05 Compassion is Like a Bridge (Bodhi Light Tales)

You are listening to Bodhi Light Tales, the
podcast for mindful people on the go. Hello, my name is Miao Guang and today’s Bodhi Light
Tales is “Compassion is Like a Bridge”. Once upon a time, a young man named Ralph,
went to the temple to seek advice from a Buddhist monk. Ralph was having problems at work. He
couldn’t relate to his colleagues and was wondering if he should just simply quit. He
said to the monk: “Master, I just started this job and I already hate it. I can’t
relate to anyone at work because I find it so hard to communicate with them. I want to
quit but this would be the third job I quit this month!” The monk looked at Ralph and
asked: “Last time you were here, you mentioned that you rescued an injured dog you found
by the roadside. Can you tell me again how you rescued him?” Remembering the dog, Ralph’s
face lit up and he retold the rescue: “Well I was walking home, it was raining. I saw
the puppy, he looked weak, injured and was just lying on the side of the road. I couldn’t
just leave it there, so I brought it home. And fed it and treated its injuries. The monk
asked, “How is the dog doing now?” Ralph still smiling, continued: “He’s completely
healed and healthy now! I decided to keep him, and named him Einstein because he is
very smart. Well, Einstein is a great dog. When I come home from work, and he hears the
door, he would fetch me my slippers!” The monk smiled and said: “What a nice thing
to do.” Ralph, now beaming with joy, added: “Whenever the phone rings, Einstein nudges
me nonstop till I pick it up! He lies by my side as I read at night, and wakes me up when
my alarm goes off in the morning. I have never met such a wonderful dog! He’s my new best
friend.” Sensing Ralph’s joy at talking about his dog, the Monk replied: “Sounds
like you two get along really well.” Ralph nodded in reply: “Yes of course. We have
a great connection. We communicate all the time. We understand each other. And we love
each other.” The monk looked at Ralph and asked, “That’s right. But, let me ask
you something. Humans and dogs don’t speak the same language. Have you ever wondered
why you can communicate with your dog? Do you know why you get along so well?” Ralph,
puzzled, shooking his head, admitted: “Actually Master, I never really thought about it. Do
you know why?” The monk nodded, and said: “It is because, from the very beginning,
you were compassionate towards him. Although you and your dog are different in many ways,
you get along because you love him very much. Keeping that in mind, if you treat your colleagues
with the same compassion and kindness, then communicating with them isn’t difficult.
Compassion is like a bridge between people. It connects them and brings them closer together.
Why don’t you give your job a second chance? See if things change for the better?” Ralph
smiled and was filled with joy at hearing the Monk’s advice. “Thank you for your
compassion Master!” With a compassionate heart, Ralph went back to work and found a
way to get along with his coworkers. The moral of this story is, if we face each day with
compassion and loving-kindness, we shall bring happiness and inspiration to others. With
a compassionate heart we can go anywhere for it is like a bridge that brings people together.
And with compassion, we will always have friends wherever we go.

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