(Русские субтитры) New Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice will hit the stores in 2019

you know tell me about the game like a big place yes so Assassin’s Creed goes over the Venice is a fully cooperative game so you play all together each player plays an assassin you play all together again the game and it will be a big campaign full of surprises some of the of the surprises will come in these envelopes that contains new events new equipment and the additional surprises and thank you it’s a big campaign a mission-based but between each mission we go back to our HQ to have greater assassins either our injuries buy new equipment etc we can also read our HQ the game is it a different board or you just write down something it’s another it’s a specific specific board the HQ is developed by Manuel Rosa with the designer of time stories you know the game time story so it worked with us on the experience system also so we have explained our characters we level up from time to time so we will flip the cada and it will upgrade our abilities this character is still secret so that’s why we cannot see him okay and it’s a very tactical game such as the commandos our first game and if you gain based on stairs infiltration like many video games so that we have a gameplay mechanics to add yourself under you of course of an alarm so when an assassin becomes visible we flip the token and the alarm rings yes we have many guards each gas come with with with minis and yeah and that’s pretty much it for a big overview so so before the start of the game you get some mission right yeah and then you start with this point yes and you can move over the board for your action points that’s it yeah so tell me about the cuticles nice about the dice so when you enter on a tile with an enemy you have to go to die to see if he spots you okay some assassins are better than the others to either themself but let’s roll with this one I roll the die if the result is an eye it means that this enemy spotted me in the game you should avoid doing that because it’s risky but if you decide to take the risk here is what happens okay for example semester scenes of a throwing knife like this one you can show nice from an adjacent eye for it this way if you manage to kill the girl you do not need to work for a status check okay so if I’m spotted I can attack the guy so let’s say I attack the guy and before I and I need to move back to I’d myself again okay so I attack this guy with this world it’s best channel so I will are well two white guys this is a cool result because this is a hit this is a hit plus I can applies the ability of this weapon okay so each weapon is unique in the game we have lots of different weapons like in the video game so let’s say I kill this guy no I can move back if I move back I place the red cube on the time which means that the enemies knows my last known position I am still see but anonymous innocence we are going there yes now they are going the there so if I really don’t want to be safe I should do one more move but I didn’t either the bodies if I do not hide the bodies when your enemies will cook will come in by these entrances they will roll for a detection check if they see the body is the trigger the alarm okay so you have to to pay attention to them yes seams get tougher when they are armorings what happens if not about twice more enemies will enter on the terrain each turn every turn this is why we have so much minis what about the top that was a really cool thing in the game when you manage to to climb on top on the tower you will reveal this card and this town will show you where maybe you shouldn’t show it because it’s it’s a bit secret you know it’s a surprise but it will show you some new items that can pop pop up on the map sometimes these new tiles sometimes it’s your target and many surprises so again full of surprises you will have many minis even in the box many cards hidden in the envelopes yes that’s right because we will secret minis how many scenarios it’s about 20 memories 20 missions like that in the in the main game and yeah you have such goals on Kickstarter of course yeah yeah it will be a classic Kickstarter campaign because you think we everybody start to know how it works but I still think it’s fun so and we like surprises that’s also why we revealed the game only 1 months ago and the Kickstarter starts in less than one month so many surprises are yet to come many minis not too much it would it will not be a project with tons of minis but enough minis to have fun we still focus on gameplay rather than on a big quantity of minis so yeah so we spend a lot of energy on the gameplay thank you you’re welcome

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