الأخلاق | Morals

Have you heard about a man who
came back home tired after traveling.. And on his way, he turns to his wife and says.. “Will you race me?” So they race and laugh.. Yes He forgot his tiredness and showed kindness to his family This is the morals of our prophet Peace be upon him.. He who said “I was sent to perfect good character.” It is of the greatest things one can learn in this life For religion is all about morals He who excels in morals, has excelled in religion Having good morals has a great
effect on the happiness of oneself And the joy of the person, and the peace of mind Fight yourself to have the morals of Quran Know that this is the greatest change Forgiveness, Patience, Sanity Overlooking, Humility Mercy and Love All are good deeds which we ought not
to allow anyone to reach it before we do And for you’re a human, you can’t see your mistakes You accept yourself in all its conditions Then, you have to understand the conditions
of others to forgive and excuse Remember that the only specialty that you can’t
find being taught in the universities of the world Is “morals” For a cleaning man can hold it.. While a doctor fails in it Be one of good deeds and good talk And a clean intention In order for you to be among
people like the sun that warms them Which they miss every time it disappears Who he has good deeds,
will forever live within the heart


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