is I hope you enjoyed this video.
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Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care
everybody. But the only thing that can make this better, you know what? Nothing. You’re
probably right. But instead of having one Japanese Wagyu A5 dry-aged, I have two. And I gotta run some experiments with it. See you on the
next one everybody take care bye bye. Before Angel eats all of it. Oh hey where you going with this. Other family members need to try. No It will not be fair. Guys I have to go. I see
on the next one


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