?Learn about Humanity Through Pets featured by Jody Dontje ??☑️

did you know that every animal in pet
has a story and did you know that we can learn so much about humanity through the
stories of the animal world because I would love to share how people and
animals aren’t that different and how we can learn so much about ourselves
through the stories of animals so I’m very grateful to be a public speaking
coach no fulfillment my instead coach and I got to where people from all walks
of life all around the world on how to become more effective and authentic on
in off stage my passion and mission in life is to bring humanity back into our
conversations but the amazing thing is even that had tons of experience of
human beings I first learned about the human potential in values through
animals you see when I was a little girl my mum used to tell me stories about how
we had a dog called Sam and she said when she first brought me home from the
hospital she felt an instant connection between Sam and I she said that Sam
would follow me around anywhere that my mum would take me one of the things that
made the biggest difference in my mum’s life was that my dad used to work night
shifts at times if someone would sometimes be afraid to be home alone
have to walk in the middle of the night to the bathroom or to even leave me
alone in the cot but she said with me how Sam used to sleep very happily in
his little bed in the corner of the room until I came home and he refused to
leave my bedroom at night so mum set up the bed for Sam next to my
cot and she knew every single night he was looking out for me and the only time
he would leave my bedside would be to walk over to my mum’s room when he knew
she had to go to the bathroom he could hear sounds walk her to the bathroom
walk her back and then return to protect me next to the count when I heard this
story had brought so much awareness into the realm of kindness and I realized the
power of being kind and how much it made a difference to my mum’s life and I was
so grateful so from that day onwards I started to live by my value of kindly
and I thought if Sam can do this so can i I even learned the power of gratitude
through animals when I was a teenager I was sitting in the car and we’re going
down a road a winding river in the distance I could see a bird flying up
and down and up and down every time a car would go by and fly up and then it
would go and hover back over something on the road and consistently do this
with every car and I thought why is it putting itself in danger what could be
so important on the ground that it needs to do this as we approached closer and
closer to the bird I realize that the bird was hovering over another dead bird
on the ground in that moment a huge sense of sadness came into my body and I
realized that in life we don’t know when we’re going to pass away in that car as
a teenager I realized the power of gratitude and being grateful for what we
have right now and I realized that this bird felt such a strong connection with
the other birds and in life I wouldn’t want to feel a connection with someone
else without feeling gratitude for them because what if I lost them and the same
thing is I thought if I lived every single day grateful for myself when I
pass away I will feel a lot more fulfilled as a teenager
these birds taught me gratitude and as a young child Sam taught me the power of
kindness so the love uterus to reflect on your life and think of where have
animals impacted you and where can your curiosity burn to find out more stories
that connect you to humanity the incredible thing is that 60% of
Americans now own pets and in Australia coral according to the RSPCA 62 percent
of Australian households have pets and this is beautiful influx of pets coming
into the workplace where they say that in the workplace
animals are allowing more productivity more teamwork because of a commonality
it’s decreasing stress increasing proactiveness and present and it’s even
allowing people to feel a greater sense of gratitude for having these nice fairy
friends over so I’d love for you to reflect on how
you could bring animals to more spheres in your life and I’d love to invite you
to share the stories of those animals that have impacted you so we can be the
voice of the animals that they wouldn’t be able to share and for us to be able
to carry through the stories and the messages around the world to make a
difference today there is so much we can learn from animals and let’s activate
our potential for storytelling on behalf of the animal world and remember to be
brave be vulnerable and be kind

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