أغرب تشوه خلقي عرفته البشرية , The strangest human deformation known to mankind

Advertising clip for the channel In the name of Allah the Merciful Peace be upon you Welcome to A new video of the program Strangest Videos of the strangest program It deals with the strangest stories published or known stories About people or events in the world Today we have a very strange story Let’s follow their events together Edward Mordake He is a young British man Edward was born in the 19th century Of the English nobility He is the only heir to “English clubs” “English clubs” means Not sports clubs It is a hereditary title in the UK Known in Britain in previous centuries Which forms the ranks of the British nobility He is also a young musician with outstanding talent He was sharp-witted But Edward had two faces in his head A natural face from the front It is closest thing to a beautiful girl’s face In addition to the other face in the back of his head Which the novel says was not beautiful Edward said that he was a devil face This image of a waxy statue embodies the state of Edward The doctor who supervised his treatment describes His front face is like the faces of princesses of dreams The other face on the back of his head was intelligent and kind He was laughing when Edward cried and cries when the front face laughs The lips move without any sound The eyes of this face were following Edward’s visitors The lips move without any sound No one could hear the sound Which emanates from his back face other than Edward himself Which he was saying I swear to you that this face prevents me from sleeping Because he is talkative and whispers during the night Edward called this whisper, the whisper of the devil It is a constant whisper and never stops that face didn’t sleep When Edward returns to sleep He whispered to Edward: “Do not press me, you’ve caught me” He was saying strange phrases Edward says he always whispers with one word “I was born this way for an error committed by my ancestors” Edward begged his doctor to destroy his back face Even if it led to his death And despite the intensive care of his family and his doctor Edward took the deadly poison at the age of 23 To end his life in which he suffered a lot from that ugly face and leave a letter asking his doctor Destroy that wicked face before burying him “I do not want to live with this devil
in my grave, as he lived with me in my life” This was the story of Edward Mordak It is a story of deformation expressed by mankind Where the two sides differ from each other in form and content Each of them uttered otherwise than the other And until we meet in a new video from Videos of The Weirdest Videos This is the peace of God from me


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